The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: Yes Virginia, There is a Jammer Claus

Hello to All,

First, a big shout out to Lazslo’s Wienie World and the entire crew that pulled off the 39th Annual Virgina States. I was able to catch some of the action via UStream (Thanks Jake!) and via YouTube (not sure who shot it, different angle). The NYC contingent was small, but The Tribe was well represented by  TedShred and The Lovely Chrissy, James the Wise Man, and Fearless Loooooooou. Looking to join in and being a part of a large turnout for the 40th!

It has been a bit quiet on the written communications front, but there has been plenty o’ fun. We have had uneven weather for our All*Star Thursday gatherings with a couple being moved to the Bandshell, but given that we don’t need any stinkin’ conditions, that has been fine. While it was not on a Thursday, we did have a couple of true Masters of the Sport come by earlier this month: Krae Van Sickle and Bruce Page!

Krae with a Fresh Foreground

Krae with a Fresh Foreground

Bruce and James displaying Shredful Behavior.

Bruce and James displaying Shredful Behavior.

That day was special on multiple levels. First, Fearless Lou and I were punchin’ the clock in our lil’ Jam. It was a nice day and we were just loosening up when I hear a voice say “Mind if I bust this Jam?” and there was Bruce, a great Jammer and a better person. The three of us played for a while and then suddenly there was Krae(?!) saying hello. This rare sighting was enough to get James to put down his books for a while, making a mad dash to the Meadow to get him some Vintage Jammination.

The Mob Op was lots of fun, with much passing and more smiles. Both Krae and Bruce were great to play with, though my favorite moment came when James did an insane combination, going from standard to UD and back, then finishing with a Double Spinning Gitosis seal. Krae just shook his head and chuckled as if to say “These Kids Today.” Of course, Mr. Van Sickle pulled a couple of items from his bag of tricks in return and a good time was had by all.

So this coming week is notable because a special invitation was issued by TedShred and TLC while they were in Virginia. Jens Velasquez will be joining us, as will Ms. Heather Wooten (daughter of Eric) for some Plastic Play. Woo Hoo!

The question is…

Things are Looking Up!

Things are Looking Up!

When are YOU Comin’ Down??!!

Peace Out, Yo!


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2 Responses to The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: Yes Virginia, There is a Jammer Claus

  1. Jay Moldenhauer says:

    Mr Tall Paul,
    Thank you once again for insight into what surely has to be one of the bucket list items for many a jammer, including myself. To attend an All*Thursady or anyday for that matter jam. In NYC! Alas, this will not be the year for me. Family obligations and such. Next year, most definitely. For The Big One that is coming and to partake in the experience of being in NYC for a jam, or 2, or 3….
    As usual, thanks to you for eloquent words and continued success to you in your endeavors!

  2. Friz says:

    Lovin the updates

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