4/28/2005 – The All*Star Thursday Chronicles Vol. 3…

To all my Plastic People,

This installment was noteworthy in that it was all indigenous Jammers with not one drop of fresh blood. We’re callin’ all y’all out now. If your even thinkin’ about coming to NYC for business or pleasure, you must build an All*Star Thursday into your itinerary.

When I arrived Fearless Lou, Teddy O., and the ageless Trevor Brown, were already going at it. I changed out of my civvies into my very subtle shorts (those who know me, know ‘zackly which ones) and subbed in for Trevor. Others in the mix were Bradford K, Doug E. Fresh, Rob Fried, Rocket Roger M, Spencer, Avi (first time this year), Kevin, Jesse. and our Mistress of Ceremony, Krissy.

There was a major front moving through so a breeze that began as a little bit squirrely, swirled into a quick maelstrom with a cold shower to boot but then the sun came out and the fun really began.

Jam of the day honors went to the 4-way featuring Dougie, Rob, Tedley, and Jolly Roger. The flow was very Zen with the A*T Styler moving from man to man without anyone dominating the disc. Don’t get me wrong, each man took their turn as a soloist with some unusual flourishes such as when Doug, Ted and Rob sealed consecutive combos with flaming flauds (sic?) or the 6-touch brush sequence with Dougie playing his own Eggman and Walrus (once again…The Big Seal!).

Ultimately it was the overall combination of Rob with his uncanny abilitiy to locate the disc (which I personally attribute to echo-location), Doug hitting yet another big-a***d gitis into a Kung Fu Hustle roll, Roger’s continuing to close the deal with nasty triple fakes, and Teddy O…man, I have too few superlatives in my vocab for the passion, persistance, endurance, skill, and especially flow homie brings with him week in and week out. I think Krissy must be have her Mojo workin’ overtime, and for this we are all Blessed!

So that it for this week. Get out ther in respective territories and rip it up sooner and later! If you ain’t ready to come to NYC now…then youse all am be YELLA!

Tall Paul

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