4/17/2011 – The A*T Chronicles: Pre-Season and St. Patrick’s Edition

Hail and well met to all our Brethren and Sistren who are passionate about their plastic.  The winter of 2011 was brutal, but the Hard Corps of the Big Apple soldiered on.  There were Jams in the cold like out at Chateau Oberhaus on AFC/NFC Championship Game Sunday where your intrepid reporter played 2-1/2 hours in 22 degree weather.  This seemed like a great idea even after I realized I had frostbite(?!) on my throwing hand.  Seriously…frostbite—I am now a Gloucersterman for sure.  Man, there were soooo many days by the Bandshell where we punched the clock and waited for a day like…a day like…like, St. Patrick’s Day!

March 17th marked the official start to the All*Star Thursday Pre-Season.  As the clocks had been turned back the past Sunday, it is now possible for working folks to get out and have enough time to get their jam on in the warming temps.  On this lucky Thursday the weather warmed up into the 60s and we had a Guest Jammer in the person of Mr. Paul Kenney and his (significantly) better half Cheryl!  Given that the world travelin’ Doug E, Fresh had returned not long ago and was sitting in civilian garb with Robbie Rob and Sue soaking in the rays when I arrived, I knew it would be a fine day. 

With Daddy Duty ‘sponsibilities on the horizon–seeing TBGITW sing an original composition acapella at her school talent show–I put on four of Fearless Lou’s finely crafted bone nails (two red, two white, all highly buffed gems) and got it going with Danny-Boy O’Neill.   Man, this kid has got FLOW!  Completely ambiDISCerous with moves for days and the kind of focused energy that makes Jammin’ with him a real thrill.  Shortly thereafter, PK and Cheryl arrived as did the Reliable One, the Lovely Chrissy, as well as Jay the Mojito Man.  After the greetings I got back to Jammin’, grabbing me a bit of Namesake before I exited.  Playing with fresh blood is always fun.  Paul did a sweet consecutive turnover combination that was dazzling and sealed with distinction.  We really had a BLAST. 

Right around the time I had to roll out, TedShred arrived dressed in a shirt and tie.  This made me feel wistful as I knew that there was more to come. 
The All*Thursday Chronicles has now been hijacked by the reserve correspondent, Roger Meier. As Paul left early, and with much more to report, I have taken the liberty of seizin’ this post. 

Ted did his superman routine, donning his jamming attire brought in by Chrissie, while Joey biked in on his orange cruiser. Seeing an opportunity, I snagged the jamming services of these two true all-stars and we proceeded to get into our game.  While jamming, I espied an ex-pat on his own cruiser, and sure enough Jonathan Willet was in town as well.  To get both Paul Kenny and Jonathan Willet for opening day was quite special.  However, we were not done, oh no!  A few minutes later, who comes stomping back in, direct from a pan-global family tour, but our own Dougie “Fresh” Simon.  Now we have core jammers who are away for a few weeks and get to be awarded various degrees of Yellowness.  However a full half year for someone of Fresh’s critical importance to our crew here required something more drastic.  Sure enough, Ted and Chrissie had brought out the full Yellow Banana Suit, along with a tag alerting anyone who could read about his severe degree of Yellaness.  Dougie proceeded to get into every jam, and while the Banana suit did not stay on for long, his identity tag did not leave his body for the rest of the day.

The day was not complete without the Chrissie’s Margharita Elixer, and to complement the St. Patrick’s day festivities, our own Mojito “J” came by with some of the greenest mojitos this side of a Dr. Seuss tale.  Needless to say, a grand ole time was being had by all.  Seems we did not want to leave, with jammers going at it until it was dark.  However we were all not ready to let this day end, and even though our regular home at Malachy’s was overrun by St. Patrick’s day revelers, we were able to camp down at the previous post-jam quaff spot, Dallas BBQ for more drinks and good cheer.  We were especially entertained and regaled by Dougie with stories of foreign adventure and intrigue. 

Attendance – Forever Trevor Brown, Ted Oberhaus, Chrissy, Paul Kenny and Cheryl, Dougie Fresh Simon, Bradford Keller, Joey The Oracle HUdoklin, Robert Fried and Sue, Jontahan Willet, Ivan-TJH, Roger Meier, Kevin Stevens, Tony P., Chuck, Young Daniel Oneill,

One more thing – Plastic Peeps from all over the world have been inquiring if there was an archive of the All*Star Thursday Chronicles where they could read and reminisce about their visits and all the fun we have had over the years.  Ask and ye shall receive. 

Thanks to the hard work and due diligence of Roger Meier, The All*Star Thursdays Blog/Website has been launched.  Come see at www.allstarthursday.com . There are past A*T chronicles, action images and group shots, videos, and a roll call including everyone who has visited for an A*T jam, from Alexander Alexandrov to Ann Zemitis.  Use the simple Search option to find yourself in our postings.  If we overlooked anyone please be sure to alert Roger Meier or Paul Mondesire for redress.  And we want more!  You can share your stories, pictures, and videos of Shredful Behavior with us.  To kick that off, I’d like to ask folks for their contributions on a special project. 

I was talking with PK and CK about  the A*TCs while we watched Joey Jam.  He pulled off yet another magical move and I said “People must think I’m crazy writing about The Oracle all the time, but he just never ceases to amaze…”  At that point PK sez “People might think you have an ‘Oracle Fixation’–You better look out!”  After laughing (out loud!) I said, that sounds like a great idea.  So if you have a story, images, or video of  Jammin’ with The Oracle, please send it it to me via FB or at tallpaul513@yahoo.com.  once we reach critical mass, we’ll add that feature to the blog.  Don’t forget, there’s no degree of difficulty requirements–Most Fun WINS!

First Preseason A*T jam of 2011

First Preseason jam of 2011

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5 Responses to 4/17/2011 – The A*T Chronicles: Pre-Season and St. Patrick’s Edition

  1. beachjammer says:

    Gotta Love the – St Pats – A*T connection!

  2. PK says:

    NYC jamming rules!

  3. PK says:

    Point of correction. Cheryl coined the Oracle Fixation phrase. Brilliant!

  4. danny cameranesi says:

    Welcome back and happy birthday to Joey. Hope this year is the best yet. We really enjoyed having him back on the west coast this past summer and invite y’all back.

  5. Stefan Karlsson says:

    THANKS for all these fantastic stories. Gotta LOVE the NY crew with all fantastic jammers… gang of touch and hein play…

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