The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: The “Is This Heather Weather?” Edition

Willkomen, Bienvenue, Welcome!

We’re in the third week of April, the Virginia States are behind us, and Winter has thus far refused our request to exit to points far to the North* (well beyond Boston). It was so chilly that today’s entry was almost the “A*TC: Call 4 Conditions Edition.” But we are a hearty bunch, and while there were some complaints, we had a fine turnout.
* – Technically, that should be far to the South, well beyond Medellin. 😉

Chilly Mo'  Jam

Chilly Mo’ Jam

When I arrived, Robbie-Rob and Ivan-TJH were already Jamming furiously on a virtually empty Meadow. Truth be told, the Board had been considering awarding the first Yella Jersey of the season to Mr. Fried given his very thin record of attendance, but his Shredful Behavior has put that issue to rest. The two of these gentlemen were doin’ it, and doin’ it, and doin’ it well. Rob utilized his echo-location to great advantage, nailing a Double Spinning Scarecrow seal off of his signature spinning behind the head brush, while Ivan continues to amaze with his backhand brushes with both spins and hitting Gitis off of impossible sets.

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!!

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!!

This was a fresh blood kind of day for us because Ivan’s sister Felicia came down from Bahston area with “The Nephs” (aka nephews) and ventured out with his consort, the Exquisite Erica. To observe the love of this family hanging out together on our Green Beach warmed my heart…if not the rest of my body.

The Hard Corps of the Big Apple!!!!

The Hard Corps of the Big Apple!!!!

As time moved on, we were joined by Quinn-O, Bradford T., Roger The Reliable, TedShred and The Lovely Chrissy, Claire Heaver, and the newest member of The Tribe, Heather Wooten. The latter is a 2nd Generation Frisbee player, scion of the Wooten clan–not the Wu Tang Clan, as far as I know—and she was welcomed with an A*T Gift Pack, including a set of specially carved and monogrammed nails created by TedShred himself. S’Nice!

The Jamming was Mob Op Stylee for the most part, with me, Quinn-O, TedShred, Ivan-TJH, and Roger goin’ at it for a pretty long stretch before The Reliable One broke off to Do a Duet with Bradford T. Jam of the Day honors go to Sir Shred and Ivan-TJH, who kept playing long after everyone else had shifted our attention to Tasty Agave-Based Beverages.


Sir Tedley Behaves Shredfully

And what a Jam it was! Every single Jammer should make the pilgrimage to NYC just to play with Mr. Oberhaus, who plays barefoot in the cold with an unmatched combination of skill, passion, and joy. And Ivan? He may well be the most coordinated person I have ever met. My favorite element of his game is when he does everything “wrong” and yet still winds up making the impossible play The Only Option. Man, is this stuff fun!

Special Announcements

  • Mr. Dan O’Connor is hosting the Circles on Sounds Frisbee Festival on Saturday, May 9th in Bridgeport, CT. The cognoscenti know that this is the original home of the Frisby Pie Company, and our buddy has put together a day filled with Frisbee Frolicking (Remember kids: 3 Prances = 1 Frolic) and a bunch of us are heading up to join the fun.
  • The Wall is Comin’ Down! Dat’s Right, Don Valerio is making his way to NYC May 4th to the 14th to see how we do things over here. You can bet your last money that its all gonna be a Stone Gas Honey! Sooooooo…

When are YOU Comin’ Down??!!

Peace Out, Yo!


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