The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: The On the Bench Edition

What’s Happenin’ Brother…What’s Happenin’ My Man? (song lyric…who?)

It was a spectacularly beautiful day to the naked eye, but it was still a bit chilly. I got off the C-train toting my gear in the hopes that the Meadow would be open. I walked in at 69th Street looking at the emerald lushness of our Green Beach in the distance. Alas, t’was not to be.

So I made my way to the Bandshell with a left leg that did not care for being lifted up when my back was bent. Putting on shoes was a real adventure. Anyway, (not so) Young Daniel, Fresh, and Emma were the early shift Jammers once again with Dougie sporting the newly minted “Good for One Jam” Token T-Shirt that Robbie-Rob created after Chuck got in his ear. Believe me, this was One Jam that was really GOOD!

Emma once again Gitis’d out, but before that time, she shredded. She’s got turnovers, rolls, and is totally ambiDISCerous. Fresh is FRESH. Doug is subtle, but he has a way of stepping up his game in the midst of a Jam and making magic. As for (ns)YD, that young man is just killin’ it. I cannot say enough about how good he is or about how he carries himself. He is level headed, humble, and well grounded. He’s just a pleasure to be around.

You might be wondering why I should mention the bench in the subject line? Well, not only was I on the DL, but Roger found out that what was first diagnosed as a hematoma was actually a fractured fibula. then Quinn-O made his first appearance of the year, walking in with a cane because he was recovering from hip replacement surgery. That would be his second such operation. Oh, and Robbie-Rob was not playing either. I believe it was because of the smile on his face when saw everyone’s reaction to his new T-shirts.

The Easter Bunny, Bradford T., TLC, and Robbie-Rob. Nice Shirt!!!

TedShred and TLC arrived with the former dressed appropriately for Maundy (All*Star) Thursday and the latter carrying a certain Sunrise in her magic bag. Also on hand were Forever Trevor, Chuck, and a late arriving Ivan-TJH. ‘My son’ is the bearer of The Gamboa, which he has been polishing on a weekly basis.

After listening to Roger and Quinn exchange injury stories, I was reduced to taste testing TLC’s ambrosia along with heckling, cheering, and taking pictures. Chuck Brad and Trevor were Jammin’ quite nicely, while Teddy hopped in with Fresh and Emma when Daniel took a water break. The two of them had a nice sequence where Emma zinged the disc to Fresh who tapped it under his leg, setting up a two brushes and a roll to a jumping under the leg catch.  He snapped off a tough Counter UD overhand which Emma handled nicely, and sealed with aplomb. She sent the disc back and Fresh did a very sweet combination to seal the deal. When TO added his flavor, that Jam went to another level.

Ted also got time with Daniel, which was very special. Danny Boy finished with a Double Spinning UD Scarecrow seal after yet another fabulous combination. Ivan, Chuck and Forever Trevor also made magic.

All/Us/We though Daniel had just left, and Ivan had not yet arrived

The best part of the day was just being together. I know I haven’t written every detail of every Jam, but that really is not the point anyway. It is about the camaraderie and tribal connection that we maintain week after week, year after year. BTW – We miss FEARLESS LOU!!!!!

One last order of business. The Board met after the Jam and I am pleased to announce that the first All*Star Thursday Guest Jammer Initiative Invitee is…


Born John Weyand and known as Dreamer for some years,  my Main Man Z is one of the True Masters of our sport and has taken on the role of Ambassador for the Fraser Park Crew. He became part of my life during my first trip to LA in ’86 when he was the ONLY Jammer who would deign to play with the Big Brother with the High Rigidity plastic. Over the years he has anchored Jams in every one of my Left Coast ventures, even setting up an All*Star Thursday for me where I went straight from LAX to Fraser Park.

Z was an easy choice. He’s better person than he is a Jammer and that is saying something. We are hoping to see him in early June. As soon as the date is set, we will let you know.

The Meadow opened yesterday. The 2012 All*Star Thursday Season officially begins this coming week. So the question is…wait for it…almost there…


Peace Out, Yo!



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1 Response to The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: The On the Bench Edition

  1. z says:

    I am humbled and honored to be selected by y’all for the Allstar Thursday NYC Jam!
    I can’t promise that I will do something great when I get the disc , but I will return it with Z’ssssss.
    Thank You!

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