The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: The Return of Ted Shred and TLC Edition


The weather was good this past (All*Star) Thursday and the smile on my face was enhanced by what I saw as I arrived. The Oracle, Fresh, and Robbie-Rob were already Shredding mightily, and while she was on her way to finish an assignment for school, Emma K. was on hand so it was gonna be a good day.

TedShred and TLC were on hand for the first time this year, as was The Ageless Trevor Brown, Chuck K, Tony P. Mojito Jay, Susan, and Helene. Helene was the Beloved of our dearly departed friend Dutch who passed away last year.  It was wonderful to see her.


The Joey, Fresh, and Rob Jam was wonderful to see. They play well individually and collectively, knowing exactly where the disc is going and anticipating where they should position themselves not only for the next pass, but the one after that, and the one after that. Always moving and making it happen, without forcing the action. Chuck and Tony got some nice flow going and they were joined by BradfordT. Both of the former have stepped it up big time and Brad helped to make that Jam sing!

By happy coincidence, I got nailed up and was ready to get started at the same time as Teddy Ballgame. Honestly, it really doesn’t get better for me. Mr. Shred’s well of positive energy is boundless, and his disc skills are up there with the very best. The two of us paired off, working around the other Jam and getting loose. Teddy hit a couple of signature combos and I nailed a Goatis (standing Gitis) which made me a very happy camper. Somewhere around this time, Fresh and Rob sat down so The Oracle stepped into the fray. This was a catalytic moment. We hit consecutive O’Malleys, with the disc moving from man to man without delay and then things went to Eleven!

I was not aware that Chuck managed to capture some of this on video. At the beginning of the clip I snapped off my newly minted Counter UD thumb throw to TedShred. He smacks it, turns it over, and roll passes it to Joey who demonstrates once again why “He’s Joey, and you’re not” to quote Mr. E. Fresh. The sequence starting at :57 is my favorite of the day. Joey throws a forehand which I cuff brush to Ted. He rim delays the disc enough to set up the southpaw brush to Joey, who in turn, does a two-handed tip/brush pass to me. I hit an (only option) kick tip back to The Oracle that he converted into a Gitis. Joey then threw a High-Z quasi-Helicopter throw, and Ted finished the play with a Hein combo.

Joey Gitis’d out, and Brad joined the fray as the dusk settled in. We all gathered for some of Chrissy’s Marvelous Marghies and catching up. In fact, the Board convened to choose this years All*Star Thursday Guest Jammer Initiative Honorees. A sacred trust compels me not to divulge the identities of those chosen, but suffice to say, the Jammin’ will be Shredful all summer long.

The Tribe is Truly Blessed. The Meadow should be open in a couple of weeks. The only question that remains is:

When are YOU Comin’ Down!

 Peace Out, Yo!


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