The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: Pre-Season Opener


The first “Official” All*Star Thursday Pre-Season Jam takes place after we revert to Daylight Savings Time.Ahm just sayin’…

The weather was not quite as pleasant as the previous week, but folks were out to represent. Roger is still on the DL and I brought a change of clothes, but forgot my sneakers. Therefore,  we both were relegated to cheering/heckling from the sidelines. Fresh, Kevin, and Chuck anchored the main Jam.

The story of this day is how well Kevin is playing this year and how much Chuck has improved. Kevin has been working hard on his game and it shows. Chuck? He added delaying to his arsenal of skills to go with ambiDISCerous throwing and a bunch of Hein seals. The Jam they had with Doug was sweet and smooth, with a number of long stretches of droplessness. Gotta like that.

Bradford T.  got it going with Mio The Magician, who was in from Miami. Mio and I played Ultimate for the SUNY Binghamton Whippets back in the day, and have stayed connected through flying plastic over the years. Brad and Mio’s Jam featured a lot of Speed-Flow/Quick Catch work, with Mio demonstrating that his sleight of hand work is not reserved for playing cards. Very cool to see him back in NYC!

Da' Fellas with some 2,000 Year Old Beer. Seriously Vintage!

It may have been chilly when the evening came to a close, but Spring was definitely in the air. Very Happy Frisbee!

Peace Out, Yo!


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