6/16/2005 – A*T Chronicles: A Tale of the damp but NOT YELLA!!!

The All*Star Thursday Chronicles continue with a torrential rush!

Having been Yella for consecutive sessions, I headed to the subway with my gear in hand looking forward to ridding myself of the dreaded camisa ammarilla. The sky had darkened while I was in transit, but I pressed on knowing that the hardcore of the Big Apple were unlikely to be deterred by the mere threat of rain. I began to doubt this wisdom when the rain began to fall in earnest. By the time I reached the Sheeps Meadow I espied Fearless Lou astride his trusty folding steed preparing to flee for drier climes but he said, “there go the boys!”. As I had the only umbrella of the bunch, Dougie Fresh, Joey H. and the Ageless Trevor Brown became even closer friends than ever to wait it out.

Trevor soon bailed but as the rain eased Mr. E. Fresh began to walk Northward simply saying “Bandshell”. We got underneath sheltering ourselves from the elements, changed into Jamming attire, nailed up and proceeded to play. As we warmed up Joey nominated Ted for his first wearing of the Yella Jersey to which the board members present concurred immediately. Just as we began to shred however, who should appear on the horizon but the Beast of the East himself. I immediately put forth Roger as the next designee, but lo and behold he too arrived. Well let the shredding begin!!!!

As always it is hard for me to quantify all that goes on when the flow is hot but Fresh nailed a gorgeous Flying Gitis pull into a Flying Gitis catch and moments later nailed a walrus of a barrel roll. Joey did some basically impossible combos that included some crazy foot brushes into multiple rolls both front and back. This was before he beagn to go a bit ‘flippy’ while scent marking the disc because he even surprised himself. After Ted wore out Roger, they took a quick break to greet the indefatiguable Chrissy, and then busted us to make the big 5 man finish. The best was yet to come with several “O’Malley’s” with the disc just flowing from man to man to man to man to man, and Roger making every seal in the book.

As darkness fell we all concurred that Brad was Yella now that he’s off the DL and I’m just glad to have that particular monkey off of my back. Thanks fer listening folks. Until our next adventure…

Tall Paul

P.S. Looks like I’m gonna be Yella for Seattle much to my chagrin. I have to work the NYC Latino Film Festival which is a great gig, but with simply horrendous timing. 😦

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