7/7/2005 – The All*Star Thursday Chronicles

Whassup to all JAMminators,

After missing a week of very heinous play (according to the Roger Report) I
returned this past week but did NOT have to wear da Yella Jersey haveing been
trumped by Kevin’s 4 consecutive absences (He was jaundiced per Joey H.) so I
got to just play hard.

Upon my arrival I saw we were graced by special guest Jammer Gary Auerbach who
was actually one of the first guests last year so I knew it was going to be a
good one. The Ageless Trevor Brown was there already and Brad, Rob, and Ted
came in from separate directions at the same moment followed in short order by
the Mighty Quinn, and Mr. E. Fresh himself. Gary and Trevor were already
flowing along and I got up with Ted to get him warmed up. Kevin, who is making
his bones as a Jammer busted the Beast and I having donned the jaundiced joisey.
He managed to step up big time sealing his first several moves and getting his
throw on target. Quinn, Roger, and Dougie got up next and soon the air was just
hummin’ with hein.

I don’t toot my own horn but I can say that I hit a under the leg set to a
shoulder roll to front roll for the first time ever while Ted did that crazy
smack brush of my counter UD overhand twice…not to mention a combo of single
and double spins in both directions into a HUGE Flamingo seal he pulled off
while still in 2nd gear. I had Rob sub in for me and I went to join Brad and
Gary. Brad with his assortment of behind the head pulls and blind throws was
cookin’ with gas and we had some nice flow going and when he broke for H20.
Gary then showed off some spectacular stuff including a a wild combo into what
he call his signature seal which I can’t begin to explain other than his arm
wrapped around his leg like a screaming eel as he caught the disc just before it
hit the turf.

The hottest Jams of the Day started concurrently when Ted and Rob started a
shred fest of extraordinary quality and then Gary joined Roger and Dougie. At
this point I honestly can’t describe too many specifics because there were 2
smokin’ jams going on at the same time. Rob and Ted locked in tight with
multiple co-op combos including a crazy chunk/thunk scarecrow seal by the Beast
and a very big air phlaud by the Echo Locator himself. The threesome of G, R,
and D were no slouches as the fresh blood got Dougie all into a frenzy and Roger
continued his season long habit of catching everything in sight. I think the
coolest thing about Gary is he is so smooth and so subtle that one almost misses
the degree of difficulty and virtuosity he brings to the jam…ALMOST that is,
as he was clearly awesome.

The last Jam was when Doug busted Rob and Ted and let’s just say stuff just got
out of control. The flow was tremendous with all types of tremendous vertical
and UD work, at least one major gitis seal by Dougie, Rob hitting a wild foot
brush to a spinning whatthafukizat catch, and Teddy being, well The Beast. So
that’s this week’s report. I keep writin’ ’em to hopefully inspire all Jammer
to make their way to the Big Apple some time soon. We’re always looking for
fresh blood.


BTW – Big Ups to Jill for bringing out Claire and BenJAMin and actually getting
her groove on, and the indefatiguable Chrissy who always comes out with good
vibes and that wonderful smile. These are the types of women we should all be
lucky enough to share time with. WORD!

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