The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: Wet and Wild Again (5/23/12)

lla ot olleH,

Frequently, the weather sets tone for All*Star Thursday, but in ways that are unexpected. Rainy days might seem to be wasted from a Jammer’s perspective, yet they have often turned out wonderful when we have been relegated to the Bandshell.

C’mon guys, we don’t need no stinkin’ conditions!


And so it was when I arrived at out offseason home away from home. Imagine my delight when I saw that we had yet another surprise in a season full of them. Fresh, (not so) Young Daniel, were joined by our Frequent Flyin’ Guest Jammer Alan Caplin in from Bahston. I climbed the stairs to Bandshell to get outta the rain, contemplating whether or not to Jam on the hard concrete. I milled about for a bit as the rain started and abated, being joined by JB, Sir Charles of Kusketonville, Quinn-O, and TedShred n’ The Lovely Chrissy.

The Jamming was pretty hot, with (not so) Daniel making impossibly difficult moves appear completely casual, Alan C. working his ambiDISCerous magic, and Doug E. being, well…Fresh. TedShred got up to join them while I chatted with Quinn-O and TLC. The former is coming back from hip replacement surgery, but is just beginning to toos the plastic a bit. The latter is so gorgeous and personable that I almost forgot about Plastic Play. Almost….

The thing about it is, we had a Guest Jammer, my back was feeling pretty good, and the Marghies were tasty. Chuck and JB were tossing it around and the Jam started to heat up. How could I sit there when the ground was drying up and the disc was slick with happiness? Of course I nailed up and joined the fray.

We got some nice Flow going, keeping the disc moving with minimal drops. At one point the rain came back, but we just pushed through, enjoying the fact that the wetness made UD work easier and better. Alan’s game is sweetly subtle, offering a nice array of turnovers and hitting a few nice Scarecrows and Triple-Fakes. Daniel is just Bad-A**! I find myself passing the disc to him at obtuse angles just to see what he’s going to do with it. Fresh is a Big Time finisher, Bevis tendon be damned. His vocabulary and use of the Lingua Franca of Freestyle is utterly his own. And as always, TedShred is a revelation. To play as well as he does, moving at Joy Factor 7, is unique and a whole mess of fun.

The best part of the Jam(s)? Every minute! Some sections were hotter than others, and there were plenty of drops, it’s true. But having the chance to play among friends sharing those transcendent moments when the alchemy of Flow transforms movement into Magic, that is why All*Star Thursdays have become so special to the Tribe and to all those who join us from far and wide.

Nice combination! Photo Credit: Shin-Ichi Kitano

We finished strong, with Sir Shred Gitis-ing out, then it was time for Marghies and the peaceful stroll out through a darkened Strawberry Fields.


Peace Out, Yo!


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