The All Star Thursday Chronicles: The Z Marks the Spot Supplement


The All Star Thursday Guest Jammer Initiative is a celebration of Jamming and New York. First there was the Bandshell Jam on Thursday. Friday we were able to shift out to Sheep’s Meadow as the day was glorious.

Our Green beach was in fine form for our guests. There was not a big crowd (Z, Susan, Fresh, Roger, and a couple more folks) and I was only there for a brief window. I did get the chance to Heave with Mr. Weyand, which was great. Over all the of time I have known Z, this was the first time we got to throw a 175 together at distance. Homeboy can sure Fling that Thing! He has all types of throws, all of them for strikes. That meant we were able to really get loose. Daddy Duty called, but I knew there was more to come….

Okay, this was from June 2nd, but too gorgeous not to share. Photo Credit: Roger Meier

Saturday at Chateau Oberhaus

Visiting TedShred and The Lovely Chrissy at their place in New Jersey is always fun. This was my first time passengering to get there as I gave up Arwen (my ‘95 Camry Wagon) a couple of months back. The Reliable One was our pilot, I rode shotgun, and Z, Susan, and The Oracle were in the back.

We were the first to arrive and all had been made ready. There was plenty of appetizers to start us off (shrimp, hummus, crackers, chips, veggies, etc.) and they even had a water dish for Clovis Simon, who was coming in with Fresh, BenJAMin, and (not so) Young Daniel. Alan “Flash” Flood made an appearance early while Chuck and Robbie-Rob turned up late in the day. Ted took us on a tour of The Frisbee Room, where his collection of Plastic, pictures, and other neat stuff collected over the years is on display. One special item is a framed montage of Mr. Oberhaus catching Figure 4’s in about a dozen locations around the world created by TLC, various vintage discs, and we even saw the original Yella Jersey–Yeah, Baby!

The early Jams featured TedShred, The Oracle, and Z while I got started with (not so) Young Daniel. After getting warmed up with some nice Flow, my favorite moment of the weekend came when Z said to NSY Daniel “Hey, lets switch–I gotta get me some solo Tall Paul.” This was a real honor for me considering he was already Jamming with two of the real Legends of the game. (ns)YD got a pretty good deal too, given that he went from one duffer to two Grandest of Masters.

For anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure, Z is one of the best partners to Jam with. He throws strikes in every variety you can imagine, and with plenty of…plenty of…okay, I’ll say it: ZZZZZ’s. We played for a nice long stretch, then we took a break. It was time to hit the pool and the hot tub. Fresh and Roger were already there sipping tasty beverages, with BenJAMin swimming like a fish and having a blast. I told my buddies “Ya’ know, you look a whole lot more intelligent than I at the moment. I’m sweating and funky while you are chillaxing to the max.” They promptly agreed with my assessment and I hit the water. Hot tub first, then the pool…then the hot tub, then the pool. Oh my, life was so hard that day.

After the pool, there was Filet Mignon and Roast Chicken to go with sesame noodles and a killer salad. Oh, and Marghies, and brews for those who were thus inclined. Later, a bunch of us went out for a round of Disc Golf. I am NOT a golfer, but by using my trusty 175 as a driver, I was able to make par a several holes. That was far better than my experience in the winter when my hands froze and my ability to control the golf plastic was null and void. Ted’s home court advantage was a joy to observe. He was able to coach all of us through the course and he made some shots that were amazing. Bravo!

We ended the day with a monstrous Mob-Op with plenty of fun had by all. Z and Susan returned to Cali having brought as much joy to us as we (hopefully) imparted upon them. There is nothing like good friends having fun together. Sooooo…

When are YOU Comin’ Down?!


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