The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: The Double Trouble, with a Lash News Flash Edition

Hello to all,

It was a gray Thursday back some ten days ago. The talk was of more rain and the Meadow was open. I stared with some lust at the vast emptiness of our Green Beach, yet the idea of planting on wet grass and starting to Jam was less than appealing. Thus I soldiered on to the Bandshell where I was met by James the Fully Bright, Quinn-O, JB, Bradford T., and Sir Charles of Kuske. Jaime-TJH arrived a bit later to say that he and Ben had the field to themselves, except for some lovely ladies doing a boot camp for inspiration. 😉  The Jamming was very good, in a “Punch the Clock” kind of way, and the number of people who were Yella-gible was quite significant.

Now, this passed Thursday was notable because the weather was actually lovely. Bright blue sky, clouds were few and far between with temps in the mid-60s. As I wandered across the Meadow it seemed as the 2013 All*Star Thursday season had finally begun.


Along with the sunshine, the Tribe was well represented. Ben Heaver and Jaime-TJH were early arrivals and the three of us got in quite the Mighty Heave. Ben’s overhand throw is so insanely good that I tried to shoot his release point. It only took me 25 shots with my Big Boy camera to get one that got close. Gonna switch to video next time. Meanwhile, Jaime-TJH was doing some serious Shredding at distance, sealing a variety of sweet combos. S’Nice!

Jaime-TJH Jammin with Ben Heaver in the distance.

Jaime-TJH Jammin with Ben Heaver in the distance.

Also on hand were The Oracle, TedShred and TLC, Roger, Doug E. Fresh, Bradford T., Rod Heaver and Zoe, JB, Quinn-O, Emma (Big Dog Inside!), James (The Fully Bright), Chuck, Claire Heaver, Capt. Mike Bohn (recovering from Major back surgery) and Ivan-TJH.

When TedShred and TLC arrived, James had a bright idea.  “I demand that I Jam with you Ted, and with you Tall Paul. This is the Jam that must take place right now.” Ted was quite ready and well, who am I to balk at the request of one of our Next Gen Champs? Let me be clear, at this point I lost track of everything outside of this Jam. I do know that The Oracle and the Reliable One really tore it up, and I did spot the former hit a spinning Gitis off of a Laerbs kick. Quinn-O and Sir Charles (who has been stepping up his game big time!) did some nice work too. That said….

Keep your eyes on the prize.

Keep your eyes on the prize.

Just a Token of his affection.

Just a Token of his affection.

The Jam of the Day honors go to…well, the one that started with James, TedShred (looking quite dapper in the 2013 Yella Jersey) and me. There was much passing with multiple O’Malley’s, Sir Shred playing in his typically fabulous manner, and James doing things that really defied comprehension. This included a “Young Man Cry”, a variation of a move created by the one and only Pat Carrasco. It was so incredibly well done and in the Flow, that Emma decided it was time to join the fray. And the temperature began to rise.

James "Fully Bright" Wiseman in search of Jam.

James “Fully Bright” Wiseman in search of Jam.

Here’s the thing…describing what happens in a Jam that you are involved in is really tough. I have flashes of memory that are disjointed, but filled with joy. Ted, inspired by James’ INSANE Udouche-badonk variation, nailing a double spinning Gitosis with fire in his eyes. Emma doing a full lay-out to seal an O’Malley just because. Ivan-TJH seeing that, and joining us to make is a 5-person Mob-Op that goes to Eleven. All kinds of stuff went on and I just can’t tell you any details. I do recall stopping to take attendance, sip a bit of TLC’s Ambrosia, and marvel at the goings on. I also remember that I dove back into the deep end to finish out the night with Ted and Ivan Gitising out, and me sealing a chomp of a Triple-Fake. What a fine way to end the evening!

Read the map....

Read the map….

So, I am pleased to share that the first 2013 All*Star Thursday Guest Jammer Initiative Honoree is none other than Tom Lasher. When the Board met this passed winter to discuss potential invitees, Mr. Lasher’s personality and Shredful reputation made him an easy choice. So, if you are going to be anywhere within shouting distance of NYC on (All*Star) Thursday, May 9, 2013, it would be a great idea to make your way to visit the Hard Corps of the Big Apple. Therefore…

When are YOU Comin’ Down?!

Peace Out, Yo!


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5 Responses to The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: The Double Trouble, with a Lash News Flash Edition

  1. Z weyand says:

    Thanks Paul I felt I was right there for a moment, miss the big Apple Jam……

  2. Bo says:

    great post, reminds me of mine/our jams with you all. i am missing it, have to return soon …

  3. freakyjammer says:

    Great post, it reminds me of our jams with you all. i am missing it, so have to return soon …

  4. Tim says:

    ..and I´m so looking forward to it …but still 3 month to go …

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