The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: Wish You Were Here Edition

Hail and Very Well Met Dear Friends,

Life has been a whirlwind during the 2015 All*Star Thursday season. Your intrepid reporter has been silent for a variety of reasons, some good and others less than that. Yet we have had many causes for celebration, especially in the context of an incredible run of Fun and Frolic for The Tribe.

Most Fun Wins!

At Chateau Oberhaus, Most Fun ALWAYS Wins!

There was the Circle of Sounds Frisbee Festival at Seaside Park in Bridgeport, CT—Home of the Frisby Pie Company—hosted by Dan O’Connor. This was in the midst of a two-week sojourn to NYC of The Wall (his Momma calls him Valerio) and a second surprise drop-in by that World Champion Traveler Paul Kenney who joined us during his first week. We had the INCREDIBLE Benno Edelman as our first All*Star Thursday Guest Jammer Initiative honoree of 2015, and he was another another two week stay. He showed his mettle by taking a taking a knee to the face, and Jammin’ through the Shiner he sported for several days of truly amazing Shredding. That makes it not one but two Yella-gible Guest Jammers. Woo HOO! Other Highlights include:

  • Our Brother Fearless Lou returned to the Tribe for the hinterlands of Kansas;
  • Giovanni became a regular;
  • Emma “Big Dog Inside!” Kahle, Garry A. and Alan C. came in multiple times;
  • Ivan-TJH has stepped up his game to Monsterous;
  • Old School Jammer Dave Bickerman turned up for the first time in 20 years;
  • We added more Next Gen Jammers in the persons of Heather Wooten, Yuval, Benedicte, Emily, and Riley O’Neill, who showed up before heading to USC for college;
  • And so much Shredful Behavior on the Meadow and at the Bandshell that “WOW” is simply the best way to describe it.

And then came a first in All*Star Thursday Guest Jammer Initiative History: A Double Header! Sir Laurence of Imperiale and Sir Ryan of Smile joined us last week for a most spectacular Jammin’ extravaganza, and the roster of guests was long and illustrious in its own right:

The TRIBE!!!!

The TRIBE!!!!

The Reliable One, Quinn-O, LOOOOOOOUUUUU & the Lady Johanna, Chris Kohn, JB, The Guardian of the Discus (aka Daniel O), JB, Alex, Ben Heaver, Jaime-TJH, Kevin, Bradford T., Yuval, Benedicte, Emily, Ivan-TJH, Gerry “Circus” Lynas, TedShred & TLC, Robbie-Rob, Jens Velasquez, Chuck, Doug E. Fresh, The Ageless Trevor Brown, Dave Bickerman, Mike Heaver and his daughter Simone, Rick Williams, Alan C. (again!!!!), Mike Tallon (an Old School Heaving Brother) and Sir James of Wiseman. And a few more folks whose names my three functional neurons refuse to fire upon.

DSC_0350And the Jams…OH MY, THE JAMS! At one point there were three 5-person Mob-Ops and one featuring 6 Jammers going at the same time. One of the more spectacular combinations featured Larebs, Ryan, James, TedShred, and Doug E. Fresh where the Flow was akin to a Might River, and the Seals tighter than a drum. Early on, Rick W. grabbed me for a warm-up Jam that started with three minutes of dropless play, the disc hit the ground once (My Bad) and then went another five minutes before hitting the ground again.

The Jammin’ Heavers later got into the act when Ivan-TJH, Jaime-TJH, Ben Heaver and me went out and had a Jam session at 60+ Yards. At one point Ivan moseyed in my direction wanting to Jam. I said “You can’t go out on a The, you have to hit a Gitis first.” Jaime launched, Ivan leaped and sealed an Imposso-Gitis, saying “Like This?!” and it was off to the Land of the Slicked Disc! Later I was lucky enough to get Laerbs, TedShred, Alan C. and Ivan, with another featuring Jens and Ryan. There were many, many others that I missed because I was busy playing, but suffice to say that this A*T entered the Land of Legend instantly.

DSC_0299Later that evening Roger and Tricia graciously opened Chez Meier for the After Jam Party, and on Saturday TedShred and The Lovely Chrissy hosted another gather of The Tribe at the Chateau Oberhaus. Again, the Jams were beyond imagination, including back to back Gitosis pulled of by Sir Shred and (the formerly Young) James; Laerbs hitting his 5th and 6th post-hip surgery Gitis’ (Gitii?); Ryan playing at an incredibly high level all friggin’ day long; the Next Gen Jammers (Yuval, Benedicte, Emily) CRUSHING; and Ivan upping the Most Fun Wins quotient to stratospheric levels by bringing a water balloon gadget that fills about twenty at a time.


Where is that dang disc?

Seriously folks, All*Star Thursday are now in our 12th year and it just keeps getting better. Week, after week, after week The Hard Corps of the Big Apple heads out to our Green Beach and wonderful things happen. The only question left is…wait for it…

Almost There…

When are YOU Comin’ Down??????

Peace Out, Yo!

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  1. John Titcomb says:

    Paul, thank you for putting this together for us, very able scribe _and__jammer_! Z’s, =jwt

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