The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: The (not so) Young Champion Comes Home Edition

Hello to my Plastic People!

I gratefully returned to our Green Beach after a week away in New Hampshire. The fresh air was a little bit troubling as I prefer my oxygen “Chunky Style.” In fact, I started sneezing the moment we got off of I-91 and I opened the window amidst the cows, barns, and cornfields. That also meant I missed Char’s (All) Star turn, but I did manage to get in a Jam with Ryan-Air on Saturday, which was great. Ryan is a great guy and a TREMENDOUS Player!!!! I am looking forward to making my way back to the Northwest to get a full on Jam with the young man (and my Seattle Family) on his home turf.

So there I was wandering across the Meadow on another lovely day, and the first person that I espy is none other than (not so) Young James Wiseman, our resident world traveler and newly minted FPA World Champion.

Very Happy Frisbee! Let us Dispense with the Congratulations–Let The Heckling Begin!
Photo Credit: Giorgio Raffaelli

It was hard to get the smile off of my face and the same can be said of (ns)YJ. And the Tribe was well represented on this day. Also on hand were Bradford T., Roger, Fresh, Kevin, Ralphy-Boy, Ben Heaver, Jestin Heaver with Sean and Skeptic (yes, Skeptic), Quinn-O, The Ageless Trevor Brown, Bikin’ Bruce Heaver, Ted Shred and TLC, and a late arriving Robbie Rob. Oh, and did I mention that J-Will was in from Colorado, so we had another Guest Jammer in town.

All*Star Thursdays, Baby! WOOF, WOOF, WOOF, WOOF, WOOF!!!

I had the pleasure of starting my day with some Mighty heaving with Ralph and Jestin, as is my wont to do. As always, Jestin’s infectious laugh and call of “Tracking…Locked On…Launch Sequence!”, along with his uncanny accuracy, made this fun. That is not even talking about Ralph’s FEROCIOUS forehand. Not only can he Fling that Thing, but I just found out that he does so with his index finger alone, instead of his middle finger. I can’t even imagine trying to do that.

When I came in to hydrate following that long distance extravaganza, Fresh and Roger were paired off, and J-Will, James and Quinn-O were goin’ at it pretty hard. That left me to engage TedShred who had just arrived with TLC. Gosh, having to suffer through a Jam with Mr. Oberhaus is just terrible. All of those high-Z throws for strikes, his relentless pursuit of the next Hein seal, and his positive attitude just make the experience of playing with him miserable.  😀

After we had gotten a good sweat worked up (and I hit a Gitis of of a TedShred set), I heard a familiar–though somehow more more mature and authoritative–voice stating clearly “Ahm Comin’ Down–I wanna see how they do things over here!”

Yes, we welcomed (not so) Young James into our Jam with open arms. I have to say that our European Brethren and Sistren must have been Shredding up a Storm while he was roaming around the world, because he came back with an arsenal of new moves. The three of us wound up hitting and O’Malley on the first throw, and then O’Malachy (twice around with no delay) on the second, and we rolled on from their. I have to say that Mr. Shred was especially focused, hitting a number of his signature combinations and sealing them all with grace, including one very sweet double-spinning Gitosis. Of course, The Champ was not to be easily outdone. He blasted through one combo that included a “Windshield Wiper” variation, an insane Bad Attitude Brush, and chomp of a Phlaud seal that was at least a Buck-Fifty. S’Nice!!!!!

The rest of the Jams were something of a blur for me. I know I got me some Roger after subbing in for Fresh, and J-Will slipped into this one for a while as well. I also got Quinn-O and James again, maybe with Ted. That said, ALL OF THE JAMS WERE FIERCE! Maybe it was the energy of having James back home with the Tribe, but the level of play all around was damn high. As dusk encroached upon us, I ended my evening with another Heaving session with Bruce and Ralph. That one was INCREDIBLE! Nice flights and 75 yard strikes were in abundance.  And then there is this week….

Hair Flyin’ and Crowd Mesmerized’!!!!!!

The All*Star Thursday Guest Jammer Initiative welcomes Tommy “Lightning” Leitner! Folks might not remember this, but Mr. Leitner played a catalytic role in the birth of the A*T tradition. It was a cold night in November 2004 when I thought about all of the fun we had during the summer, and said to myself “I need to write something about this All*Star Thursday thing.” Then the question of how to get this out to the world?

I sent Tommy an e-mail and asked if he might be willing to post an article for me and he agreed. He added a picture of an A*T disc, and later posted the Special Chillman Edition of the A*TC’s. The rest is history. Now the Tribe is bringing him in as the A*TGJI Honoree, so we get to pay our respects to a cat who has been Spreading the Jam around the world with gusto! But that is not all….

The Walking….

You see, while the 2012 All*Star Thursday Season has been filled with great joy and much Shredful Behavior, there has been a core element missing. That is because the Heckling has not been up to par. As much as we give “What For!” to one another, the quantity (if not the quality) of our outpouring of good-natured derision has been lacking. Until now!  Fearless Lou is NYC bound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This LOU is made for Walkin’……

So, there is only one question to be answered. You know what’s coming…just let it burst through from deep in your diaphragm with gusto….

Are YOU Comin’ Down on August 23rd???!!!!

Peace Out, Yo!

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4 Responses to The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: The (not so) Young Champion Comes Home Edition

  1. Tommy says:

    yeah baby! See you this A*Thursday!

  2. PK says:

    I would like some more documenting of the James heckling. Specific abuse, mocking, age ragging….both guns blaring….The animal stole my girl too!!! Hurt him!

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