The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: The Over Land and Over Sea Edition


Magical days have been fairly common on our Green Beach in 2012. The All*Star Thursday Guest Jammer Initiative shepherded in Peter Laubert, My Main Man Z, Mary “Total Bad A**” Lowry for their (all) star turns.  We have had visits from old friends and new friends, and had some Jams for the ages. That said, the A*TGJI has never hosted two Jammers on the same fourth day of the week.  That all changed on August 23, 2012.

Robbie “No Mo Hobo” arrived at dusk.

Hopping across the pond was Tommy Leitner, an American ex-pat who has been Spreading the Jam far and wide for years. Striding purposefully from the landlocked and reportedly flat state of Kansas was our own Fearless Lou Sumrall. Tommy’s nomination was approved by the Board with little debate. Bringing in Fearless Lou was inspired by a simple emotion–LOVE!

We missed our Brother and needed him to be here. 

On hand from left were: Quinn-O, Kevin, Bradford T., JB, (peeking in), Capt. Mike, Chuck, (not so) Young James, The Ageless Trevor Brown, TP-TJH, The Lovely Chrissy-n-TedShred, Doug E. Fresh, The Oracle, Mark “The Estivator” Sebastian, Susanne, Roger, Tony P. And our Guest Jamers are a VERY Yella Fearless Lou, Tommy, and Alan. Robbie Rob, Alex, and Clare Heaver arrived

The Oracle: Hey Tommy…ya wanna warm-up?

Tommy: Sure. Got Slick?

With these words the day really began. The early crowd had all been busy nailing up and dispensing with social graces. Lots of smiles and laughs on this picture perfect day. Both of our Brothers had already arrived and touched down at the Manhole on Wednesday, so the air was politely charged. Joey’s invitation to start the first Jam of the day was pretty unusual as he usually lays in the cut. Not today.

The Jam started at 10. They went dropless the first five throws, and 9 of 11 to get started. Tommy is an amazing player with an intensity that is only matched by his disc knowledge. To see him spin, hair swirling, plastic embracing his every nuanced command through rolls, tips, cuffs and brushes, all leading to crushing seals–was really special. Then he’d snap off his signature Smash-Mac backhand of the Mighty-Zzzzzzzzzzzz’s to Joey, who was on fire right from the start. There was no heckling of this Jam, just idle banter of who would be the one to Bust this Jam. Fresh actually asked the rhetorical question and was met by a unanimous “Not Me.” I was so mesmerized that I had to ask Capt. Mike to delay our Heave for a few, just to watch. The most memorable element was the way they Flowed into position for one another seamlessly for long stretches. A testament to having played together out in Santa Cruz with Sir Skippy of Jammer no doubt.

Not wishing to waste precious sunlight, Capt. Mike and I set out for some long tossing. He and I had not played together in a while, and it was excellent. The first few throws were awkward as we tried to read the squirrely winds, then we locked in. His forehand was rocket worthy, getting much air, angle, and sail time. Plenty of Z’s so I could get my Jam on too. S’Nice!

A*T Artistic License!

We took a break when sweat was broken, and got back just as TedShred and TLC arrived. This was fortuitous in a couple of ways. We were able to hydrate and say hello, and then witness what would be the Jam of the Day. I do not say this lightly, as there actually many dazzling moments on this particular Thursday. Ted looked over at Tommy and Joey still Shredding and said “Oh man, I’m not busting THAT one!”

The Board had already discussed this very matter and consensus was that Sir Shred was THE ONLY  person who could Bust that Jam with impunity. So he did. And it was good.

Okay, it was better than good. It was spectacular. It was the kind of Jam that went way past Eleven right from the start and got hotter from there. What does that mean? It means that Dr. J, Michael Jordan, and Magic Johnson are running the Flatball Fastbreak and there is Gitis in the air.  I think my favorite moments of this Jam came when the disc was thrown/brushed/cuffed into some obscure angle and The Oracle, Tommy, or TedShred would play it with preternatural foreknowledge of exactly what the disc needed at that moment in time. Wow.

The Oracle shares his thought on the matter with Tommy and The Estivator.

There was only so much watching that folks can do, so James and Alan got up, Fresh and Roger joined forces, and the whole Meadow went diagonal, as it were. Jammers Flowed into and out of Jams. I know that The Ageless Trevor Brown and I got Teddy after his water break from the epic Jam of the Day. TedShred plus anyone is always a nice combination, but adding Forever Trevor to the mix makes it special. We got into a nice groove with early O’Malleys leading to solid seals. I recall (not so) Young James flexed his Championship pedigree by entering the Jam with a Tri-Zarre combination that he sealed with a very Bad Attitude. Tommy, Alan, and Roger all subbed in and out of this one through the end of the evening. There were many other combinations and the abundance of riches was boundless.

We stretched the evening as long as possible, with Robbie-Rob hustling in just in time to get the very last of the Last Jams with Tommy. We then retired to Chez Meier for an evening of fine NYC Pizza, tasty beverages, and general good cheer. But there was more…

Square Jam

Then there was…

Good for Three Jams!

And there will be more pics and video from the Saturday gathering at Chateau Oberhaus. For now…

Peace Out, Yo!


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