5/20/2010 – A*T Chronicles: World Gitis Day Edition

Good Day to all,

2010 has been very good to the Hard Corps of the Big Apple.  The Jamming has been great, the conditions (which we don’t need) have been solid, and the Guest Jammers just keep rollin’ in.  The ground where the Beast trod but a week ago was graced by the appearance of the one Bruce Page, Flying Ace partner of the Mighty Quinn-O.  The scent of fresh blood brought out a solid crowd out to the wilds of Central Park.  Fearless Lou, The Oracle, Sir Roger, Doug E. Fresh, Ivan-TJH, our Columbia Connection of Daniel and James, Jaime-TJH, Ben Heaver, Chuck K, Ralph Heaver, Mojito Jay (Big ups to our Brother who hooked up the crowd with fresh whole fruit papaya/mango smoothies), Sir Tedley and the Lady Chrissy, a very Yella Robbie-Rob n Sue, and Pro Style Chris Kohn rounded out the field.

The air was charged anywhere within ten feet of James who was attending his last A*T until the end of the summer.  His sister Savannah was even in town to document her sibling’s passion for plastic, complete with release forms, so the pressure to have as much fun as humanly possible was on. There were so many sessions of Mighty Heaving and Hot Jams that it was hard to keep track—pretty sure I got some Rob, but can’t recall with whom–but here we go.

TP/Ralph Heaver/Jaime-TJH (Amazing, as usual)











I got started with a traditional long toss but there were ten different Jams, and each combination was remarkable in its own right.  Bruce got his first taste with Young Dan and Chris, but things got really hot when he teamed up with his old partner Quinn-O.  The two of them Flowed naturally from the start.  They just knew where the other was going, anticipating moves and passes so that there were long dropless stretches of hein shrediocity.  When Fresh joined the fray things went to another level and kept going higher.  I got my own chance to Jam with the Aces and it was special.  Bruce has a subtle and smooth style that belies the degree of difficulty of his repertoire.  Casual in the very best sense of the word.  We were able to lock in with little fuss and it was wonderful stuff.

The big story of our commemoration of the anniversary of the first World Gitis Day was the continued growth in skill and passion of James, Dan, and Ivan-TJH.  Young James was alternating between Jamming hard and interviewing folks with his sister, making sure to hit at least one Gitis in each session.  Dan’s Flow and Ivan’s incredible athleticism are inspirational for Generation Crust.  The Last Jam Standing included TedShred, James, Fearless, Ivan, and me.  The young bucks were quite rambunctious, going back to back, to back, to back Gitis which got us all amped.  Fearless hit a nice combo that he sealed with a Vacation, then I hit my Elevator Drop combo sealed with a chomped Triple-Fake.  Not to be outdone TedShred took it up several notches.  On consecutive plays he hit incredible combinations, then after we hit an O’Malley, Sir Tedley got the disc and there was fire in his eyes.  After showing the disc who the boss really was, he set it up high, moving with cat quick reflexes he spun once, and then again.  As he finished his third spin he leaped in the air, reversed his body and crushed a Gitosis just before hitting the ground.  Triple Spinning Gitosis?!  Teddy got up with the biggest smile on his face.  Ya gotta like that.

All the other Jams were finished as darkness slowly descended upon us.  The peanut gallery was in fine heckling form, reminding us that there was a mallet awaiting the chance to say Wocka, Wocka, Wocka!  Ivan struck first with a big air Gitis that was just stunning with its ferocity, followed by James who answered with his own Lord Finesse version.  This left me and TedShred.  He had a very fancy  Gitosis to rest his head upon, but I had missed both of my previous attempts.  Our final burst had good Flow and the air was charged as I sent a quick catch pass over to Mr. Oberhaus.  He nailed a Gitis and there was the biggest Onus of the day.  He sent the disc back just so.  I looked at the spinning plastic, calculating the angular velocity as I lifted my right leg.  My left hand reached behind said raised appendage and GITIS!  We Gitised out on World Gitis Day??!!  WOOF, WOOF, WOOF, WOOF!

The Hard Corps of Big Apple is sending much Love to The Jammers.  Have fun in FL everybody!

Peace Out, Yo!


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