The All Star Thursday Chronicles: The Z Marks the Spot Supplement


The All Star Thursday Guest Jammer Initiative is a celebration of Jamming and New York. First there was the Bandshell Jam on Thursday. Friday we were able to shift out to Sheep’s Meadow as the day was glorious.

Our Green beach was in fine form for our guests. There was not a big crowd (Z, Susan, Fresh, Roger, and a couple more folks) and I was only there for a brief window. I did get the chance to Heave with Mr. Weyand, which was great. Over all the of time I have known Z, this was the first time we got to throw a 175 together at distance. Homeboy can sure Fling that Thing! He has all types of throws, all of them for strikes. That meant we were able to really get loose. Daddy Duty called, but I knew there was more to come….

Okay, this was from June 2nd, but too gorgeous not to share. Photo Credit: Roger Meier

Saturday at Chateau Oberhaus

Visiting TedShred and The Lovely Chrissy at their place in New Jersey is always fun. This was my first time passengering to get there as I gave up Arwen (my ‘95 Camry Wagon) a couple of months back. The Reliable One was our pilot, I rode shotgun, and Z, Susan, and The Oracle were in the back.

We were the first to arrive and all had been made ready. There was plenty of appetizers to start us off (shrimp, hummus, crackers, chips, veggies, etc.) and they even had a water dish for Clovis Simon, who was coming in with Fresh, BenJAMin, and (not so) Young Daniel. Alan “Flash” Flood made an appearance early while Chuck and Robbie-Rob turned up late in the day. Ted took us on a tour of The Frisbee Room, where his collection of Plastic, pictures, and other neat stuff collected over the years is on display. One special item is a framed montage of Mr. Oberhaus catching Figure 4’s in about a dozen locations around the world created by TLC, various vintage discs, and we even saw the original Yella Jersey–Yeah, Baby!

The early Jams featured TedShred, The Oracle, and Z while I got started with (not so) Young Daniel. After getting warmed up with some nice Flow, my favorite moment of the weekend came when Z said to NSY Daniel “Hey, lets switch–I gotta get me some solo Tall Paul.” This was a real honor for me considering he was already Jamming with two of the real Legends of the game. (ns)YD got a pretty good deal too, given that he went from one duffer to two Grandest of Masters.

For anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure, Z is one of the best partners to Jam with. He throws strikes in every variety you can imagine, and with plenty of…plenty of…okay, I’ll say it: ZZZZZ’s. We played for a nice long stretch, then we took a break. It was time to hit the pool and the hot tub. Fresh and Roger were already there sipping tasty beverages, with BenJAMin swimming like a fish and having a blast. I told my buddies “Ya’ know, you look a whole lot more intelligent than I at the moment. I’m sweating and funky while you are chillaxing to the max.” They promptly agreed with my assessment and I hit the water. Hot tub first, then the pool…then the hot tub, then the pool. Oh my, life was so hard that day.

After the pool, there was Filet Mignon and Roast Chicken to go with sesame noodles and a killer salad. Oh, and Marghies, and brews for those who were thus inclined. Later, a bunch of us went out for a round of Disc Golf. I am NOT a golfer, but by using my trusty 175 as a driver, I was able to make par a several holes. That was far better than my experience in the winter when my hands froze and my ability to control the golf plastic was null and void. Ted’s home court advantage was a joy to observe. He was able to coach all of us through the course and he made some shots that were amazing. Bravo!

We ended the day with a monstrous Mob-Op with plenty of fun had by all. Z and Susan returned to Cali having brought as much joy to us as we (hopefully) imparted upon them. There is nothing like good friends having fun together. Sooooo…

When are YOU Comin’ Down?!


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The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: Z Marks the Spot Edition (6/7/12)


The first official All*Star Thursday Guest Jammer Initiative Honoree was none other than John “Z” Weyand. As Skippy Sez, “We are all branches of the Tree of Z.” Joined by his wife and official photographer Susan, My Main Man Z arrived late Wednesday evening ready to Jam.

The weather cooperated but the Parkies did not. Red Flags hung limply over the Meadow because they decided to put down some pesticide/fungicide stuff. This meant heading over to the Bandshell once again. This was tough on Z’s knees, but any A*TGJI Honoree is automatically inducted into the Hard Corps of the Big Apple. That means that hthey don’t need no stinkin’ conditions to Shred. So the Concrete Jungle  Jam was on and boy, did we have some surprises in store. First of all, Gary A. came back, making his own bid to enter the Alan Caplin Frequent Flyer Club. Also on hand were TedShred n’ TLC, Robbie-Rob, Bradford T., Quinn-O, (not so) Young Daniel, Jaime-TJH, Alex Heaver, JB n’ Sarah, Emma, Ivan-TJH n’ Amanda, The Reliable One, Chuck, The Oracle, and Flute Playin’ Roger rounding out the regulars.  To top it off, J-Will made his second A*T appearance of 2012 and the Brooklyn’s own Kimberly Steger made my day by stopping by. Man, are we a lucky bunch.

Z (All) Over New York City

The Jams at the Bandshell are always special. I think the kinetic energy of the people wandering through, checking out the scene and just enjoying Noo Yawk, makes a real difference. Daniel, Z, and Fresh were doin’ it, and doin’ it, and doin’ it well when I arrived, and by the time I got my nails on and took attendance, they were joined by TedShred. Gary and Rob were paired off, and then The Oracle opted into that Jam.

Z is a remarkable Jammer. Here is a guy who lives on the Beach on the border of Santa Monica and Malibu, has Fraser Park with that beautiful beach breeze for his home court, yet he was shredding it up as if the lack of conditions were his natural environment. He threw a couple of his legendary Dream Shot UD thumbers, just to show folks how it’s done, and was always in position to make the right play. Fresh and Danny-Boy were getting warmer by the moment when TedShred entered the fray, raising the bar. Gary and Rob were also tearing things up when Joey added his wizardry to the mix. Gary’s Flow and and amazing grace, Robbie-Rob’s echo-location, and The Oracle’s incredible ability to listen to the disc and spontaneously create the right combination, made this one special. And these were just a couple of the early ones!

The mixing and matching was fast and furious. Emma subbed in for Z when he judiciously took a break to rest his knee. Roger and Quinn-O reprised their Rehab Jam, and both are looking better and better. Neither went hunting for Gitis, but Scarecrows, Triple Fakes, and crisp passing were all in abundance. Later, Quinn-O and Ivan-TJH dove into the deep end with Fresh and Sir Shred when Emma split to catch Shakespeare in the Park and Fresh soothed his Bevis tendon with a tasty beverage. Even with my notes, time gets a bit discombobulated but I know that Dan and Rob, and Joey and Rob got in some solo Jam time in there somewhere.

TedShred, The Lovely Chrissy, and I think Quinn-O got a little thing going. Meanwhile, Z, J-Will, Joey and your resident scribe began a Jam that was really wonderful. I don’t like to say I was in the Jam of the Day, but this one was special. We started with some crisp passing, hitting an O’Malley on the first throw and on the third throw, we hit a ten-pass O’Malachy that Joey sealed with a…HUGE Smile. There were multiple heavy doses of fun and Frisbee Frolicking during this Jam. A one point we got into a linear passing thing with Z and I playing the middle, MAC’ing with  aplomb and setting up Hein behavior on both sides of the equation. This Jam went on for a very long time. Long enough so that we all got kind of sick of each other. I can’t quite recall how we ended it though I do recall a Marghie finding its way into my hand.

All/Us/We…though Emma split for Shakespeare in the Park

The last Jam of the evening feature TedShred, J-Will and yours truly. This one actually Blazed. Mr. Willett is a flat brilliant player. He hit a Double Leg-over combo that he sealed with a sweet spinning Scarecrow, made a beautiful Scarecrow brush-pass that Ted converted with his own Crow, not to mention a boatload of other beautiful plays. Folks were starting to get antsy, hearing the call of the pizza at Chez Meier so it was time for the Last Dance. TedShred said “Here we go–Catch, Catch, and Catch!” throwing it to me. I managed a nice combination that I sealed with a tight Triple Fake, sending the disc of to J-Will. Mr. Willett did some disc derringdo and sealed that with a spinning Gitis. The Onus was on TedShred. Would he take us home? He took in Jonathan’s backhand snap, did a sweet roll combination, and set the disc high. The angle was steep  as it plummeted towards the hard concrete. He spun in a flash, snatching the plastic inches from the ground in a perfect Flaming-Gitis!  A job well done!

The Tribe then retired to Chez Meier where we eschewed watching playoff hoops, checking out the stills from archives and videos from the days of yore, including Krae, Pat Rabdau, and a large dose of Robbie-Rob with porn star mustache showing his stuff. Totally Great!

These are the times when life is at its best. Friendship and connections made over the course of the years, bearing fruit when the season is right. There are two more All*Star Thursday Guest Jammers due in. One date has not yet been set, but stay tuned. Let’s just say that August 22-26 might be a good time to make your way to the Big Apple.

Fare Thee Well, Dear Frisbee Friends,


Z and Chrissie June 7 2012

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The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: Wet and Wild Again (5/23/12)

lla ot olleH,

Frequently, the weather sets tone for All*Star Thursday, but in ways that are unexpected. Rainy days might seem to be wasted from a Jammer’s perspective, yet they have often turned out wonderful when we have been relegated to the Bandshell.

C’mon guys, we don’t need no stinkin’ conditions!


And so it was when I arrived at out offseason home away from home. Imagine my delight when I saw that we had yet another surprise in a season full of them. Fresh, (not so) Young Daniel, were joined by our Frequent Flyin’ Guest Jammer Alan Caplin in from Bahston. I climbed the stairs to Bandshell to get outta the rain, contemplating whether or not to Jam on the hard concrete. I milled about for a bit as the rain started and abated, being joined by JB, Sir Charles of Kusketonville, Quinn-O, and TedShred n’ The Lovely Chrissy.

The Jamming was pretty hot, with (not so) Daniel making impossibly difficult moves appear completely casual, Alan C. working his ambiDISCerous magic, and Doug E. being, well…Fresh. TedShred got up to join them while I chatted with Quinn-O and TLC. The former is coming back from hip replacement surgery, but is just beginning to toos the plastic a bit. The latter is so gorgeous and personable that I almost forgot about Plastic Play. Almost….

The thing about it is, we had a Guest Jammer, my back was feeling pretty good, and the Marghies were tasty. Chuck and JB were tossing it around and the Jam started to heat up. How could I sit there when the ground was drying up and the disc was slick with happiness? Of course I nailed up and joined the fray.

We got some nice Flow going, keeping the disc moving with minimal drops. At one point the rain came back, but we just pushed through, enjoying the fact that the wetness made UD work easier and better. Alan’s game is sweetly subtle, offering a nice array of turnovers and hitting a few nice Scarecrows and Triple-Fakes. Daniel is just Bad-A**! I find myself passing the disc to him at obtuse angles just to see what he’s going to do with it. Fresh is a Big Time finisher, Bevis tendon be damned. His vocabulary and use of the Lingua Franca of Freestyle is utterly his own. And as always, TedShred is a revelation. To play as well as he does, moving at Joy Factor 7, is unique and a whole mess of fun.

The best part of the Jam(s)? Every minute! Some sections were hotter than others, and there were plenty of drops, it’s true. But having the chance to play among friends sharing those transcendent moments when the alchemy of Flow transforms movement into Magic, that is why All*Star Thursdays have become so special to the Tribe and to all those who join us from far and wide.

Nice combination! Photo Credit: Shin-Ichi Kitano

We finished strong, with Sir Shred Gitis-ing out, then it was time for Marghies and the peaceful stroll out through a darkened Strawberry Fields.


Peace Out, Yo!


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The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: The (not so) Young and the Relentless Edition (5/17/12)

Hail and Well Met to All Y’all,

That’s What She Said…

The Tribe misses Fearless Lou. The Tribe misses Fearless Lou. The Tribe misses Fearless Lou. Every week we get together and Jam, but there is something missing from the party. It is a combination of not having one of our Founding Partners for Board meetings and the lack of (quality?) heckling. In any case, we want LOOOOOOOOOU! Now, where was I? Ah yes…


T’was a glorious day in New York City as I strode purposefully across newly mowed expanse of our Green Beach. I bumped into Jill and Clare E. Fresh on my way in and made a donation to the latter’s fundraising for a partner school in…in…Malawi? Dang, I should remember that. Anyway, I was happy to see (not so) Young James, Robbie Rob, and The Oracle in one Jam, and Fresh, (not so) Young Daniel, and Jimmy Dodelson, in from the Left Coast, in another. It is always great having folks return to their old stomping grounds. James, Rob, and Joey were tearin’ it up, while Fresh, Daniel, and Jim were hanging right with them on the Heiniosity Scale. I Love All*Star Thursdays.

After exchanging Social Graces and getting nailed up, I called upon Jestin Heaver to loosen up and we were joined by Ben Macklowe, an Old School Heaver. The shout of “Paul…What are you doing?” meant that a 175 was hurtling my way at maximum velocity from Jestin, and I had better be ready because it would be a strike for sure. After getting my Groove back, I sought out Jimmy D.  and we got a nice Tall Man’s Jam going. He throws a Hi-Z mac forehand and snaps off backhand with equal zeal. He also is not afraid to go for that Big Gitis, throwin’ around his body without a care–at least until he lands. 😉

I was especially tickled to see our pair of (not so) Young ‘uns back together again. Daniel has been just crushing it, with a win at the Virginia States (Congrats again to Sir Randeth and Mr. O’Neill) for validation. And James was all over Europe, behaving Shredfully wherever he went.

Those two had Mr. E. Fresh and Robbie-Rob swingin’ for the fences, with “Farmer SAID…Get Out of the Way!”,  the new Freshian catch phrase ringing through the air each time (NSY) James went charging after the plastic. He knew that his Tribal time would be limited, so he offered no argument when I proffered the Yella Jersey. The Board made it clear on his departure that being in Prague would be no excuse for missing an All*Star Thursday.

After Jimmy took a break for water, he invited himself into a Jam with Rob and The Oracle. Legend has it that Jim is the “Original” Jam Buster, though like any of the Ray’s Pizza shops in NYC, I believe that is a franchise that has many a starting point. In any case they got nice for a bit, then he sat and I subbed for him. Robbie Rob was running on fumes after many Jams and he too went for some refreshments. That left The Oracle and I alone, but not for long. TedShred and (NSY) James joined us, and things got pretty hot. It did not quite make it to 11, but some pretty cool stuff happened. Joey hit a Gitis off of my Tea-Bag pass, TedShred hit a Double-Spinning Gitosis, and James did all kinds of Zany &$%&^%$ before sealing with an Olivia.  S’NICE!!!!

The most remarkable thing about our sport is how tough it is to do well and how the most incredible combination doesn’t mean s*** if it ain’t properly sealed. There were several hot co-ops and combos that had us on the edge of insanity, but alas, the Girl exited the vehicle each time. That didn’t slow us down though. James and Joey eventually cycled out, but Dougie said “Ahm Comin’ Down!” bringing his special brand of step-it-up to the Jam, and Kevin joined in as well.

Wait, is that Lou walking in with TLC??!!

Don’t Be Yella!!!!

Sadly, it was not…no such luck!  Anyway, the sun below the horizon and the Parkies were barking at us to exit to the West forthwith, without delay when I sealed with a Triple-Fake after Ted-Shred’s Scarecrow and Kevin’s Hein combo. The Jams were so much fun that I didn’t even have one tasty beverage. I do believe that was a first and hopefully the last time that happens. That’s all for now, but next week we’ll talk about the Invisible String screening hosted by Robbie Rob. Kudos to Michael and the Boys!

Fare the Well, Yo!


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The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: The Return of Pierre Laubert Edition

May 10, 2012
Guest Jammer: Peter Laubert

Peter L, Roger, Brad, Joey, Fresh, Chuck,

It was a very nice day when I arrived at the Sheep’s Meadow. Blue sky with puffy white clouds and oh man was I Yella. I had left the Cowardly Coverlet home the previous week, which meant that I was Double Yella. I was prepared though…

Yella IS the New Black!!!!!

Pierre Laubert was already on site and it was wonderful to see him. Before relocating to the Left Coast Peter was core part of the NYC scene and remains one of the Reliable One’s BFF’s. That he asked me to sub in for an absent partner at Chipper’s tourney was a real honor and is a cherished memory. The aforementioned Mr. Meier was there of course, as were Bradford T., The Oracle, Fresh, Chuck,  JB, Emma (for her Last Jam before heading home), The Ageless Trevor Brown, Rob, TedShred and TLC.

Trevor and I started out the day by tossing a sweet A*T Styler at distance. This allowed us both to loosen up while getting in some Jammin’ at the same time. Fresh and Rob got up and were joined briefly by Peter who has been battling some health challenges. While his throws remain awesome and he added plenty to the goings on, he demurred after a bit to make certain not to overdo it. The Old School pairing soldiered on, and then were joined by Joey after a few minutes.

Around that time Forever Trevor and I decided to bring it in and start to Jam in earnest. This was fortunate timing because a certain gentleman who was escorted onto the field by an extraordinarily beautiful woman bearing tasty beverages had just arrived. He was looking for a bit of Freestyle Frolicking and The Lovely Chrissy took a moment to present Pierre with his very own Board Certified All*Star Thursday disc.

Hot Plastic and Hot Babe–Life is Good!

My ability to take notes on other Jams ended Mr. Oberhaus arrived. He, Forever Trevor, and I anchored a Mash-up Marathon that pretty much everyone on hand got a piece of, at one time or another. Given my Double Yella status, I was thrilled to be able to participate in what became the Jam of the Day. Trevor played incredibly well, raising not only his level of play but also the standard by which all of us should strive for in terms of fitness and health. To be 72 and Shredding this seriously what I am aspiring to. I do recall Fresh joining the fray, as did Bradford T. and The Oracle at various times. It was a load of fun.

I did break for a few minutes when I saw a cat wearing a Downtown Brown Ultimate shirt. I had received on as a gift and had to see who it was. It turns out that it was Isaiah “Izzy” Bryant in the dopest long-sleeved T and ever saw, and Nick Judson of the Connecticut Constitution of the The American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL). Plastic Peeps throughout the world should be thrilled that this venture has finally emerged. Highlights from AUDL games made the ESPN Top Ten Plays two nights in a row, and were featured as Top Trends on Yahoo too.

They asked if it would be possible for the Tribe to come to a game and perhaps do a demo. I am looking forward to making that happen because supporting other disciplines is a form of Spreading the Jam in the Spirit of the Game. What’s not to like?

I finished chatting and went back to finish the evening the way it started. Jammin’ with Trevor and Teddy. It really doesn’t get much better than that. Now all we need is YOU!!!!!

Peace Out, Yo!


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The AllStar Thursday Chronicles: Back to the Bandshell Edition (5/3/12)

Greetings Fellow Travelers!

It was an overcast day, but the rain had stopped early in the morning so I was surprised to see the red flags indicating the Meadow was closed. I think the Parks Department took advantage of the day to spread fungicide and pesticide so the grass will be healthy this summer. Or something.

I moseyed over to the Bandshell where there was some kind of special event being set up. Fortunately for us, there was enough room for Jamming around the various tables, tents, and moving vans. (not so) Young Daniel, Rob, and Mr. E. Fresh were seizing the day when I got there, and Ivan-TJH, Emma (bearing the Gamboa), Chuck, Mike Heaver, Roger, TedShred and TLC, and Quinn-O rounded out the regulars. Then we got a pleasant surprise: Gary Auerbach, one of our most frequent Guest jammers found his way to our off-season home. It always bodes well when our friend from West Virginia joins us. Gary is a tremendously skilled Freestyler and a leader in the Spread the Jam movement. In fact, he became quite animated when we talked about the fledgling professional Ultimate league, suggesting that the Tribe put together a road trip to Philly for a game. Gotta support anything that increases the public profile of our sport(s)–Plastic People of the World, UNITE!!!!

I moved one of the tables up a bit closer, grabbed a few chairs, and voila—we had a Judges Table. Roger is still recovering from his fractured tibia, Quinn-O is rehabbing from a hip replacement, and my aching back was not up to pounding on the hard concrete. While I did Jam a little bit in street clothes, I spent most of my time watching, heckling, and serving on the committee of between 2 and 69 to make sure the Gamboa landed in the right hands.

Fresh, Joey, and Robbie-Rob really tore it up. There were long stretches of droplessness and they all played seamlessly together. This is a combination that really can be magical. (not so) Young Daniel Jammed with Ivan and Gary for a while, and I broke in with them so I could get my swerve on. Dan hit a crazy combination that included a “Udouchebadonk” kick brush to the delay, to multiple zany moves, to an Instant Gitis seal. The kid is Golden! Gary was his normal Flow-filled self and Ivan matched Daniel Gitis for Gitis. When TedShred and TLC arrived, Mr. Oberhaus with his typically high level of joy said “I Love Playing Here! Some of our best All*Star Thursdays have been at the Bandshell.” The guy is really a blessing to all of us because after he makes that statement, he goes out to prove he was not kidding.

Hail, Hail, the Gang’s All Here!


As always, this was a plenty of personnel changes in the Jams. Since I was spending most of my time at the judges’ table, I took my responsibilities seriously. There was plenty of high level play and every Jammer took their shot at making a bid. The Oracle hit a Mons Veneris (UD roll to the delay), a Scarecrow brush pass that Rob sealed with a Scarecrow, and some stuff that was One Step Beyooooond.  TedShred was just brilliant nailing a double spinning Gitosis, his patented leg hoop pass, and a couple of amazing plays where he avoided obstacles and people to seal the deal. And then there was Robbie-Rob who wanted it more than the next guy. He was a Gitis Machine, huffing and puffing while crushing his seals off of a variety of sets. He also annihilated a double spinning Scarecrow with a chomp that turned heads. Nice!

The Shadow Knows…

Again the choice was rough and tough but after serious consideration, Rob eked out the Gamboa over Mr. Shred and The Oracle. The smile he had upon his face was priceless. Right after that, Roger shared that Peter Laubert was making an All*Star Thursday Guest Jammer appearance the following week. I was very pleased because Peter was my partner at Chipper-Bro’s Aloha Festival Tournament in 2005, the ONLY TIME I ever competed. That was also the trip that inspired me to reach out to Sir Schillz to get him to come to NYC for some o’ dat Noo Yawk Juju. His trip here to our Green Beach made folks pay attention to what was happening at the Manhole, and was the catalyst for the All*Star Thursday Guest Jammer Initiative.

The amount of good times we have had here the sprang from that weekend in Ventura is beyond calculation. Which begs the question…

When are YOU Comin’ Down?!

Peace Out, Yo!




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The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: Go Robbie, It’s Ya’ Birthday! (4/26/12)

Hello to All Y’All,

Crappy weather was on hand so the Bandshell was the place to be. Rob and Fresh were Jammin’ when I arrived. I had my gear but knew that the hard concrete would keep me on the sidelines. The rain did indeed stop and later Chuck, along with Ted-Shred and TLC joined us. The Lovely Chrissy came bearing gifts to go with the Meadow Ambrosia normally in her bag of tricks.

Happy Birthday, Robbie Rob!

She gave Robbie Rob a hand painted All*Star Thursday disc for his birthday. She also broke out the 2012 Yella Jersey, which a certain tall fellow with a penchant for writing lots of words about Freestyle Frisbee in NYC was designated by the Board to wear.

Yella is the New Black?!

Ted, Chuck, Rob, and Fresh all mixed and matched Jams while Chrissy and I chatted. I also made sure to provide ample heckling since I was in street clothes.It is amazing that even with inclement weather, we usually wind up with a window where the rain stops, the ground dries, and the Jammin’ can be Shredful. Not that the Hard Corps of the Big Apple needs any stinkin’ conditions to have a good time.

Birthday Boy, Doin’ it UD!

Robert got his fill of Flaming (as in very many hot) Gitis’ and then brought it in, joining us for some Marghies to celebrate his 52nd year. Stumpy Fresh rested his Bevis tendon after a while, so Chuck and TedShred soldiered on until darkness fell. Gotta say that The Lovely Chrissy may not Jam, but she surely is the Leader of the Pack. She is thoughtful, understanding, soft spoken, and just when you least expect it, she will drop in the type of  joke that induces a triple-fake double take. I just love The Tribe.

Nice Plastic. Beautiful Woman. Yella Man.

Peace Out, Yo!


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The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: TP Was Yella Edition (4/19/12)

April 19, 2012
I was Yella

Yes, it is true. The second All*Star Thursday of the season and I was Yella. I had a special event that precluded my attendance. There was a chill in the air, but it was a pretty day.  Jonathan Willett was in town, with Daniel, Joey, Ted and TLC, Rob, Fresh, Silvia (from Italy), and Quinn-O also in attendance. According to all reports, Jam of the Day honors go to a mob-op that included The Oracle, TedShred, J-Will, and (not so) Young Daniel.

Hey Willet – Sorry I missed you!

Peace Out, Yo!

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The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: There’s No Place Like Home Edition (4/12/12)


The weather played trick on us all winter. 72 degrees in March and then?  Friggin’ cold was in order. On the other hand, we had returned to our Green Beach. Personally, I was thrilled to be on grass instead of the hard concrete. My back had been unhappy for weeks and the additional cushion of the natural turf made a huge difference. Ivan-TJH brought out the Gamboa which he earned on the last day of the 2011 season. Cavassa-Heaver, Bradford T., JB, The Ageless Trevor Brown, Roger, The Oracle, Emma, Capt. Mike, (not so) Young Daniel, and Chuck were all on hand to celebrate the day.

The Gamboa at Rest

Ivan-TJH and I started the 2012 A*T Season as we were supposed to, by throwing strikes at distance. Ivan is a southpaw, so his (very mighty) backhand comes in counter with at plenty o’ Z’s every time. This is fun because I get to Jam while Heaving and can return the favor with either spin and he is just as happy. Ivan is one of the most gifted athletes I have ever met and he will often throw in a screamin’ Gitis mid-Heave out of sheer exuberance. Ah, youth….

Brad and Chuck, Trevor and Emma, and Joey and Roger were all paired off when Ivan and I had broken our first sweat. I sent him off to get some o’ dat Oracular Reliability while I joined Trevor and Emma. Sir Chuck has made steady improvements in his game over the course of the winter, and he is known to throw in Gitis with either hand when you least expect it. Bradford T. not only has all the moves, but his throws, particular his behind-the-back backhand and around the neck overhand really sizzle.

“I am smiling.” – The Oracle

The combination of Roger, Joey, Daniel, and Ivan was really great. Roger was gutting it out on a bad wheel that ultimately turned out to be a fractured tibia. Joey has continued to play at a ridiculous level. He just sees things differently than the rest of us and then makes magic. Adding Ivan’s boundless energy and enthusiasm was catalytic. There was one sequence where they hit an O’Malley, that Ivan sealed with a Gitis, Joey matched that Gitis with one of his own on his next Hein combo, Daniel hit an Instant Gitis off of a kick brush, and Roger finished up with a spinning Triple Fake. The bids for the Gamboa were coming in hot and heavy

My Jam with Trevor and Emma was excellent, and when Chuck sat down, Brad joined us. Emma was just killing it. Not only was she hitting a wide variety of high-diff moves, she was preparing for an Ultimate tournament and was hustling all over the field make sure that disc did not touch the ground. Over the course of the Jam she dove full-extension to make catches four separate times. Now that may not necessarily earn points from the judges, but the Committee of between 2 and 69 preparing to award the Gamboa certainly took note.

As the evening drew to a close, it was clear that The Oracle was once again closing in on the PK donated prize with the Freshian appellation. Then with a burst of energy, our Ms. Emma hit s spinning Scarecrow, dove for one more errant disc, and then Gitised out. That put her over the top by a whisker and she carried the Freestyle Frisbee Finger of Fate proudly.


A good time was had by all, and that my friends, is what matters most.

Peace Out, Yo!



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The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: The On the Bench Edition

What’s Happenin’ Brother…What’s Happenin’ My Man? (song lyric…who?)

It was a spectacularly beautiful day to the naked eye, but it was still a bit chilly. I got off the C-train toting my gear in the hopes that the Meadow would be open. I walked in at 69th Street looking at the emerald lushness of our Green Beach in the distance. Alas, t’was not to be.

So I made my way to the Bandshell with a left leg that did not care for being lifted up when my back was bent. Putting on shoes was a real adventure. Anyway, (not so) Young Daniel, Fresh, and Emma were the early shift Jammers once again with Dougie sporting the newly minted “Good for One Jam” Token T-Shirt that Robbie-Rob created after Chuck got in his ear. Believe me, this was One Jam that was really GOOD!

Emma once again Gitis’d out, but before that time, she shredded. She’s got turnovers, rolls, and is totally ambiDISCerous. Fresh is FRESH. Doug is subtle, but he has a way of stepping up his game in the midst of a Jam and making magic. As for (ns)YD, that young man is just killin’ it. I cannot say enough about how good he is or about how he carries himself. He is level headed, humble, and well grounded. He’s just a pleasure to be around.

You might be wondering why I should mention the bench in the subject line? Well, not only was I on the DL, but Roger found out that what was first diagnosed as a hematoma was actually a fractured fibula. then Quinn-O made his first appearance of the year, walking in with a cane because he was recovering from hip replacement surgery. That would be his second such operation. Oh, and Robbie-Rob was not playing either. I believe it was because of the smile on his face when saw everyone’s reaction to his new T-shirts.

The Easter Bunny, Bradford T., TLC, and Robbie-Rob. Nice Shirt!!!

TedShred and TLC arrived with the former dressed appropriately for Maundy (All*Star) Thursday and the latter carrying a certain Sunrise in her magic bag. Also on hand were Forever Trevor, Chuck, and a late arriving Ivan-TJH. ‘My son’ is the bearer of The Gamboa, which he has been polishing on a weekly basis.

After listening to Roger and Quinn exchange injury stories, I was reduced to taste testing TLC’s ambrosia along with heckling, cheering, and taking pictures. Chuck Brad and Trevor were Jammin’ quite nicely, while Teddy hopped in with Fresh and Emma when Daniel took a water break. The two of them had a nice sequence where Emma zinged the disc to Fresh who tapped it under his leg, setting up a two brushes and a roll to a jumping under the leg catch.  He snapped off a tough Counter UD overhand which Emma handled nicely, and sealed with aplomb. She sent the disc back and Fresh did a very sweet combination to seal the deal. When TO added his flavor, that Jam went to another level.

Ted also got time with Daniel, which was very special. Danny Boy finished with a Double Spinning UD Scarecrow seal after yet another fabulous combination. Ivan, Chuck and Forever Trevor also made magic.

All/Us/We though Daniel had just left, and Ivan had not yet arrived

The best part of the day was just being together. I know I haven’t written every detail of every Jam, but that really is not the point anyway. It is about the camaraderie and tribal connection that we maintain week after week, year after year. BTW – We miss FEARLESS LOU!!!!!

One last order of business. The Board met after the Jam and I am pleased to announce that the first All*Star Thursday Guest Jammer Initiative Invitee is…


Born John Weyand and known as Dreamer for some years,  my Main Man Z is one of the True Masters of our sport and has taken on the role of Ambassador for the Fraser Park Crew. He became part of my life during my first trip to LA in ’86 when he was the ONLY Jammer who would deign to play with the Big Brother with the High Rigidity plastic. Over the years he has anchored Jams in every one of my Left Coast ventures, even setting up an All*Star Thursday for me where I went straight from LAX to Fraser Park.

Z was an easy choice. He’s better person than he is a Jammer and that is saying something. We are hoping to see him in early June. As soon as the date is set, we will let you know.

The Meadow opened yesterday. The 2012 All*Star Thursday Season officially begins this coming week. So the question is…wait for it…almost there…


Peace Out, Yo!



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