The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: The Return Squared Edition

Aloha Y’all!

Thursdays have always been cool because (as the day before Friday) they signified the beginning of the weekend for most folks. Then in the Spring of 2004, a new tradition was born in the form of All*Star Thursdays. The backstory can be found here, thanks to Tommy Leitner. Ten years, countless hours of Shredful Behavior, and a veritable galaxy of international (All) Stars later, we are now an institution in the Freestyle Frisbee community.


Robbie Rob and The Ageless Trevor Brown

Yet there was something missing as I got off of my Trusty Steed and strode purposefully across the green grass of home to The Manhole at the center of the universe. What could it be? Hmmm, well there’s Robbie Rob and James the Fully Bright, the latter returning to New York to continue his studies (now at Columbia Law School!) and to inspire the Crustaceans of the Tribe. Ah, and The Ageless Trevor Brown (TATB) approacheth from the east. And there’s Doug E. Fresh, resplendent in his civilian garb of blazer and bow tie. All appears right in the world, yet something was still amiss…

Well, no need for concern–time to Jam. Rob and James got up first, and this was very special. James earned his FPA #1 ranking in tournament play, but it is in our Land of Jam that his training began and Robbie-Rob has been one of his many master instructors. And let me say that these two were really a sight to behold. Rob’s tips, MACs, guides, and incredible sets to Gitis remain among the best in the game. And James? The cat has transformed into a Monster, making moves that border on incomprehensible. WOW!


With a Bad Attitude!


Stylish! And he flattened it out with that heel tap…Amazing!!!!

Inspired by their Flow and wanting to maximize my own Jam Factor, I grabbed Forever Trevor for a bit of Heaving with a 175 to loosen up. TATB is amazing. He is a true Elder Statesman of our sport at 74 years old, and he plays with as much energy as any of our Next Gen All*Stars. He was wearing a wrist wrap due to a mild strain, so I suggested that he work on throwing Southpaw for a while to practice. No problems observed, and after we warmed up, he was throwing with both hands at distance. Then we switched to a Styler for some straight Jamming, while Fresh joined James and Rob. Over time other folks arrived, including Sue, Susan, Roger, Bradford T., Keith and Adriana, and the Lady Kate. Still, something was missing as I took a break to hydrate…

20140619_173322But that was the furthest thing from my mind as I strolled over the water fountain to fill my bottle. I was just focused on getting back to the Jam when I heard a voice saying, “Oh, you ain’t leaving just yet!” And there were TedShred and The Lovely Chrissy, joining us for the first time for an All*Star Thursday in 2014. In truth, I was really overwhelmed with love and respect for these two dear friends. There are few people as relentlessly positive and generous as TedShred, and The Lovely Chrissy is his perfect complement. The complexities of life kept them from joining us until the Almost Solstice A*T, but that just made it that much sweeter to see them.

Once they said their hellos, James and I snatched up Sir Shred’s first Jam, and it was GREAT! Our Flow came on in a rush, and the level of play was high with long stretches Droplessness. James was on fire and Sir Tedley played as if possessed by the Spirit of the Jam. About ten minutes in I said to both, “Man, I fell like the luckiest guy in the world right now. I am playing with two of my long lost Brothers on an All*Star Thursday!” Both looked at me for a moment and smiled briefly. Then Ted said, “Yeah…Less talk, more Jam!” And away we went, with Ted hitting a Gitosis and James going berserk. Man, that was fun!

When James broke for water, TATB came in seamlessly. That was a wild moment because their respective styles are very different, but the collective Flow remained constant. Things kind of blurred from that moment forward, with a number of folks rotating in and out of the Jam until we were escorted off of our Green Beach by the Parkies at dusk. It truly does not get better than this.

The Hard Corps of the Big Apple!

The Hard Corps of the Big Apple!

 Unless of course YOU decide that YOU ARE COMIN’ DOWN!!!!

 Peace Out, Yo!


P.S. A few weeks back George Bodarky of #WFUV #Cityscape came down to record a segment for a show called Summer in the City. Go to approximately 14:20 for a feature on Freestyle Frisbee and All*Star Thursdays. SPREAD THE JAM!

Cityscape: Summer in the City (14:20)

10497324_10154332095625541_3836793572305237468_oP.P.S. I was unable to attend last night’s gathering because my Mom was being honored for her service to the people of da’ Bronx. That said, there is evidence that two gentlemen who had been absent for a long stretch were clothed in the appropriate color for their indiscretions. 😀



P.P.P.S. Jams. Need. Women!

Sue, Bibi, Sue.  Photo by Forever Trevor with accenting work by Robbie Rob

Sue, Bibi, Sue.
Photo by Forever Trevor with accenting work by Robbie Rob

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