4/21/2005 – The All*Star Thursday Report Vol. 2

To Jammers everywhere:

The second A*T of 2005 was a cooler than the awesome Sunday weather, but hot as
blazes once the plastic began spinning. Folks began rolling in at 5:30pm and
started nailing up, stretching out, and going through assorted breathing
exercise rituals. In attendance were Brad, Spencer, Jesse, Kevin, Fearless Lou,
the ageless Trevor Brown, Doug E.Fresh, Rob Fried, Roger and me. Personally,
I’m trying to get some of the Heavers involved but in the meantime…

Ted, my boy Fearless, and Trevor (an original Central Park player) started the
first Jam and the shredding began in earnest when Rob busted and made it a
4-man. Kevin and Jesse got up next getting themselves all hot and bothered
while pushing each other to tighten up their throws. Last up were Mr. E. Fresh,
the Artful Roger, and myself. Now I ain’t the guy to toot my own horn but I can
tell you that we “got flow” almost immediately with Roger continuing playing his
own Eggman and Walrus (smokin’ combos into the Big Seal–get it?) šŸ˜‰ and Dougie
showing his amazing dexterity, control, and fierce desire to achieve the highest
of the hein. When he hit the ground after missing his first attempt at a
spinning gitis, he growled a little bit and two combos later nailed that bad boy
with much air to spare before unleashing a perfect throw. I thought to myself
“Oh Yeah…It’s ON now!!!”.

One interesting note: The Sheeps Meadow is a magnet for many folks from across
the world. I had to bail early and as while getting dressed was informed that
there was a gentleman who stopped to watch Dougie, Roger, and I jam for a little
while–Sir Paul McCartney himself. I had a number of reactions internally but
the biggest thrill for me was the idea that a man who has spent so many years
giving so much of himself while performing in front of literally millions of
people, could find a few minutes to quietly check out what we do in our little
slice of heaven. The magic spell of Freestyle (once described as ‘Tai Chi with
a tool’ by one friend) that has us in its spell will ensnare many people for as
long as the disc stays off the ground. For me, I damn pleased that we got into
a flow worthy of a man with whom I share a name and whose work and talents have
enjoyed for my entire life. Yeah, I actually watched the Beatles on Ed Sullivan
and vainly tried to convince my my parents
to take my brother and I to Shea Stadium to see them live. Sorry for the
digretion from Freestyle into revery, but Life is an varied adventure…

The board did not address the issue in my presence, but the early nominee for
the Yella Jersey was VA State Champ Joey Hudocklin. Unless he showed as the sun
went down, he’ll be wearing the “La Camisa Amarilla” next week!

Tall Paul

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