The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: Go Robbie, It’s Ya’ Birthday! (4/26/12)

Hello to All Y’All,

Crappy weather was on hand so the Bandshell was the place to be. Rob and Fresh were Jammin’ when I arrived. I had my gear but knew that the hard concrete would keep me on the sidelines. The rain did indeed stop and later Chuck, along with Ted-Shred and TLC joined us. The Lovely Chrissy came bearing gifts to go with the Meadow Ambrosia normally in her bag of tricks.

Happy Birthday, Robbie Rob!

She gave Robbie Rob a hand painted All*Star Thursday disc for his birthday. She also broke out the 2012 Yella Jersey, which a certain tall fellow with a penchant for writing lots of words about Freestyle Frisbee in NYC was designated by the Board to wear.

Yella is the New Black?!

Ted, Chuck, Rob, and Fresh all mixed and matched Jams while Chrissy and I chatted. I also made sure to provide ample heckling since I was in street clothes.It is amazing that even with inclement weather, we usually wind up with a window where the rain stops, the ground dries, and the Jammin’ can be Shredful. Not that the Hard Corps of the Big Apple needs any stinkin’ conditions to have a good time.

Birthday Boy, Doin’ it UD!

Robert got his fill of Flaming (as in very many hot) Gitis’ and then brought it in, joining us for some Marghies to celebrate his 52nd year. Stumpy Fresh rested his Bevis tendon after a while, so Chuck and TedShred soldiered on until darkness fell. Gotta say that The Lovely Chrissy may not Jam, but she surely is the Leader of the Pack. She is thoughtful, understanding, soft spoken, and just when you least expect it, she will drop in the type of  joke that induces a triple-fake double take. I just love The Tribe.

Nice Plastic. Beautiful Woman. Yella Man.

Peace Out, Yo!


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