The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: Ganky, Squirrely, Chilly Pre-Season Edition

Hail and Well Met,

On thing you can count on with The Hard Corps of the Big Apple, is that folks will turn out. We had beautiful weather early in the season but that was not this day. And we careth not!


(Not so) Young Daniel, Emma and Fresh were on the early shift already playing when I arrived, as were JB, Trevor, and Chuck. Also on hand were Roger (a late arrival from his new gig in Joisey), Tony, TedShred and TLC.

Most time I will wax poetic over the excellent play and wonderful Jams. Today? Not so much. Don’t get me wrong. We all had fun, but finding a rhythm was brutal. The conditions (which we generally do not need) were not conducive to continuous Flow.

Jam of the Day honors go to Trevor, Tony, Brad, and Chuck. They played long and hard, and seemed unbothered by the gusty breezes which came from hither and yon, pushing hard into the Bandshell and swirling out. You might start a set perfectly into the wind and by the time you are ready to make your move, the disc is being pushed away. That did not stop this group. Chuck’s fluency with the delay, utilizing both spins, is getting better by the day. Tony must have spent the entire winter dreaming of flying plastic because he is playing remarkably well–new moves and a good sense of anticipation. Bradford T. has every throw with both hands and will slip in a quick spinning Triple-Fake seal or that 720 body roll in a hot minute. The Ageless Trevor Brown? He is just The Man! He works on improving his game consistently and sets the best example of all.

I got in with Emma for a quickfastinahurry Jamlet before she had to exit, and yes she did Gitis out. The rest of my time was spent in a Mob-Op with Fresh, Sir Shred, (NSY) Daniel and Bradford T. with folks moving in and out until darkness embraced us. There were moments that were very tough but hey, it was fun. When its too easy, one can get lazy. If you have to fight to create Flow, hitting an O’Malley or when Fresh, TO, and Daniel get the passing game going and (NSY)D seals it with an Instant Gitis (one that suddenly materializes after a seemingly impossible combination) THEN you have earned you good times. There is something to be said for that. Makes us proud to be Noo Yawkuhs! đŸ™‚

The one bad thing for your intrepid reporter is the playing on the hard concrete took its toll. Must’ve pinched a nerve or somethin’. My lower back and left leg were Not Happy. Not a bit. It was hard to get up, sit down, or lay down. And the hot shower didn’t help much. OOOOOOOYYYY! Gettin’ old stinks…though it does beat the alternative!

Peace Out, Yo!


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1 Response to The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: Ganky, Squirrely, Chilly Pre-Season Edition

  1. Circus says:

    I miss you all and will reappear soon, and definitely in the after life.

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