The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: The United Nations/Bianca Blasts Off Edition!

Hail and Well Met to All Plastic Peeps!

The 2013 All*Star Thursday season has been going well. The weather has been uneven, but since we don’t need no stinkin’ conditions, the Jammin has been Shredful. Folks from around the world have alighted in the Big Apple as they make their way to Santa Cruz for the 2013 FPA World Championship competition. Over the past couple of weeks NYC has welcomed Fon Lo Ve from Colombia, Dario from Italy, Graf and Tim from Germany.

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Due to ‘sponsibilities, my Jam time has been relatively limited, but a pleasure nonetheless. It is so wonderful to see how the Jam has been Spreading throughout the world, and how people have learned to love and embrace this sport/art/DISCipline.

Dario turned up at the Bandshell on a damp gray All*Star Thursday that featured a rather bizarre Open Mic Spoken word event. Art is what you say it is, I suppose, though I could have lived withput the guy shouting obscenities about why he couldn’t get none. But I digress.

Kevin and I were sitting there awaiting the crew when this fellow sat at a bench near us looking a bit lost as if he was wondering if he was in the right place. I called out “Frisbee?!” making the universal backhand motion and his face lit up. Fresh, Quinn-O, Bradford T., JB, Roger, and Chuck all joined the fray.

Friday, was United Nations Day on our Green Beach with Graf, Alfonso, and Tim (straight from the airport, as one should) coming in to Jam. I got a good one with Fon, a brief slot with Tim and Graf, and one really good solo with Graf. Man can that guy play! Totally ambiDISCerous and he played the NYC passing game as if he was Born in the Bronx. I wish I was able to get out over the weekend, but alas, I has to work both &^%&%^$$ days. ARRRRGH!


And now it is time for some news…

457394933_e697129a1e_mThe All*Star Thursday Guest Jammer Initiative welcomes Bianca Strunz!!!! The nomination process for extending an invitation to her was simple: We need a Total Bad A** from Europe–who should it be?


And so the Hard Corps of the Big Apple  welcomes her to our Green Beach, along with  the hard concrete of the Bandshell and Washington Square Park as she makes her way to Santa Cruz for the Worlds. The Tribe is so lucky and Blessed.

So…wait for it…almost there…


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2 Responses to The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: The United Nations/Bianca Blasts Off Edition!

  1. says:

    Paul: Thanks for keeping it spinning. You have no idea how much I appreciate being in touch even though I cannot be there most of the time. Circus.

  2. Tim says:

    Better late than never ! … Thanks for the nice read, Paul … see u all – hopefully soon ! Happy zzz´s!

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