The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: The Pinch Hitter Edition

Hail and well met to our Brethren and Sistren in Focused Flight!

After being Yella consecutive weeks while working on a video to help get sponsors for the 2016 Worlds, your intrepid reporter returned to the Meadow getting the Early Earl with not one, but two Guest Jammers. I was so thrilled by all of the Jams that I neglected take attendance nor any notes. What can a Designated Scribe to do in such circumstances?

Well, the Hard Corps of the Big Apple has a very deep bench and this week’s installment was written by the man most responsible for All*Star Thursdays becoming an institution. Without further adieu:

Ladies and Gentlemen…TED-SHRED!!!!

TedShred sporting the 2nd Gen Yella Jersey, which was retired shortly thereafter.

As the late great Yogi Berra might have once said “Freestyle Frisbee is 90% mental. The other half is physical.” Of course this comes from a man who actually said “I didn’t really say everything I said.”

On a sun-filled September 17th in the year of 2015, we were graced with not just one World Champion but two full-on shredding World Freestyle Champions in the form of the incomparable Jonathan “Honey Smooth” Willett, and the human spinning top formerly known as “Toddy Bro.” It is Jammers of this caliber that keep A*T (Doug E.) Fresh and on the upswing after twelve outstanding seasons.

The Jam of the Week evolved in many intertwined permutations from the initial grouping of (not so) Young James, Ted Shred, Doug E. Fresh, and Toddy Bro, mixed liberally with some JonaHEIN and just a dash of our own Guardian of the Discus, Daniel O’Neill. This one came out of the gates at a breakneck pace and only increased in intensity as the slick wore away. On a scale of One to Ten, I would dare to say this mixture of Crusty Old Schoolers–accompanied by the shiniest new models the sport has to offer–Took it to Eleven! Not only that, but we kept the accelerator floored until the Margaritas came a flowing. So what did it take for this crazed cohort to take it to this higher level?

Kevin "Skippy Jammer" Givens

Kevin “Skippy Jammer” Givens

To answer this question I defer the thoughts of Skippy Jammer, who after being flown in by The Tribe described his own post-All*Star Thursday euphoria as akin to “having the Village Vanguard as your personal jazz club, with the A*T crew as the greatest house band in the world. Guests sit in on our sessions to Jam, and it’s all about the players and the improvisational jams they share. The end result, Skippy noted, has redefined freestyle play.

And so it was on this day with a combination of excitement and an abundance of World Class ambiDISCerous skills on display, allowing for any spin, and every angle to be launched immediately after a powerful spinning seal, which had been preceded by another member’s cuff off a brush. Or how about this:

2011- Toddy Brodeur In da Meadow

Toddy Brodeur In da’ Meadow back in 2011 receiving his A*T Guest Jammer package.

Within the same sequence two different players rolling it from the back of the right hand down their back and off the heel of the left foot, only to be corralled and seized by a full on brushing posse 30 yards into the wind, followed by a crosswind chest roll into a spinning Flying Gitis snatched by the same Toddy Bro right hand that initiated the first back roll.  Do ya want more? How about, back-to-back planted spinning Gitosis seals after two consecutive All-In 5-man O’Malachy co-ops!

The group’s ability to keep the plastic off the turf for minutes at a time allowed all of us to move as one, with a joyous demeanor in a motion game which has come to define the NYC style. There was a mental state known as FLOW attained on the Meadow that day where every person was performing at an elevated level, fully involved and fully enjoying the activity of creativity. [And this took place in all of the Jams last week—it was AMAZING! TP-TJH]

Come on… you’ve been there before, maybe you once knew it as BEING IN THE ZONE!  You know the feeling: Totally energized and euphoric because the level of play by the group is testing the boundaries of your own skills and time just seems to euphorically slow down. In closing, let me say this: If either being AmbiDISCerous (The ability to delay both spins) or the concept of Flow sound unfamiliar to you, my fellow Jammers, then please…brush up on that other spin and Come on Down…

Your favorite Jam Band awaits you!

– TedShred, Co-Founder of All*Star Thursdays and Proprietor of Chateau Oberhaus

The Invisible String’s International Big Throw–Look close and see who You Know!!!

Read the map....

Read the map….

So, when are YOU Comin’ Down?!


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The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: Wish You Were Here Edition

Hail and Very Well Met Dear Friends,

Life has been a whirlwind during the 2015 All*Star Thursday season. Your intrepid reporter has been silent for a variety of reasons, some good and others less than that. Yet we have had many causes for celebration, especially in the context of an incredible run of Fun and Frolic for The Tribe.

Most Fun Wins!

At Chateau Oberhaus, Most Fun ALWAYS Wins!

There was the Circle of Sounds Frisbee Festival at Seaside Park in Bridgeport, CT—Home of the Frisby Pie Company—hosted by Dan O’Connor. This was in the midst of a two-week sojourn to NYC of The Wall (his Momma calls him Valerio) and a second surprise drop-in by that World Champion Traveler Paul Kenney who joined us during his first week. We had the INCREDIBLE Benno Edelman as our first All*Star Thursday Guest Jammer Initiative honoree of 2015, and he was another another two week stay. He showed his mettle by taking a taking a knee to the face, and Jammin’ through the Shiner he sported for several days of truly amazing Shredding. That makes it not one but two Yella-gible Guest Jammers. Woo HOO! Other Highlights include:

  • Our Brother Fearless Lou returned to the Tribe for the hinterlands of Kansas;
  • Giovanni became a regular;
  • Emma “Big Dog Inside!” Kahle, Garry A. and Alan C. came in multiple times;
  • Ivan-TJH has stepped up his game to Monsterous;
  • Old School Jammer Dave Bickerman turned up for the first time in 20 years;
  • We added more Next Gen Jammers in the persons of Heather Wooten, Yuval, Benedicte, Emily, and Riley O’Neill, who showed up before heading to USC for college;
  • And so much Shredful Behavior on the Meadow and at the Bandshell that “WOW” is simply the best way to describe it.

And then came a first in All*Star Thursday Guest Jammer Initiative History: A Double Header! Sir Laurence of Imperiale and Sir Ryan of Smile joined us last week for a most spectacular Jammin’ extravaganza, and the roster of guests was long and illustrious in its own right:

The TRIBE!!!!

The TRIBE!!!!

The Reliable One, Quinn-O, LOOOOOOOUUUUU & the Lady Johanna, Chris Kohn, JB, The Guardian of the Discus (aka Daniel O), JB, Alex, Ben Heaver, Jaime-TJH, Kevin, Bradford T., Yuval, Benedicte, Emily, Ivan-TJH, Gerry “Circus” Lynas, TedShred & TLC, Robbie-Rob, Jens Velasquez, Chuck, Doug E. Fresh, The Ageless Trevor Brown, Dave Bickerman, Mike Heaver and his daughter Simone, Rick Williams, Alan C. (again!!!!), Mike Tallon (an Old School Heaving Brother) and Sir James of Wiseman. And a few more folks whose names my three functional neurons refuse to fire upon.

DSC_0350And the Jams…OH MY, THE JAMS! At one point there were three 5-person Mob-Ops and one featuring 6 Jammers going at the same time. One of the more spectacular combinations featured Larebs, Ryan, James, TedShred, and Doug E. Fresh where the Flow was akin to a Might River, and the Seals tighter than a drum. Early on, Rick W. grabbed me for a warm-up Jam that started with three minutes of dropless play, the disc hit the ground once (My Bad) and then went another five minutes before hitting the ground again.

The Jammin’ Heavers later got into the act when Ivan-TJH, Jaime-TJH, Ben Heaver and me went out and had a Jam session at 60+ Yards. At one point Ivan moseyed in my direction wanting to Jam. I said “You can’t go out on a The, you have to hit a Gitis first.” Jaime launched, Ivan leaped and sealed an Imposso-Gitis, saying “Like This?!” and it was off to the Land of the Slicked Disc! Later I was lucky enough to get Laerbs, TedShred, Alan C. and Ivan, with another featuring Jens and Ryan. There were many, many others that I missed because I was busy playing, but suffice to say that this A*T entered the Land of Legend instantly.

DSC_0299Later that evening Roger and Tricia graciously opened Chez Meier for the After Jam Party, and on Saturday TedShred and The Lovely Chrissy hosted another gather of The Tribe at the Chateau Oberhaus. Again, the Jams were beyond imagination, including back to back Gitosis pulled of by Sir Shred and (the formerly Young) James; Laerbs hitting his 5th and 6th post-hip surgery Gitis’ (Gitii?); Ryan playing at an incredibly high level all friggin’ day long; the Next Gen Jammers (Yuval, Benedicte, Emily) CRUSHING; and Ivan upping the Most Fun Wins quotient to stratospheric levels by bringing a water balloon gadget that fills about twenty at a time.


Where is that dang disc?

Seriously folks, All*Star Thursday are now in our 12th year and it just keeps getting better. Week, after week, after week The Hard Corps of the Big Apple heads out to our Green Beach and wonderful things happen. The only question left is…wait for it…

Almost There…

When are YOU Comin’ Down??????

Peace Out, Yo!

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The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: The “Is This Heather Weather?” Edition

Willkomen, Bienvenue, Welcome!

We’re in the third week of April, the Virginia States are behind us, and Winter has thus far refused our request to exit to points far to the North* (well beyond Boston). It was so chilly that today’s entry was almost the “A*TC: Call 4 Conditions Edition.” But we are a hearty bunch, and while there were some complaints, we had a fine turnout.
* – Technically, that should be far to the South, well beyond Medellin. 😉

Chilly Mo'  Jam

Chilly Mo’ Jam

When I arrived, Robbie-Rob and Ivan-TJH were already Jamming furiously on a virtually empty Meadow. Truth be told, the Board had been considering awarding the first Yella Jersey of the season to Mr. Fried given his very thin record of attendance, but his Shredful Behavior has put that issue to rest. The two of these gentlemen were doin’ it, and doin’ it, and doin’ it well. Rob utilized his echo-location to great advantage, nailing a Double Spinning Scarecrow seal off of his signature spinning behind the head brush, while Ivan continues to amaze with his backhand brushes with both spins and hitting Gitis off of impossible sets.

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!!

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!!

This was a fresh blood kind of day for us because Ivan’s sister Felicia came down from Bahston area with “The Nephs” (aka nephews) and ventured out with his consort, the Exquisite Erica. To observe the love of this family hanging out together on our Green Beach warmed my heart…if not the rest of my body.

The Hard Corps of the Big Apple!!!!

The Hard Corps of the Big Apple!!!!

As time moved on, we were joined by Quinn-O, Bradford T., Roger The Reliable, TedShred and The Lovely Chrissy, Claire Heaver, and the newest member of The Tribe, Heather Wooten. The latter is a 2nd Generation Frisbee player, scion of the Wooten clan–not the Wu Tang Clan, as far as I know—and she was welcomed with an A*T Gift Pack, including a set of specially carved and monogrammed nails created by TedShred himself. S’Nice!

The Jamming was Mob Op Stylee for the most part, with me, Quinn-O, TedShred, Ivan-TJH, and Roger goin’ at it for a pretty long stretch before The Reliable One broke off to Do a Duet with Bradford T. Jam of the Day honors go to Sir Shred and Ivan-TJH, who kept playing long after everyone else had shifted our attention to Tasty Agave-Based Beverages.


Sir Tedley Behaves Shredfully

And what a Jam it was! Every single Jammer should make the pilgrimage to NYC just to play with Mr. Oberhaus, who plays barefoot in the cold with an unmatched combination of skill, passion, and joy. And Ivan? He may well be the most coordinated person I have ever met. My favorite element of his game is when he does everything “wrong” and yet still winds up making the impossible play The Only Option. Man, is this stuff fun!

Special Announcements

  • Mr. Dan O’Connor is hosting the Circles on Sounds Frisbee Festival on Saturday, May 9th in Bridgeport, CT. The cognoscenti know that this is the original home of the Frisby Pie Company, and our buddy has put together a day filled with Frisbee Frolicking (Remember kids: 3 Prances = 1 Frolic) and a bunch of us are heading up to join the fun.
  • The Wall is Comin’ Down! Dat’s Right, Don Valerio is making his way to NYC May 4th to the 14th to see how we do things over here. You can bet your last money that its all gonna be a Stone Gas Honey! Sooooooo…

When are YOU Comin’ Down??!!

Peace Out, Yo!


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The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: Yes Virginia, There is a Jammer Claus

Hello to All,

First, a big shout out to Lazslo’s Wienie World and the entire crew that pulled off the 39th Annual Virgina States. I was able to catch some of the action via UStream (Thanks Jake!) and via YouTube (not sure who shot it, different angle). The NYC contingent was small, but The Tribe was well represented by  TedShred and The Lovely Chrissy, James the Wise Man, and Fearless Loooooooou. Looking to join in and being a part of a large turnout for the 40th!

It has been a bit quiet on the written communications front, but there has been plenty o’ fun. We have had uneven weather for our All*Star Thursday gatherings with a couple being moved to the Bandshell, but given that we don’t need any stinkin’ conditions, that has been fine. While it was not on a Thursday, we did have a couple of true Masters of the Sport come by earlier this month: Krae Van Sickle and Bruce Page!

Krae with a Fresh Foreground

Krae with a Fresh Foreground

Bruce and James displaying Shredful Behavior.

Bruce and James displaying Shredful Behavior.

That day was special on multiple levels. First, Fearless Lou and I were punchin’ the clock in our lil’ Jam. It was a nice day and we were just loosening up when I hear a voice say “Mind if I bust this Jam?” and there was Bruce, a great Jammer and a better person. The three of us played for a while and then suddenly there was Krae(?!) saying hello. This rare sighting was enough to get James to put down his books for a while, making a mad dash to the Meadow to get him some Vintage Jammination.

The Mob Op was lots of fun, with much passing and more smiles. Both Krae and Bruce were great to play with, though my favorite moment came when James did an insane combination, going from standard to UD and back, then finishing with a Double Spinning Gitosis seal. Krae just shook his head and chuckled as if to say “These Kids Today.” Of course, Mr. Van Sickle pulled a couple of items from his bag of tricks in return and a good time was had by all.

So this coming week is notable because a special invitation was issued by TedShred and TLC while they were in Virginia. Jens Velasquez will be joining us, as will Ms. Heather Wooten (daughter of Eric) for some Plastic Play. Woo Hoo!

The question is…

Things are Looking Up!

Things are Looking Up!

When are YOU Comin’ Down??!!

Peace Out, Yo!


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The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: The “Oh SNAP!” Pre-Season 2015 Edition

Hail and well met to all my Plastic Peeps,

The unrelenting Winter of 2015 piled an obscene amount of snow on the eastern half of the country, and that made Jamming difficult. But once the clocks changed, that meant we had enough daylight to “Do that Voodoo that We Do So Well!” And so, the second Thursday of Daylight Savings Time brought out a crew of legendary proportions.

Pre-Season 2015: The Gang's All Here!

Pre-Season 2015: The Gang’s All Here!

I knew something unique was happening as I strolled through Strawberry Fields on my way to the Bandshell and was approached by a Busker/Poet. She shared a few nice verses on creativity and pursuing opportunity that made me smile, and put me in the right frame of mind for Jamming. Cheryl Kenny and her Beloved were coming into town to check out a David Byrne Tribute Concert at Carnegie Hall, Sue Strait was in NYC to do some research in her chosen field of academic pursuit, and both scheduled their trips around (All*Star) Thursday. Cool Beans already, but there was more to come.

When I reached our Hallowed Ground, Robbie-Rob, PK, Cheryl, Daniel O’Neill, James Wiseman, and Fearless Lou (back from Kansas) were already on hand, and just a few minutes later Emma Kahle walked up too! She had returned to Seattle for grad school and was in town for a surprise visit. Then TedShred and The Lovely Chrissy came in and I told Lou that we were the only Jammers out there who were not World Champions, so we had better step it up. He just grunted “Less Talk, More Jam!

‘Zackly what I should have been thinking.


Everybody in the Pool!!!!

We started with a Mob-Op, which was the operative word of the day. PK, James, Daniel, LOOOOUUUU, Emma, TedShred, and me. This was unbelievable, especially at this time of year. There was much fancy passing and transcendent sealing, with everybody getting their chance at the disc. PK is a brilliant orchestrator, knowing exactly when and where to pass the disc, or if it is time to crush a Scarecrow and start with a new throw. Daniel has added elements of self-assured physicality to his game through his training with Pilobolus, Emma still has “Big Dog Inside”, and James has developed a sense of touch that allows him to manipulate the disc in ways that defy the laws of physics. Lou has been in the lab too, chomping new catches and heckling with abandon. All that plus TedShred?! Oh Man, this was just great!



At some point Daniel broke off to Jam with Robbie-Rob, and PK went to join them too. I could not see too much of that one since I was in my own Jam, though I did see Rob hit a Teabag set to Double Spinning Gitis seal which was Very Nice. The Jams continued with mixing and matching players, and we were joined by The Reliable Roger, Kevin, Jaime-TJH, Quinn-O, and Doug E. Fresh as the sun began descending in the sky. Mr. Fresh has a newly installed bionic ankle so he is not playing just yet, but he is stepping up his game as our Heckler-in-Chief until he heals completely.

The chill in the air simply inspired the Hard Corps of the Big Apple to play on. The Last Jam featured James, Emma, TedShred, me, and LOOOOUUUU. As the rest of the crew chose to head out to Malachy’s for post-Jam beverages, we just kept on playing until the sun went down. What a GREAT Way to start the 2015 All*Star Thursday Pre-Season!

Last Jam Goes to 11!!!!

Last Jam Goes to 11!!!!

Oh, and as if that weren’t enough, Heather “Heater” Gray joined the fray at Malachy’s and was down for a weekend of Frisbee Frolicking which including gatherings at the House of Freshness and Chez Meier. Gotta Like That!!! Sooooo…

When are YOU Comin’ Down?!


P.S. Saturday’s Jams featured most of the above along with Ivan-TJH. We are so lucky here in NYC.

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The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: The Return Squared Edition

Aloha Y’all!

Thursdays have always been cool because (as the day before Friday) they signified the beginning of the weekend for most folks. Then in the Spring of 2004, a new tradition was born in the form of All*Star Thursdays. The backstory can be found here, thanks to Tommy Leitner. Ten years, countless hours of Shredful Behavior, and a veritable galaxy of international (All) Stars later, we are now an institution in the Freestyle Frisbee community.


Robbie Rob and The Ageless Trevor Brown

Yet there was something missing as I got off of my Trusty Steed and strode purposefully across the green grass of home to The Manhole at the center of the universe. What could it be? Hmmm, well there’s Robbie Rob and James the Fully Bright, the latter returning to New York to continue his studies (now at Columbia Law School!) and to inspire the Crustaceans of the Tribe. Ah, and The Ageless Trevor Brown (TATB) approacheth from the east. And there’s Doug E. Fresh, resplendent in his civilian garb of blazer and bow tie. All appears right in the world, yet something was still amiss…

Well, no need for concern–time to Jam. Rob and James got up first, and this was very special. James earned his FPA #1 ranking in tournament play, but it is in our Land of Jam that his training began and Robbie-Rob has been one of his many master instructors. And let me say that these two were really a sight to behold. Rob’s tips, MACs, guides, and incredible sets to Gitis remain among the best in the game. And James? The cat has transformed into a Monster, making moves that border on incomprehensible. WOW!


With a Bad Attitude!


Stylish! And he flattened it out with that heel tap…Amazing!!!!

Inspired by their Flow and wanting to maximize my own Jam Factor, I grabbed Forever Trevor for a bit of Heaving with a 175 to loosen up. TATB is amazing. He is a true Elder Statesman of our sport at 74 years old, and he plays with as much energy as any of our Next Gen All*Stars. He was wearing a wrist wrap due to a mild strain, so I suggested that he work on throwing Southpaw for a while to practice. No problems observed, and after we warmed up, he was throwing with both hands at distance. Then we switched to a Styler for some straight Jamming, while Fresh joined James and Rob. Over time other folks arrived, including Sue, Susan, Roger, Bradford T., Keith and Adriana, and the Lady Kate. Still, something was missing as I took a break to hydrate…

20140619_173322But that was the furthest thing from my mind as I strolled over the water fountain to fill my bottle. I was just focused on getting back to the Jam when I heard a voice saying, “Oh, you ain’t leaving just yet!” And there were TedShred and The Lovely Chrissy, joining us for the first time for an All*Star Thursday in 2014. In truth, I was really overwhelmed with love and respect for these two dear friends. There are few people as relentlessly positive and generous as TedShred, and The Lovely Chrissy is his perfect complement. The complexities of life kept them from joining us until the Almost Solstice A*T, but that just made it that much sweeter to see them.

Once they said their hellos, James and I snatched up Sir Shred’s first Jam, and it was GREAT! Our Flow came on in a rush, and the level of play was high with long stretches Droplessness. James was on fire and Sir Tedley played as if possessed by the Spirit of the Jam. About ten minutes in I said to both, “Man, I fell like the luckiest guy in the world right now. I am playing with two of my long lost Brothers on an All*Star Thursday!” Both looked at me for a moment and smiled briefly. Then Ted said, “Yeah…Less talk, more Jam!” And away we went, with Ted hitting a Gitosis and James going berserk. Man, that was fun!

When James broke for water, TATB came in seamlessly. That was a wild moment because their respective styles are very different, but the collective Flow remained constant. Things kind of blurred from that moment forward, with a number of folks rotating in and out of the Jam until we were escorted off of our Green Beach by the Parkies at dusk. It truly does not get better than this.

The Hard Corps of the Big Apple!

The Hard Corps of the Big Apple!

 Unless of course YOU decide that YOU ARE COMIN’ DOWN!!!!

 Peace Out, Yo!


P.S. A few weeks back George Bodarky of #WFUV #Cityscape came down to record a segment for a show called Summer in the City. Go to approximately 14:20 for a feature on Freestyle Frisbee and All*Star Thursdays. SPREAD THE JAM!

Cityscape: Summer in the City (14:20)

10497324_10154332095625541_3836793572305237468_oP.P.S. I was unable to attend last night’s gathering because my Mom was being honored for her service to the people of da’ Bronx. That said, there is evidence that two gentlemen who had been absent for a long stretch were clothed in the appropriate color for their indiscretions. 😀



P.P.P.S. Jams. Need. Women!

Sue, Bibi, Sue.  Photo by Forever Trevor with accenting work by Robbie Rob

Sue, Bibi, Sue.
Photo by Forever Trevor with accenting work by Robbie Rob

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The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: The East Meets (Mid)West Special Guest Edition

A Strong What Up to All Plastic Peeps,

20140612_161155Clouds and high humidity greeted me as I entered a virtually empty Meadow from the Northwest corner. While it was not a pretty day, the conditions (which we don’t need) were really excellent. And who might be on hand for the early shift Jam? Why, it was Sir Steady Flow, Daniel O’Neill, and the Lovely Lady Bethany who was in NYC on biz, and she wisely scheduled time to join us for an All*Star Thursday. This pair had already broken a sweat as they prepared a routine for a certain tournament taking place in Medellin this summer, so we chatted a bit while I nailed up.

Not wanting to waste any time, we got up to play knowing that there were a number of folks likely to join the fray, including an appearance of Freestyle Legend Kerry Kollmar! Also on hand were Jaime-TJH, Ivan-TJH and his Beloved, Mojito Jay, Kerry’s Lovely Lady Paige, Bradford T., Dexter and Lucia (Guest Jammers for two weeks straight!), Fresh, Keith Heaver and Adriana (congrats), Mark Dana, Chuck, Alex, Kevin, and a late arriving Roger.


Another Great A*T, with The Reliable One just outside of camera range. 🙂

Our first Jam was marvelous and morphed into the Jam of the Day because this was the one that never really stopped. My orange Token disc got the full breaking-in treatment with folks rotating in and out from this early moment, until the end of the evening. Bethany is wonderful to play with. She is very smooth, throw strikes, shares the disc, and seals with great aplomb. And Daniel is playing with such grace and supreme technical prowess that Magic is likely to happen at almost any moment. We were really getting into it when Dexter hopped in, adding his tremendous motor and great footwork to the mix. We hit consecutive O’Malleys and then an O’Malachy (twice around the circle with no delays). Daniel stepped out for water and to greet his friend (Gus?), but there was no need to fear as Ivan-TJH subbed in, barely missing a serious Levitation Gitis on his first play.

Brad and Kerry got into a very nice Old School Jam, with lots of quick catches and cool stuff. This got Daniel’s attention, so he slid into that one seamlessly. For myself, I broke away from my Jam for some hydration and got into a Mighty Heave with Jaime-TJH. As always, this was a BLAST! The Accurists have really been locking in and Shredding at distance, with Jaime hitting all kinds of combos with that 175, and nailing a Gitis to boot! When we wrapped that one up, Jaime got up with Chuck and Kevin and he later finished his Jam with a CHOMP of a Scarecrow after a sweet combo. Myself, Ivan-TJH, and Keith Heaver got into a new 3-disc game called “Simultanaeity” that Keith created, which was very cool. Starting with three different color discs, it is essentially three independent games of catch among the same three people. Hard to explain and wonderfully challenging to play.


Newlyweds laughing at some guy with a large wingspan.

Oh, and on the (pro)creation front, Keith just announced that he and his new bride are expecting their first child. Congrats to them both!

20140612_183738I stopped to watch as Fresh, Ivan, Daniel, and Dexter just Went OFF! This one went to 11 on multiple occasions and the Flow was ridiculous. When Mr. Fresh hit the deck, having been Jammed into the ground by three sets of young legs (documented), I jumped back in. At some point Roger brought his Juju to the table, and we all had a real good time heading into the evening. Malachy’s was up next for some food as well as malt and barley based beverages. Oh, and then there was a lovely Saturday at Long Beach with lousy wind, but great company. But that is another story.


Long Beach, Baby!


‘Nuff Said.

So, what else can I say? Hmmmmm…Well there is this:

 When are YOU comin’ down???!!!

Peace Out, Yo!




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The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: The Tour de Park/Return to The Nook Edition

Hello to all,

First, our deepest condolences to Sue Malatsky, a member of the Tribe who lost her Mom last week. The memorial service for a truly remarkable woman was held just before our All*Star Thursday gathering on May 30th. Please be mindful and let your people know that you love them. That was a chilly day and the mood was a bit somber as we also welcomed home Richie Regs, in town for a visit. Not much to say other than a group of us did punch the clock after paying our respects. There was a very nice day that followed where Ralph Heaver came back for the summer, getting into a MONSTEROUS Heave with me and Jaime-TJH. Gotta Like That!

All*Star Friday: The Return of the Floridians!

All*Star Friday: The Return of the Floridians

On to this week’s happenings…

The Bizarro World run of weird weather continued, but with a twist. We had some heavy rain in the morning, so it was not exactly a surprise to see the red flags of “Thou Shalt Not Play” decorating our Green beach as I rode up on my Trusty Steed. But the gigantic corporate run sponsored by a “too big to fail” institution effectively taking over the entirety of Central Park below 86th Street was a bit of shock. It was CRAZY how much of the park was fenced-in, closed off, or filled with color-coded corporate apparatchik scurrying about.

20140605_171904Plan B was to go to one of the two schoolyards near Chez Meier. NOT! One was closed, and the other filled with little street urchins and their parents because school was closed. Okay Paul, try Plan C and check the Great Lawn since you have the bike and can move quickly. And??? NO! Closed for pesticide application. Plan D–The Bethesda Fountain? Well, it was open with room to play around the tourists, so I planted, posted on the New York Jammers FB page, and awaited our peeps.

First to arrive were Richie Regs, Dexter Strunz and his lovely lady Lucia from the Czech Republic, followed by The Oracle. None of us were thrilled because: A) the hard concrete there is in red brick form; and B) is uneven at best. Just as we were about to start the Jam, Daniel and Emma strolled up, fresh from winning performances at The Jammers. BTW – Congrats to all who attended that great event, and especially to our Emma who recently graduated from Columbia University before turning in an MVP performance in Jacksonville…with a trophy to prove it. Bravo!

So then there is Sir Daniel of Steady Flow saying “This is the spot?? Dude, can we try The Nook? There’s grass by the (not Dave) Schiller Statue with room for one or two Jams, and we have concrete options.” This suggestion was not entirely altruistic as he was wearing flip-flops, so bare feet + red bricks was not a pleasant thought. So, off to the Nook we went, meeting up with Chuck, Doug E. Fresh, JB, The Ageless Trevor Brown, Quinn-O, and Susan the Singer.

Dexter prepares to Mesmerize!

Dexter prepares to Mesmerize!

The first Jam featured Dexter, Emma, Daniel, and me, playing on the very long and clover-filled grass by the (not Dave) Schiller Statue. Dexter is fully ambiDISCerous with great feet, excellent brushes, and tremendous Flow. He also has this crazy Lobster Claw/Leg Catch that made even Daniel do a double take—to go with his high-rev motor and overall fine disc manipulation skills. This was my first Jam with Emma in ages as she has been busy finishing school and competing hard with NYPD, Columbia’s Women’s Ultimate team. During her freshman year, there was a stretch were it was me and Emma Jamming all the time, so seeing her growth as a person and a player has been just a thrill. The Jam itself was Shredful, with lots of passing, smokin’ seals, and multiple O’Malleys. I even managed to pull off a Tea Bag, to kick brush, to brush pass to set up an O’Malachy (two full circuits of the Jam with no delays).

Freshly Rolled...

Freshly Flicked…

Richie, Fresh, and the Quinn-O were going all Old School Counter vs. Clock Jammin’, with all three mixing it up enough to be able to shine with both spins, while JB, Trevor, and Susan the Singer were tossing it around with great joy. Oh, and The Oracle’s Jam with Chuck was high level, with Chuck raising his game by the week and Joey maintaining a level of excellence that remains, well…Oracular.

Lookee There!

Lookee There!

Next week is going to be a big A*T with the a Guest Jammer from the great state of Wisconsin joining us, and the promised return of the Co-Founders of All*Star Thursdays TedShred and The Lovely Chrissy. The Tribe has dearly missed these two wonderful people this spring and to have them back makes my heart sing. So…

When are YOU Comin’ Down?

Peace Out, Yo!


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The All*Star Thursday Chronicle: The Wide Open Spaces Edition

Hail and Well Met,

Clouds and murky weather have been the standard for the 2014 A*T season, so it was no surprise that Mung was in the air when I arrived at our Green (and overcast) Beach. Robbie Rob and Ivan-TJH were already on hand as I walked in from the Southwest corner entrance by the best water fountain in Central Park.*
* – There is just some stuff you gotta know.


Just Us!

They were stretching out as I nailed up, and we had the entire field to ourselves. Seriously, there were maybe four other people occupying the rest of the 15.5 acres so Ivan and I started by getting our Heave on. My “Finch 52” Ultra Star was in perfect flying condition and we really were letting loose, so much so that Robbie Rob was inspired to join us, snapping off backhands with authority at 60-70 yards until Chuck and Doug E. Fresh arrived to get the Jam started.

“Flip Flat, Flies Straight.” Throw and catch. That is where is began for all of us, even before “Invent Games.” As much as I love taking control of the plastic and attempting to bend it to my will–as I listen to what the disc commands–I am most enamored of the glorious flight paths that I am able to will into reality or watch as a fellow Heaver lets loose with yet another high arcing volley.

A few weeks back Ivan coined the nickname “The Accurists” to define the long distance Jam n’ Heave thang that he, Jaime-TJH, and me are working so hard to perfect. Simply put, we combine the disc manipulation of Freestyle with the primordial game of catch that all of us started with back in the day. We play with a non slicked 175, taking advantage of the high Z’s of the unleashed power throw, while doing everything we can think of with that big disc.

So when Rob went off to Jam, Ivan and I increased the distance and difficulty of our Jammin’ Heave. Ivan is a natural Southpaw and his backhands come in Counter with amazing Z’s, which is perfect for me. In turn, I can rip a backhand or snap off a forehand to take advantage of the fact that he is ambiDISCerous. It really got kind of crazy because we were throwing strikes at 80-yards, doing Freestyle combos, and sealing with efficiency. And doing so without having a care in the world because there were no other people around to interfere with our Flow. The best part of this was the solid hour of Fabulous Flights.


Ivan is stalking, while TP is hunting a back roll.

Inspired by the Rob/Fresh/Check Jam where much Shredful behavior, we too a brief water break, then switched to a nicely broken in 2002 vintage Sky Styler. Having already warmed up, our Jam was just awesome. With Ivan’s athleticism, agility, endless enthusiasm, and very serious skills, we really locked in. And then (much to our delight) The Reliable One himself came ambling across the Meadow. Once he got out of his civilian gear to join the fun, he started with his patented Double Spinning Triple Fake, and we were off to the races. Flow was instantaneous and complete. We Jammed long and hard, with many co-ops and Flights of Fancy. Roger Gitised out, Ivan nailed a Big Chair, and I caught somethin’ or another to finish up. And it was good.

Fun and games aside, there have been a couple of folks noticeably absent from our gatherings this year. I shan’t name names, rather, I would ask that all of our Plastic Peeps direct positive thoughts and prayers out into the Universe for all who are struggling with some type of loss. It truly is our humanity that is most important.

DSC_0396Peace Out, Yo!


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The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: The Wax on, Wax Off Edition

Greetings Fellow Travelers!

Our Tenth Anniversary All*Star Thursday Season has been marked by weird weather and some strange happenings, but the Joy of Jammin’ with the Hard Corps of the Big Apple remains the highest high.

Finch 52 on our Green Beach

Finch 52 on our Green Beach

Now, I will cop to being absent yesterday (May 15) but it was due to the passing of a loved one. Believe me, I wish I had been out, even on an overcast kind of day. I can speak about the events of the previous two (All*Star) Thursdays.

Wax On: May 1, 2014 – The Return of The Man

The last day of April brought 5-inches of rain to NYC so the Meadow was closed. I was trying to get out for the Early Earl, but ‘sponsibilities raised their ugly heads. So it was with no small measure of delight that I entered the Bandshell courtyard to the sight of Robbie-Rob Shredding mightily with Sir Daniel and James the Fully Bright. By now all y’all know how I feel about my two nephews (and my niece Emma), the Next Gen Jammers who have inspired The Tribe so very much.

Young James and Me, Having a BLAST a couple of years back.

Young James and Me, Having a BLAST a couple of years back.

Both Daniel and James are amazing talents who have evolved immensely during the year that James spent in the Czech Republic. Rob was a Gitis Machine, killin’ it as each of them took turns one-upping the other: “I see your Donkey Cheese, and will raise you one Double-Spinning Barrel Gitis!” It was really very special, and that was before the rest of the crew arrived. And we had quite the turnout, including Roger, Bradford T., Quinn-O, Jaime-TJH and Barb, Chuck, Ivan-TJH, Alex, Susan, Susan, Fresh, and Tony.

Even though it has been a couple of weeks, I can still recall a bunch of great Jams. Once I nailed up, I got a piece of Daniel and James before Rob snatched James up for some solo time. Later there was Quinn-O, Fresh, and Chuck; Roger and Brad; James, Ivan, Daniel, and me; Jaime, Chuck, and Ivan, as well as a bunch of combinations that my three functional neurons refused to imprint. Suffice to say that it was a Shred Fest for all.

And let me congratulate James once again for getting into all of the best law schools in the country, and deciding to return to NYC to study at Columbia Law. So proud to call him my friend and thrilled that we will have him NYC for the foreseeable future. Bravo!

Wax Off: May 8, 2014 – The Charlie Brown Syndrome

All*Star Wednesday: Documented

All*Star Wednesday: Documented

In the ten years of this Tribal Gathering we have played in every type of weather, including two hurricanes. “We don’t need no stinkin’ conditions” has been our mantra, no matter what the forecast indicated. Until now. One of our brethren called for an All*Star Wednesday, which was well attended.


I had to work and missed out on the fun, but the next day was not bad. It had rained overnight so the Meadow was closed, yet the rains had cleared and the Bandshell wide open when I arrived a little after 5pm. I sat down, nailed-up, and waited for The Tribe. And waited. And waited. And waited. It was kind of crazy because I really felt like Charlie Brown out there on the mound in a monsoon wondering “Where is everybody?” Finally at 6:06pm, The Reliable One showed up. Can I get an AMEN?!

Roger & Me. Saaaay, that sound like a good title for a movie!

Roger & Me. Saaaay, that sound like a good title for a movie!

So, it was just me Roger, and a nicely broken in NYC/Good For One Jam Token disc ready to have at it. T’was FANTASTIC! We had wonderful Flow for the entire Jam. There was not too much foot traffic, however, we had a number of people stop to watch and one pair of tourists who sat shooting video for more than a half hour. My favorite moment came when a group of African American teenaged boys came by. They were loud and alternated between “Yo, did you see that?!” and “Man, that ain’t nuthin’ — Watch, watch, I can to that!”

Well, Roger and I stepped it up. I did an Elevator Drop, to a quick Zing over my head, to a front roll, then snapping off some Clock Z’s to Rog who nailed a sweet combo with a chomp of a Double-Spinning Triple-Fake seal. That got them revved up and they asked us to throw the disc to them. One young man tried a trick catch, bobbled it a bit, then threw back a wobbler that I was able to brush to Roger for the seal. The second managed to quasi delay Roger’s throw and get it back to us without breaking our rhythm. We went Dropless for about four and a half minutes, and the disc didn’t hit the ground until they were well out of sight. After a quick water break, we went back at it for a great final burst and had a Blast!

While the competition was fierce, Jam of the Day honors went to, well, Roger and me! I can’t wait until next week. As long as it doesn’t snow we should be out on the Meadow once again. So…

When are YOU comin’ down?

Peace out, Yo!


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