4/22/2010 – A*T Chronicles: Just Another Day in the Neighborhood

What’s Happening, All Y’all?

Congrats to Dave, Dave, and Toddy, as well as all of our Plastic Peeps who went to the VA States.  Looking at the pix on FB and reading Rodney’s write up in JOTN made me feel quite wistful.  Also, Big Ups to the Hard Corps of the Big Apple’s Young Bucks!  James and Daniel have reenergized the Crustilicious Critters that inhabit the Meadow, and now are being embraced by folks from around the country.  I feel like a proud papa!

The day seemed to have a bit of a split personality when I arrived.  There was a brief thunderstorm up in da Bronx where I live, then bright sunshine.  This pattern continued as I made the journey downtown in my ’95 Toyota Hooptie-wagon, which now sports a completely new exhaust system—complemented by my extremely light wallet.  It was nice to drive down the Westside Highway lookin’ at the Hudson and NOT sounding as is a Cessna was flying 6-feet above my head.  Anyway….

Mojito Man Jay was planted near the Manhole when I arrived and Kevin, The Oracle, and Young James (YJ) all arrived shortly thereafter.  The first Jam of the day was a very casual combination of James, Kevin (looking splendiferous in Yella!), and I.  James described the VA States as “one of the best times of my life” and his play reflected as much.  He has added Flow and new moves in equal measure, nailing a very nasty Bad Attitude on his second combo.  After a little while Jaime-TJH, Ben Heaver, and Henry Heaver arrived and Jaime induced me to shift into my long throwing mode.  While I was out doing my thing Quinn-O, Roger, The Ageless Trevor Brown (TATB), Fresh, TedShred and the Lovely Chrissy all rolled in, while the clouds rolled out.

I was way out in left field when I espied The Oracle and James going at it.  This combination must’ve been hot because Quinn-O joined in and that threesome began to crush.  Q’s southpaw delivery guarantees smokin’ Counter backhands, and sizzling Clock overhands which his colleagues turned into all that good stuff we love so much.  After a little while, Quinn-O stepped out to partake in a Margie and the Ageless Trevor Brown stepped in.  This was my pick for Jam of the Day.  Of course it was a hot one, but it also had YJ and TATB as bookends to The Oracle.  I am inspired by many things about our sport/artform/thing, but seeing the age range of this combination was unique.  TATB plays with such passion and grace, that it is still a wonder that he was shredding at approximately my current age when YJ was in diapers.  Simply wonderful to see.

My next Jam was with Roger and Kevin and we collectively punched the clock, with The Roginator finishing up with a Gitis, Kevin with a sweet combo, and I hit a nice Triple Fake with the onus on my shoulders.  After another Margie, I got into a 175 duel with Rod Heaver.  We started with two discs at about 25 yards and after a few minutes he said “You know this is could be more interesting with three discs….”  I almost said no, but the challenge was clearly implied.  We started passing the three discs and lock in immediately, going dropless for several long stretches.  I could hear the Tribe and other onlookers cheering us on in the background and got really amped up.  We went at this for 10-15 minutes, and then grabbed Jaime-TJH and Ben for some Heaving.  At one point I hit a couple of nice Jam combos–followed by 70 yard forehand strikes–during my long tossing.  It was time for me to go.

I busted The Oracle and TATB who were at this point a duo.  My entry into the jam was wordless and seamless.  I wandered in from the field, Joey looked me in the eye, threw a counter strike and IT WAS ON.  We started with two O’Malley’s in the first three passes and took off from there.  Flow defines form, but defies description in most Jams.  Suffice to say it was awesome.  Other notable Jams included Roger, Quinn-O, and Fresh; another with TedShred, Fresh, and Quinn-O; and others with Roger playing the 3rd Man in to make some magic.  Then there was TedShred with James and Kevin.   That last one looked like so much fun that I had to join in for what became the last Jam Standing.  We played until darkness was descending and TO hit a spinning Gitosis placing the onus on the rest of us.  A very fine way to end the day.

The Yella Jersey, worn so well by Kevin will find a new wearer next week from a long list of candidates.  I may well don said new rag in penance.  I had promised to bring out The Gamboa, but the time and $$ invested in getting my vehicle repaired, pushed the thought from my mind.  I will defer to the Board, but I have earned my discipline.  The real question remains:  When are YOU Comin’ Down?!

Peace Out, Yo!


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