6/23/2005 – The All*Star Thursday Chronicles continue…

Whassup to all:

The weather for the longest A*T of the year was nothing short of spectacular.
Low humidity about 82 degrees and there was even a bit of a breeze, though as I
have noted before…NYC Jammers don’t need no stinkin’ conditions!!!

I was a bit of a late arrival as were a bunch of folks. The ageless Trevor
Brown and Fearless Lou were already going at it pretty hard and Teddy O joined
in as I nailed up. I happily passed the dreaded Yella Jersey to Bradford Y.
Keller (Y is for , well, you know…) and got ready to play. Roger M. and Joey
H. got up next and were joined shortly thereafter by Doug E. Fresh. I was left
in a bit of a quandary as I would have had to bust one of two 3 man jams so I
decided to warm up by Heaving a bit with long distance flowmaster Jamie. This
is actually my preferred warm-up as I can loosen up my arm and run around a bit
while watching the joyous confluence of biomechanics, physics, and aerodynamics
that is throwing a disc. Once heated up I nailed a couple of 60+ yard forehand
strikes and some big air backhands while Jamie throw 3 consecutive blind
backhands right on target back at distance before taking a quick break.

Brad subbed for Lou (who is an early bird because his real job is as a an actor
on (or just off) the Great White Way) and then I went in for Trevor as Beast of
the East continued his habit of wearing out Jammer after Jammer. Brad bailed
not too long after and then it was me n’ Tedley for a while who hit consecutive
backroll to under the leg brushes setting up a big flamingo seal which really
got us goin’. Dougie Fresh then added some salsa to the mix by sneakin’ into
the jam. Teddy set the disc high over my head (which takes some doing) and as I
turned and stretched to save it, there was Fresh in to make the play. Joey H.
busted the three of us and the sky turned shred with multiple “O’Malleys” and
incredible flow. I took my own break and then watched as Ted, Joey, and Fresh
got into The Zone.

This is not the ESPN Zone, nor the Twilight Zone, but that place where only the
gifted and passionate dare to tread. TO hit consecutive double spinning pulls
into a very casual double spinning behind the back catch and then things got
crazy. The disc simply never hit the ground nor was there any controlled delays
as it stayed in mostly UD and vertical modes being brushed, cuffed, kicked,
tapped, sealed and tossed back into the fray for about 4-5 minutes straight. It
got to a point where Joey just kept laughing like a madman because everything
worked no matter how wild. When he finally sat I had to help him get his shirt
off because he couldn’t lift his arms over his head–but he was still smiling!!!
Ted and Doug closed out the evening with a flourish with some in the crowd
wondering if the former have been juicin’ with Giambi because the Beast just
ain’t natural. It was a great, great day! Wish you all could join us. Until
next time…


P.S. Kevin gets the Yella Jersey next week.
P.P.S. Rob Fried was NOT yella having gotten to the Meadow straight from his
flight back from AmsterJam. He didn’t actually play due to some unexplained
discrepancy in the tournament rules (No US players, I think) but he did very
much shred and properly represent the Jammers of NYC. Very proud of my boy!

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