6/2/2005 – The Return of the All*Star Thursdays Chronicles…

Hello to all!

Since I was “Double Yella” last week and the weather made for a smaller than normal turnout, I figured I’d give it rest for a New York minute sooooo…

After much internal back and forth among the Board regarding the lack of fresh blood, we were graced with the presence of Boston’s own Mr. Alan Caplin as our first out of town guest jammer (on the Meadow, PK) the return of semi-regular Pat Rabdau, and Richie Regensberg trekking in from the wilds of Long island.

They joined Rob F. Joey H., Ted “The Beast of the East” Oberhaus, Doug E. Fresh, Roger, Fearless Lou, The Ageless Trevor Brown, Jesse, and your humble correspondent, who absentmindedly left the Yella Jersey at home. The Board immediately penalized me for this foolish indiscretion so I’ll be Double Yella at my next appearence. 😦

The Jam of the Day honors were split between the 4-man of Ted, Dougie, Pat, and Roger and the trio of Rob ‘n Joey who had their jam busted by Alan. Their flow was only enhanced by the additional ingredients. Shredding was abundant in both jams though the most highly heinous of moves I saw was a big-air flying gitis seal by Doug E. Fresh. Special mention must go to Rob who is polishing his game as the NYC representative at AmsterJam (he’s set to play with Wicked Jonny Willet) and he has been a veritable Shrednought lately, so look out to our European brethren–the Hard Core of the Big Apple is comin’!! Also gotta say the Tedley started first and wore out several jammers as is his habit.

Absolutely awesome…his talent is only exceeded by his endurance and the joy with which he plays the game.

Finally, we’re gonna have a Special Edition All*Star MONDAY in honor of guest Jammer Bethany Sanchez. I will not be able to attend due to a work commitment, but I AIN’T YELLA!!!

Tall Paul, the Jammin’ Heaver

P.S. The Boys all got together and sign a disc for Peter L. and wish him good health and Godspeed in his return to jammin’ soon.

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