The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: 2014 Pre-Season, A Cold Home Opener, and The Virginia States

Hail and Well Met to all Plastic Peeps,

The Winter of 2014 has been unrelenting here in New York and across much of the US. We all learned the term “Polar Vortex” and discovered that when it comes to visit your hometown, it likes to hang around gawking (growling) at the tourists and citizens alike. This did not prevent The Hard Corps of the Big Apple from getting our preferred form of physical therapy on.


Jammin’ the Nook: Prepare to Zing!

The Bandshell served as our traditional “home away from home” with Sheep’s Meadow being closed for the season. The first Preseason A*T fell on a Tuesday due to a 62 degree anomaly, featuring Roger The Reliable, Bradford T., Ivan-TJH, and me. Then we had Lord and Lady Kenney come in from J-Ville for an A*T birthday surprise for Daniel O’Neill, who played an excellent Brutus in and Off-Off Broadway production of Julius Caesar. Next up, Quinn-O called for a Workingman’s Jam on a chilly late March day, getting Roger, Robbie-Rob, Chuck to join him and me begging off for the Sabbath Jam the next day.

Giovanni Coppo

Giovanni Coppo

And we added some fresh blood with the arrival of Giovanni Coppo for the first A*T of April, a Jammer of extraordinary talent who was imported from Italy. He is a real blast to play with and is a welcome addition to The Tribe due to a combination of Shred-Ability and likeability.

Then there was a teaser when the Meadow opened up a week earlier than anticipated on Sunday April 6th but our hopes were dashed due to excessive moisture that next (All*Star) Thursday. The Tribe gathered at the Bandshell once again with Rob, Rog, Gio, Forever Trevor, Jaime, Chuck, Fresh, Daniel, and me having a blast and longing for the lush green grass of home. Yesterday – the official Opening Day of our All*Star Thursday 10th Anniversary Season – was cold and windy. Kevin, The Ageless Trevor Brown, Roger, Bradford T., Rod Heaver, and me braved the elements for some Plastic Play. It was really just “punching the clock” but we wuz there.

And now, on to the 2014 Virginia States…

"The Walking" walking by...

“The Walking” walking by…

What a tremendous experience. This traditional gathering, anchored by Laszlo’s Wienie World (featuring “the best in sandwiches & pizza”), brought together some of the best players in multiple Disc Disciplines (Disc Golf, Double Disc Court, Distance, Accuracy, and Freestyle) and it inspired great, even record setting performances during the competition. All kinds of folks were on hand, including: Tom Lasher, Dan Yarnell, Jay Moldenhaur, Matt Gauthier, Jake Gauthier, Lori Daniel, Arthur Coddngton, Erwin Velasquez, Jens Velasquez, Scott Zimmerman, Gerry Geare, Rodney and Bethany Sanchez, Harvey Brandt, J-Will, Rick LeBeau, Toddy Broduer, Stephanie Chen, Charles Richard, Tim Mackey, Donnie Wallace, Heather Gray, Thomas and Young Tobias Cole, Sue Strait, and so many more New Old Friends that I can’t list the all now due to limited memory capacity. Noo Yawk was represented by Robbie Rob, Roger and the Lovely Tricia, Chuck, Daniel “Et Tu Brutus” O’Neill, LOOOOU! (by way of Kansas) and finally your intrepid reporter.  And The Jams? Oh my, The Jams!

Jake shows them how it we do it over here!

Jake shows them how it we do it over here!

Broke in a brand new Token Disc upon our arrival, getting into it with so many folks that the mind bends. Since I was too busy having fun to take notes, I have to go with a few impressions. Jamming with Jake and Matt made it feel like the “Tall Man Jam” was in full effect. It was very cool because they play in total sync with one another, so Flow is natural and everyone moved seamlessly in and out of the fray. I didn’t get Arthur until the Last Jam, but he too, was incredibly easy to play with. He saw things several moves in advance and was always in good position. So thank you, Sir Arthur of Coddington! Among many others, I got plenty of Rodney and Bethany, Daniel (my Roomie) multiple times, Lash, Gerry, Mike, LOOOOOUUU, Erwin, Jens, and a bunch more. Oh, and then there was time spent with one of the best facilitators Freestyle has ever seen: Dan Yarnell.

Jay Moldenhaur prepares to pass to Dan Yarnell

Jay Moldenhaur prepares to pass to Dan Yarnell

Mr. Yarnell is masterful. He can throw both spins with Z’s and accuracy. He takes both spins equally well, seems to use The Force to manipulate the disc, and is always making the right play to push the Jam to 11. Arguably my greatest moment of an incredible weekend came during the warm-ups for the Saturday night Freestyle competition at the Fieldhouse. For only the second time in my life, I was convinced to dive in the deep end and play in the tournament. Fearless Lou said “Let’s Do This!” and I could not refuse. Being a “Jazz Player” means I am all about improvisation, so putting together a routine was out. Seriously. Out.

So Lou and I are throwing it around on the artificial turf while folks are fine-tuning their presentations, and suddenly there’s Dan Yarnell hopping in with us. It seemed as if things started to make more sense. Throws, combos, co-ops, and seals Flowed more easily, and the notion of just playing Frisbee filled me with a sense of calm. While my four bad throws (FOUR &*^%&^$%^$#^ Bad Throws!!!) doomed us to missing the cut in the tournament, Fearless and I acquitted ourselves well, and we owe it all to our catalyst, Sir Dan of Yarnell.

A few more thoughts:

  • The people behind the scenes that put this multi-day Love Fest together deserve a HUGE STANDING OVATION!
  • Jake, Matt, and Arthur earned the top spot through an inventive routine with much coordinated play and some very high degree of difficulty movers.
  • Jens and Erwin’s routine at the Fieldhouse inspired a standing ovation. Their flow, technique, and showmanship really are truly a wonder to witness.
  • Judging is hard.
  • DDC is a pretty cool game.
  • I wanted to enter Distance using my trusty 175 Ultra Star, but was told I had to use a golf disc. Pfffft!
  • The next generation is inspired based on a couple of prodigies I saw out there.
  • There were so many wonderful Jams that I can’t recall all of the combinations. I was shooting video for our pal JB who could not make the trip. I look forward to screening and then posting some of the good stuff soon.

Erwin preparing to pass it UD to J-Will.

The 2014 Virginia States was really a Blessing on every level. Wonderful people, great vibe, good food, and lots of beer for those who like that sort of thing. Thanks to Roger and Tricia for their hospitality, and to Daniel for both bunking with me, and encouraging me to compete.

Daniel O'Neill is a Baaaaad Man!

Daniel O’Neill is a Baaaaad Man!

Let it be known that the One and Only Bethany Sanchez will be in NYC for All*Star Thursday on June 12th and we are looking to make this a big one.

So YOU should come down…
And get your friends to come down too!!!

 Peace Out, Yo!


P.S. Yes indeed, Mr. Matt Gauthier hit this sequence.

DSC_0359 DSC_0360 DSC_0361 DSC_0362 DSC_0363


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The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: The United Nations/Bianca Blasts Off Edition!

Hail and Well Met to All Plastic Peeps!

The 2013 All*Star Thursday season has been going well. The weather has been uneven, but since we don’t need no stinkin’ conditions, the Jammin has been Shredful. Folks from around the world have alighted in the Big Apple as they make their way to Santa Cruz for the 2013 FPA World Championship competition. Over the past couple of weeks NYC has welcomed Fon Lo Ve from Colombia, Dario from Italy, Graf and Tim from Germany.

1078826_10153088742670541_2073680512_o 1097880_10153081328900541_2098939533_o

Due to ‘sponsibilities, my Jam time has been relatively limited, but a pleasure nonetheless. It is so wonderful to see how the Jam has been Spreading throughout the world, and how people have learned to love and embrace this sport/art/DISCipline.

Dario turned up at the Bandshell on a damp gray All*Star Thursday that featured a rather bizarre Open Mic Spoken word event. Art is what you say it is, I suppose, though I could have lived withput the guy shouting obscenities about why he couldn’t get none. But I digress.

Kevin and I were sitting there awaiting the crew when this fellow sat at a bench near us looking a bit lost as if he was wondering if he was in the right place. I called out “Frisbee?!” making the universal backhand motion and his face lit up. Fresh, Quinn-O, Bradford T., JB, Roger, and Chuck all joined the fray.

Friday, was United Nations Day on our Green Beach with Graf, Alfonso, and Tim (straight from the airport, as one should) coming in to Jam. I got a good one with Fon, a brief slot with Tim and Graf, and one really good solo with Graf. Man can that guy play! Totally ambiDISCerous and he played the NYC passing game as if he was Born in the Bronx. I wish I was able to get out over the weekend, but alas, I has to work both &^%&%^$$ days. ARRRRGH!


And now it is time for some news…

457394933_e697129a1e_mThe All*Star Thursday Guest Jammer Initiative welcomes Bianca Strunz!!!! The nomination process for extending an invitation to her was simple: We need a Total Bad A** from Europe–who should it be?


And so the Hard Corps of the Big Apple  welcomes her to our Green Beach, along with  the hard concrete of the Bandshell and Washington Square Park as she makes her way to Santa Cruz for the Worlds. The Tribe is so lucky and Blessed.

So…wait for it…almost there…


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The All Star Thursday Chronicles: The Snidely WhipLASH Edition

Hail and well met to our Brethren and Sistren,

The rhythms of life have caused me to stray from the creative aspects of the computer keyboard. I am drawn back because my passion for sharing tales of plastic performances never abates.

Waaaaay back on May 9, 2013, the All*Star Thursday Guest Jammer Initiative welcomed Mr. Tom Lasher, Man-Crush of our own Doug E. Fresh and yet another Jammer Extraordinaire. The weather did not really cooperate in that it had rained and we were relegated to the Bandshell. This was not really so bad because we always have great Jams over there. On hand were JB, Jaime-TJH, Fresh, James the Fully Bright, TedShred and TLC, and The Reliable Roger. There was a bunch of Yella-gible folks, but we who were there were in for a treat.


Around the back smoothly

First let me say that Sir Thomas of Lasherhood had made one appearance at an A*T. That was the now Legendary Longest Jam of the Year when Mr. Dave Murphy came to NYC to roll around on our Green Beach. That was an incredible moment in time, but this was a day to create new indelible memories.


The Cleanest of Kicks!!!!

On this day, it was not a particular move, combo, or Jam that stuck in my mind. It was the words of TedShred. He said “Man, Lash just fit right in. He plays the New York passing game as if he were here all year long.” This was a true blessing since we are lucky enough to focus on Most Fun Wins during All*Star Thursdays. My personal observation was that Tom had incredible Flow and such a deft touch that I was just amazed.


Sealed with a Bip!

I shot some video of Lash Jammin’ with TedShred and James Fully Bright and as I reviewed it some six weeks later, it is just thrilling to see how they worked together. Naturally, there were plenty of drops as soon as the camera was turned on but for me, that’s fine. The sport we have chosen to embrace is hard to do and the drops make the seals that much sweeter. This combination was really fun because of Lash’s endless Flow, James’ focused intensity, and TedShred, well, being TedShred. There were a few sequences that were special because they went for some really obscure s***, even if it didn’t stand a chance and I LOVE that part of our art form. Ya’ gotta go for it to make the play. But there was more!


The next day I got me some solo Lash at the Meadow before he went off to do an All*Star turn for James and the Spread the Jam Project, then there was the required Jam down at Washington Square Park on Saturday. The Oracle came out to share some of his winsome wisdom, along with Sir Charles, Roger, Fresh, Bradford T. and myself.

VIDEO0143_0000001222 VIDEO0143_0000052900

This was notable for the smoking hot performances on the hard concrete and for the AMAZING thunderstorm that blew in. It started with lightning off to the west, then thunder. Then the rain cam in so fast and hard that we could hear it hitting the trees and then see a wall of water coming right at us. I had my umbrella (ella, ella, ay, ay) in my hand and by the time I got it open, I was already drenched.  A good way to finish out a Jam to be sure.  Miss you Tom, and sorry I took so long to share the love, my friend.

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The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: The Double Trouble, with a Lash News Flash Edition

Hello to all,

It was a gray Thursday back some ten days ago. The talk was of more rain and the Meadow was open. I stared with some lust at the vast emptiness of our Green Beach, yet the idea of planting on wet grass and starting to Jam was less than appealing. Thus I soldiered on to the Bandshell where I was met by James the Fully Bright, Quinn-O, JB, Bradford T., and Sir Charles of Kuske. Jaime-TJH arrived a bit later to say that he and Ben had the field to themselves, except for some lovely ladies doing a boot camp for inspiration. 😉  The Jamming was very good, in a “Punch the Clock” kind of way, and the number of people who were Yella-gible was quite significant.

Now, this passed Thursday was notable because the weather was actually lovely. Bright blue sky, clouds were few and far between with temps in the mid-60s. As I wandered across the Meadow it seemed as the 2013 All*Star Thursday season had finally begun.


Along with the sunshine, the Tribe was well represented. Ben Heaver and Jaime-TJH were early arrivals and the three of us got in quite the Mighty Heave. Ben’s overhand throw is so insanely good that I tried to shoot his release point. It only took me 25 shots with my Big Boy camera to get one that got close. Gonna switch to video next time. Meanwhile, Jaime-TJH was doing some serious Shredding at distance, sealing a variety of sweet combos. S’Nice!

Jaime-TJH Jammin with Ben Heaver in the distance.

Jaime-TJH Jammin with Ben Heaver in the distance.

Also on hand were The Oracle, TedShred and TLC, Roger, Doug E. Fresh, Bradford T., Rod Heaver and Zoe, JB, Quinn-O, Emma (Big Dog Inside!), James (The Fully Bright), Chuck, Claire Heaver, Capt. Mike Bohn (recovering from Major back surgery) and Ivan-TJH.

When TedShred and TLC arrived, James had a bright idea.  “I demand that I Jam with you Ted, and with you Tall Paul. This is the Jam that must take place right now.” Ted was quite ready and well, who am I to balk at the request of one of our Next Gen Champs? Let me be clear, at this point I lost track of everything outside of this Jam. I do know that The Oracle and the Reliable One really tore it up, and I did spot the former hit a spinning Gitis off of a Laerbs kick. Quinn-O and Sir Charles (who has been stepping up his game big time!) did some nice work too. That said….

Keep your eyes on the prize.

Keep your eyes on the prize.

Just a Token of his affection.

Just a Token of his affection.

The Jam of the Day honors go to…well, the one that started with James, TedShred (looking quite dapper in the 2013 Yella Jersey) and me. There was much passing with multiple O’Malley’s, Sir Shred playing in his typically fabulous manner, and James doing things that really defied comprehension. This included a “Young Man Cry”, a variation of a move created by the one and only Pat Carrasco. It was so incredibly well done and in the Flow, that Emma decided it was time to join the fray. And the temperature began to rise.

James "Fully Bright" Wiseman in search of Jam.

James “Fully Bright” Wiseman in search of Jam.

Here’s the thing…describing what happens in a Jam that you are involved in is really tough. I have flashes of memory that are disjointed, but filled with joy. Ted, inspired by James’ INSANE Udouche-badonk variation, nailing a double spinning Gitosis with fire in his eyes. Emma doing a full lay-out to seal an O’Malley just because. Ivan-TJH seeing that, and joining us to make is a 5-person Mob-Op that goes to Eleven. All kinds of stuff went on and I just can’t tell you any details. I do recall stopping to take attendance, sip a bit of TLC’s Ambrosia, and marvel at the goings on. I also remember that I dove back into the deep end to finish out the night with Ted and Ivan Gitising out, and me sealing a chomp of a Triple-Fake. What a fine way to end the evening!

Read the map....

Read the map….

So, I am pleased to share that the first 2013 All*Star Thursday Guest Jammer Initiative Honoree is none other than Tom Lasher. When the Board met this passed winter to discuss potential invitees, Mr. Lasher’s personality and Shredful reputation made him an easy choice. So, if you are going to be anywhere within shouting distance of NYC on (All*Star) Thursday, May 9, 2013, it would be a great idea to make your way to visit the Hard Corps of the Big Apple. Therefore…

When are YOU Comin’ Down?!

Peace Out, Yo!


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The All Star Thursday Chronicles: 2013 Roars Like a Lion Edition

Hail and Well Met to All Plastic Peeps,

Let us lead off with a big shout-out to everyone at the Virginia States. It is a legendary gathering of the greater Tribe that elicits nothing but stories of wonder and merriment. Bravo to all there this weekend.

2013’s All*Star Thursday Preseason began with the changing of the clocks back in mid-March. Bradford T. and I were the first Jammers on the scene by the Bandshell on a very chilly breezy day. We got nailed up and hustled out onto the hard concrete quickly. We did a combination of in tight and Heaving distance Jammin’ and having a good ol’ time until Roger arrived on his trusty steed. Straight off the bike and in civilian gear, the Reliable One behaved Shredfully and hit the first Gitis of the year. We were then joined by Ivan-TJH who zoomed in on his Freeline Skates providing and instant dose of high energy and spectacular play. The evening ended with a Ivan hitting a Gitis during the Onus Round. Perfection.


A nice contingent came out the following week, yet I must confess that I was AWOL due to work ‘sponibilities for the next two convenings that featured more good times with good friends. This brings us to (All*Star) Thursday April 11, 2013.

The Oracle was first on hand, with Quinn-O and I arriving at just about the same time. Doug E. Fresh arrived next, toting coffee and macarones from Robusta destined for the aforementioned Virginia States. Joey and Quinn started first and fast while Fresh and I nailed up. The conditions—which we do not need—were less than optimal. Cold, damp, gusty/squirrely winds…just like we like it!

A*T Artistic License!

A*T Artistic License!

Doug has been working on his Southpaw backhand and it was sailing in nicely, so my Counter intuitive game was very happy. I just tried to make plays and keep throwing strikes with a variety of angles ‘cause that is Mr. Fresh’s preference. Ted Shred and TLC strolled in from the Southwest corner and after the two of them got their Heave on, Mr. Oberhaus joined Fresh and me in our Jam. Then the Reliable One wandered in, drawing Mr. Fresh to pair off with him.  Thus, it became an all pairs A*T.

It was really a “Punch the Clock” kind of outing for all of us. The Oracle hit a couple of amazing combos, matched by Quinn-O’s natural Flow. Fresh and Roger did their thing, wrasslin’ with the wind and making it their friend. Sir Tedley? Well, he Shredded splendidly, and a good time was had by all.

The real news of that the first 2013 All*Star Thursday Guest Jammer Initiative invitation has been extended and accepted by…

Tom Lasher!

He will be coming in mid-May so our Northeast Brethren and Sistren should make there way to NYC for a early season visit. So, when are YOU Comin’ Down?!

P.S. Hey Boston – Noo Yawk knows how strong you are. We’ve  got your back!


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The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: The Over Land and Over Sea Edition


Magical days have been fairly common on our Green Beach in 2012. The All*Star Thursday Guest Jammer Initiative shepherded in Peter Laubert, My Main Man Z, Mary “Total Bad A**” Lowry for their (all) star turns.  We have had visits from old friends and new friends, and had some Jams for the ages. That said, the A*TGJI has never hosted two Jammers on the same fourth day of the week.  That all changed on August 23, 2012.

Robbie “No Mo Hobo” arrived at dusk.

Hopping across the pond was Tommy Leitner, an American ex-pat who has been Spreading the Jam far and wide for years. Striding purposefully from the landlocked and reportedly flat state of Kansas was our own Fearless Lou Sumrall. Tommy’s nomination was approved by the Board with little debate. Bringing in Fearless Lou was inspired by a simple emotion–LOVE!

We missed our Brother and needed him to be here. 

On hand from left were: Quinn-O, Kevin, Bradford T., JB, (peeking in), Capt. Mike, Chuck, (not so) Young James, The Ageless Trevor Brown, TP-TJH, The Lovely Chrissy-n-TedShred, Doug E. Fresh, The Oracle, Mark “The Estivator” Sebastian, Susanne, Roger, Tony P. And our Guest Jamers are a VERY Yella Fearless Lou, Tommy, and Alan. Robbie Rob, Alex, and Clare Heaver arrived

The Oracle: Hey Tommy…ya wanna warm-up?

Tommy: Sure. Got Slick?

With these words the day really began. The early crowd had all been busy nailing up and dispensing with social graces. Lots of smiles and laughs on this picture perfect day. Both of our Brothers had already arrived and touched down at the Manhole on Wednesday, so the air was politely charged. Joey’s invitation to start the first Jam of the day was pretty unusual as he usually lays in the cut. Not today.

The Jam started at 10. They went dropless the first five throws, and 9 of 11 to get started. Tommy is an amazing player with an intensity that is only matched by his disc knowledge. To see him spin, hair swirling, plastic embracing his every nuanced command through rolls, tips, cuffs and brushes, all leading to crushing seals–was really special. Then he’d snap off his signature Smash-Mac backhand of the Mighty-Zzzzzzzzzzzz’s to Joey, who was on fire right from the start. There was no heckling of this Jam, just idle banter of who would be the one to Bust this Jam. Fresh actually asked the rhetorical question and was met by a unanimous “Not Me.” I was so mesmerized that I had to ask Capt. Mike to delay our Heave for a few, just to watch. The most memorable element was the way they Flowed into position for one another seamlessly for long stretches. A testament to having played together out in Santa Cruz with Sir Skippy of Jammer no doubt.

Not wishing to waste precious sunlight, Capt. Mike and I set out for some long tossing. He and I had not played together in a while, and it was excellent. The first few throws were awkward as we tried to read the squirrely winds, then we locked in. His forehand was rocket worthy, getting much air, angle, and sail time. Plenty of Z’s so I could get my Jam on too. S’Nice!

A*T Artistic License!

We took a break when sweat was broken, and got back just as TedShred and TLC arrived. This was fortuitous in a couple of ways. We were able to hydrate and say hello, and then witness what would be the Jam of the Day. I do not say this lightly, as there actually many dazzling moments on this particular Thursday. Ted looked over at Tommy and Joey still Shredding and said “Oh man, I’m not busting THAT one!”

The Board had already discussed this very matter and consensus was that Sir Shred was THE ONLY  person who could Bust that Jam with impunity. So he did. And it was good.

Okay, it was better than good. It was spectacular. It was the kind of Jam that went way past Eleven right from the start and got hotter from there. What does that mean? It means that Dr. J, Michael Jordan, and Magic Johnson are running the Flatball Fastbreak and there is Gitis in the air.  I think my favorite moments of this Jam came when the disc was thrown/brushed/cuffed into some obscure angle and The Oracle, Tommy, or TedShred would play it with preternatural foreknowledge of exactly what the disc needed at that moment in time. Wow.

The Oracle shares his thought on the matter with Tommy and The Estivator.

There was only so much watching that folks can do, so James and Alan got up, Fresh and Roger joined forces, and the whole Meadow went diagonal, as it were. Jammers Flowed into and out of Jams. I know that The Ageless Trevor Brown and I got Teddy after his water break from the epic Jam of the Day. TedShred plus anyone is always a nice combination, but adding Forever Trevor to the mix makes it special. We got into a nice groove with early O’Malleys leading to solid seals. I recall (not so) Young James flexed his Championship pedigree by entering the Jam with a Tri-Zarre combination that he sealed with a very Bad Attitude. Tommy, Alan, and Roger all subbed in and out of this one through the end of the evening. There were many other combinations and the abundance of riches was boundless.

We stretched the evening as long as possible, with Robbie-Rob hustling in just in time to get the very last of the Last Jams with Tommy. We then retired to Chez Meier for an evening of fine NYC Pizza, tasty beverages, and general good cheer. But there was more…

Square Jam

Then there was…

Good for Three Jams!

And there will be more pics and video from the Saturday gathering at Chateau Oberhaus. For now…

Peace Out, Yo!


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The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: The (not so) Young Champion Comes Home Edition

Hello to my Plastic People!

I gratefully returned to our Green Beach after a week away in New Hampshire. The fresh air was a little bit troubling as I prefer my oxygen “Chunky Style.” In fact, I started sneezing the moment we got off of I-91 and I opened the window amidst the cows, barns, and cornfields. That also meant I missed Char’s (All) Star turn, but I did manage to get in a Jam with Ryan-Air on Saturday, which was great. Ryan is a great guy and a TREMENDOUS Player!!!! I am looking forward to making my way back to the Northwest to get a full on Jam with the young man (and my Seattle Family) on his home turf.

So there I was wandering across the Meadow on another lovely day, and the first person that I espy is none other than (not so) Young James Wiseman, our resident world traveler and newly minted FPA World Champion.

Very Happy Frisbee! Let us Dispense with the Congratulations–Let The Heckling Begin!
Photo Credit: Giorgio Raffaelli

It was hard to get the smile off of my face and the same can be said of (ns)YJ. And the Tribe was well represented on this day. Also on hand were Bradford T., Roger, Fresh, Kevin, Ralphy-Boy, Ben Heaver, Jestin Heaver with Sean and Skeptic (yes, Skeptic), Quinn-O, The Ageless Trevor Brown, Bikin’ Bruce Heaver, Ted Shred and TLC, and a late arriving Robbie Rob. Oh, and did I mention that J-Will was in from Colorado, so we had another Guest Jammer in town.

All*Star Thursdays, Baby! WOOF, WOOF, WOOF, WOOF, WOOF!!!

I had the pleasure of starting my day with some Mighty heaving with Ralph and Jestin, as is my wont to do. As always, Jestin’s infectious laugh and call of “Tracking…Locked On…Launch Sequence!”, along with his uncanny accuracy, made this fun. That is not even talking about Ralph’s FEROCIOUS forehand. Not only can he Fling that Thing, but I just found out that he does so with his index finger alone, instead of his middle finger. I can’t even imagine trying to do that.

When I came in to hydrate following that long distance extravaganza, Fresh and Roger were paired off, and J-Will, James and Quinn-O were goin’ at it pretty hard. That left me to engage TedShred who had just arrived with TLC. Gosh, having to suffer through a Jam with Mr. Oberhaus is just terrible. All of those high-Z throws for strikes, his relentless pursuit of the next Hein seal, and his positive attitude just make the experience of playing with him miserable.  😀

After we had gotten a good sweat worked up (and I hit a Gitis of of a TedShred set), I heard a familiar–though somehow more more mature and authoritative–voice stating clearly “Ahm Comin’ Down–I wanna see how they do things over here!”

Yes, we welcomed (not so) Young James into our Jam with open arms. I have to say that our European Brethren and Sistren must have been Shredding up a Storm while he was roaming around the world, because he came back with an arsenal of new moves. The three of us wound up hitting and O’Malley on the first throw, and then O’Malachy (twice around with no delay) on the second, and we rolled on from their. I have to say that Mr. Shred was especially focused, hitting a number of his signature combinations and sealing them all with grace, including one very sweet double-spinning Gitosis. Of course, The Champ was not to be easily outdone. He blasted through one combo that included a “Windshield Wiper” variation, an insane Bad Attitude Brush, and chomp of a Phlaud seal that was at least a Buck-Fifty. S’Nice!!!!!

The rest of the Jams were something of a blur for me. I know I got me some Roger after subbing in for Fresh, and J-Will slipped into this one for a while as well. I also got Quinn-O and James again, maybe with Ted. That said, ALL OF THE JAMS WERE FIERCE! Maybe it was the energy of having James back home with the Tribe, but the level of play all around was damn high. As dusk encroached upon us, I ended my evening with another Heaving session with Bruce and Ralph. That one was INCREDIBLE! Nice flights and 75 yard strikes were in abundance.  And then there is this week….

Hair Flyin’ and Crowd Mesmerized’!!!!!!

The All*Star Thursday Guest Jammer Initiative welcomes Tommy “Lightning” Leitner! Folks might not remember this, but Mr. Leitner played a catalytic role in the birth of the A*T tradition. It was a cold night in November 2004 when I thought about all of the fun we had during the summer, and said to myself “I need to write something about this All*Star Thursday thing.” Then the question of how to get this out to the world?

I sent Tommy an e-mail and asked if he might be willing to post an article for me and he agreed. He added a picture of an A*T disc, and later posted the Special Chillman Edition of the A*TC’s. The rest is history. Now the Tribe is bringing him in as the A*TGJI Honoree, so we get to pay our respects to a cat who has been Spreading the Jam around the world with gusto! But that is not all….

The Walking….

You see, while the 2012 All*Star Thursday Season has been filled with great joy and much Shredful Behavior, there has been a core element missing. That is because the Heckling has not been up to par. As much as we give “What For!” to one another, the quantity (if not the quality) of our outpouring of good-natured derision has been lacking. Until now!  Fearless Lou is NYC bound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This LOU is made for Walkin’……

So, there is only one question to be answered. You know what’s coming…just let it burst through from deep in your diaphragm with gusto….

Are YOU Comin’ Down on August 23rd???!!!!

Peace Out, Yo!

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August 9, 2012 – Return of the Champions!

As our intrepid jamming journalist, Paul Mondesire, has been called away on work duty, once again the journalist junior, Roger Meier, takes over.  The dead of summer often brings on a series of quiet sultry Thursdays, with a minimum of imported talent.  However this past few weeks has been anything but mundane, with a steady invasion of Seattleites along with other shredding guests.

We had just recovered from Mary Lowry, who met her guest jammer initiative responsibilities with gusto, when a second wave hit our shores.  On Tuesday, fresh from the Worlds, Charlene Powell, Ryan Young and Emma Kahle dropped in on their sojourn home.

No sooner than their flight had landed on Tuesday, Ryan and Char were at the meadow with their tour guide and host, Doug Simon.  Ryan has been jamming every day for about two weeks, and is dedicated to keeping the streak going during his stay here.  Clearly being a tourist is second fiddle to being a jammer.  After quiet meadow jams on Tuesday and Wednesday we were building towards another epic Thursday.

The weather here in NYC has returned to the normal August hot, humid days with constant threats of thunderstorms each afternoon.  Even though we seemed to escape the rain on Tuesday and Wednesday, it did not appear we would be so lucky Thursday.  As I left my house, headed to the meadow, I went back for an umbrella as the skies looked scary and the winds were scurrying in anticipation of a squall.  Of course us NYers “do not need no stinkin’ conditions”, so without hesitation I continued out to Central Park.  As I neared the meadow it looked oddly quiet, then I realized in fact the red flags were up and the meadow was closed.  No bother, just take a left and head over to the bandshell.  Personally I often prefer the bandshell.  The footing is very secure and spinning is easier on the octagonal tiles, and we get extra attention from the steady stream of tourists and other pedestrians.  I got concerned though as I neared the bandshell I heard a loudspeaker and saw some organized commotion.  Sure enough there was preparation for a performance of “Children of Hercules” in the bandshell itself.  However I saw a healthy showing of jammers and still plenty of space to get our game on.

Just about all the regulars were in attendance, with the exceptions of Tall Paul, and the Oracle himself.  Mr. Hudoklin is recuperating from some minor surgery and is expected to be back at full jamming speed soon.  His spirit was there all day, especially when during the Greek Drama the narrator boomed “Do Not Flout the Oracle!”.  We all took up this mantra, as one flouts the Oracle at their own risk.  Guest jammers were also in full display, with Alan Caplin from BoTown making his second appearance in a row (could be be Yellagible soon?) and Gary Auerbach making one of his regular drop ins. We were also graced by Jim Dodelson from SoCal, fresh from his own European adventures (London Olympics and brief Amsterdam jam). And of course Char and Ryan were jamming for their third day in a row here in NYC, and Emma was jamming in full “Big Dog Inside” style.  Too many jams remember details, but I personally had a great jam with Emma, and later my Stuy High Alumni Brother, Jimbo.  At what seemed to the end of the day, Robert Fried sauntered by, fresh off his new job.  Rob now gets in late, but does not hesitate to mix it up ASAP.  It was getting dark, but Rob and Ryan started to go at it full force.  Rob does not start slow, hitting double spinning crow virtually out of the box.  He followed this up with Double Spinning “No Bones” Flamingitis.  Ryan was holding up his end of the jam with multiple double spinning catches and fast feet to get to just about anything within human reach.  I thought, OK, this is just the end of a great day, but no, oddly enough there was plenty of jamming to go.  Rob and Ryan were soon joined by others and before you know it, jamming by the bandshell streetlights, a mob-op was in full force.

One bonus of playing at the Bandshell is that we are not given the boot at sundown as we are in the meadow.  The park officially closes at 1 am, so we had plenty of time at our disposal.  Chrissie was out with her special blend of liquid elixir, and a few locals had brought an assortment of craft brews.  With old and new friends abounding the party was just getting started.  My cell started vibrating and it was my lovely wife, Tricia, at Malachy’s, wondering where the gang was.  I told her the crew preferred to be out in the glorious evening air, rather than at our infamous Stinky Bar.  So in two shakes of a leg, Tricia made it out to join the party.

By the time Tricia and I headed back to Chez Meier, most of the crew were continuing to regale the glorious evening.  Once again we had great weather karma and enjoyed a beautiful summer eve.

We have a one week reprieve before the big finale.  Tommy Leitner is headed this way for the August 23rd A*T gathering.  Come on down for what is sure to be another epic experience.

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The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: The Mighty Mary is NOT Contrary Edition

Hail and Well Met to all our Plastic Peeps!

August 2-5, 2012 was great for Jammers everywhere. First, Big Ups to everyone who played in (and pulled off) the FPA World Championships. It looked like an incredible event and the fact that it was streamed live made it feel like we were all a part of the festivities. And Congratulations to all of the winners.

“We Are the Champions, My Friends…”


The Tribe has been lucky enough to host reigning World Champions as part of the All*Star Thursday Guest Jammer Initiative for the last two years.

But this year is wildly different! (not so) Young Daniel O’Neill, (not so) Young James Wiseman, and Emma “Big Dog Inside!” Kahle, our trio of Padwan Learners are all coming home with the Gold. Not only that, Char Powell, a Noo Yawkuh at her core, is a World Champ as well.


Special thanks to PK (Namesake), Lori Daniels, and Mike Galloupe for Shredding so Heinously with our Homies! Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming…

The All*Star Thursday Guest Jammer Initiative welcomed Mary Lowery to our Green Beach as our first Honoree bearing the XX chromosome combination. Let me state it plainly: Mary is a Total Bad A** Jammer!!!!!! Her Flow is only surpassed by her humble, down to earth, and fun nature. We are lucky and blessed to have had her here.

All/Us/We…almost. Erwin and Jens arrived a little later.

And folks turned out from far and wide to bear witness, including: Doug E. Fresh, The Roginator, The Oracle, TedShred ‘n TLC, Jonathan Weinstein (in from Prague), Alan C. (our resident Guest Jammer), JB and Sarah, Jestin Heaver, Ben Heaver, Bradford T., Quinn-O, The Ageless Trevor Brown, Ralph Heaver, Geoff Gregory (from FL), Bob, Kevin, Ivan-TJH, Chris Heaver, Susan, Meg, Claire Heaver, Mighty Mike Heaver and Simone, and the Velasquez Brothers. Yes, both Jens and Erwin came down for the Jam. Oh, and The Gamboa was in play. Man, it doesn’t get any better.

After social graces were exchanged, Fresh and Mary started it off with some very nice Northwestern Flow. It was easy to see why folks talked up Ms. Mary so highly. First of all, her throws were all strikes with Z’s, and I could not tell if she was right-handed or a Southpaw. Her sense of anticipation of the what the disc needed to do at a given moment in time was really excellent. And inspirational, forcing Sir Roger and I to get ourselves up and at ’em. We started easy, but before long it was off to the races with Roger snapping off overhand counter Z’s and backhands with his typical aplomb. Seeing that we had broken a sweat, The Oracle said “Ahm comin’ down!” and we welcomed him with open arms. I enjoyed this Jam because there we hit O’Malley’s in three of the first four throws, with the only miss coming after I hit a perfect Teabag pass to Roger, who zinged to Joey, who in turn hit a sweet Scarecrow brush back to me and I…dropped it. ARRRRGH!!!

When this Jam had run its course, we saw Tedshred, Alan C., and Mary tearin’ it up. Joey hopped in with them and that Jam went to Eleven for quite a stretch. In fact, that was the Jam that we had to “Force Quit” in order to take the group shot above. After picture time, I got busy as a fourth in some Jam when I espied Erwin Velasquez entering the Zone. There was a rumor that he and Jens were going to make a joint appearance at an All*Star Thursday for the very first time, so we were halfway to history.

Mary-Mary (of the Northwest), Erwin, and Geoff in the House!

Jens and Mary

I had the pleasure of warming up Erwin and getting him loose. Man, is he freakin’ good! His rolls, throws, and seals are still the stuff of legend. We got our Shred on and then Jens turned up. SCORE!!! I sent Erwin off to a “Big Boy” Jam with Ted, Alan, and The Oracle, and had the honor of getting Jens warmed up too. Your intrepid reporter was damn near overwhelmed by this stroke of luck. Warming up both of the V-Brothers on the same day solo? THAT is Livin’!

Jens headed into a Jam with Erwin, Ted, and I think Joey, while I set out to get my Heave on with Ivan-TJH, Ralphy-Boy, and Geoff the Floridian. That was FIERCE! Strikes at 75+ yards with enough Z’s for some 175G Shredding. Jammin’ Heavers of the World UNITE!!!

The last Jam of the evening featured me, Mary, Ivan-TJH, TedShred for good measure. We were chased outta the Green Beach as dusk settled in. Then it was off to the Chateau Meier for pizza and tasty beverages. It was there that TedShred formed a committee of between two and sixty-nine to decide who had earned The Gamboa. The decision was tough given all of the luminaries on hand, but the choice was clear. Mary Lowery was the winner!

Now for some news. The All*Star Thursday Guest Jammer Initiative welcomes Tommy Leitner on Thursday August 23rd. Not only that, The Board has extended an invitation to our Brother Fearless Lou Sumrall to join the Festivities as well. Our dear friend and Heckler Extraordinaire has been away taking care of his Mom since last fall. We have missed him terribly and at thrilled he will be able to make it back. This is going to be a really big deal. So there really is only one question. C’mon, do I really have to ask? Ready in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

Are YOU Comin’ Down?!

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The All*Star Thursday Chronicles Alert: Mighty Mary Makes a Move!

Hello to all,

We are in the midst of a heatwave once again in NYC. It’s 82 degrees at 6am and it is heading to 96 today. But the Freestyle Forecast calls for it to get hotter in a couple of weeks and a bit of explanation is due. One of the very serious topics of conversation ’round these parts is reflected in a simple statement:

Jams Need Women!!!!

Take to the Sky on a Natural High!

There has been a surplus of testosterone among our Plastic Peeps on our Green Beach. Thankfully that is about to change. After protracted negotiations over the course of several years, the Hard Corps of the Big Apple has finally landed a Big Fish from the Northwest. And we’re not talking about a salmon from the Copper River either.

Once upon a time a Beast came to the East. With him came much Shredful behavior. And it was Good. When the Board met the following year, a nomination was made for a charter member of the XX chromosome Jam Squad often sighted near Green Lake. Alas, t’was not to be.

Time passed and a young apprentice named Emma journeyed to New York to study at Columbia. She’d been playing Ultimate for a while but a sparkle in her eye indicated that her passion for plastic would not be sated by just one discipline. We lucked out because she joined (not so) Young James and (not so) Young Daniel in a quest to raise a ruckus within the ranks of the those of us born in the Crustaceous Era.

Mellow Mary

When we asked where she learned to play, she spoke of her hometown of Seattle and The Beast of course. Then she whispered the name of a Sage, one who schooled her in the ways of The Flow. “Mary Lowry”, she said.

Ahhh, it all became clear now. As Sir Douglas of Fresh told it, Mary was one of the coolest folks to hang with and a great player to boot. A new invitation was extended, but again the timing was off.

Good things come to those who wait. There was a Tremor in the Force when Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars were in alignment a few months ago and the Tribe’s request was granted. The All*Star Thursday Guest Jammer Initiative is hosting yet another World Champion, this time fresh off of a wonderful performance at the instantly legendary U.S. Open Overall Flying Disc Championship at Santa Barbara last month.

You Better Work It, Gurl!

We are so Blessed to have Mary Elizabeth Lowry coming to the Baked Apple. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE who come in contact with her, says she is a better person than she is a Jammer. That is saying something.

For those who are not able to hop across the pond to Rimini for the 2012 FPA World Championships (Good Luck to All who are competing!), there is going to be a major ShredFest right here in NYC on August 2nd. Soooooo…

Are YOU Comin’ Down?

Peace Out, Yo!


P.S.  The All*Star Thursday Chronicles are on back order. Your intrepid scribe has limited bandwidth and has been writing like mad for the gig. We have had many visitors come to  town, including Petri, Rick Williams, and Alan C. our resident Guest Jammer, among many others. I will be doing some updates over the next few days. Thanks for your patience.

Photo Credits to Rick Lebeau, Lori Daniels, and Mary Mowry via FB. If the proper person is not cited her, please let me know and I will fix it immediately.

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