7/14/2005 – The A*T Chronicles

Live From Noo Yawk…

Well it’s always LIVE in my hometown and this past Thursday was had a slightly different feel to it. With Joey H. on the DL and Tedley on the Left Coast shredding in Santa C (Cruz? Clara? Claus?) the crowd was a little thin but no less jazzed. The ageless Trevor Brown was an early arrival along with a special guest Heaver, Mike of the Mighty Overhand. Also in attendence were Roger, Doug E. Fresh, Bradford T., Rob, Avi, Quadruple Yella Kevin who was able to pass on the jaundiced garment to Mr. Lou who lost the appelation of Fearless for this weak as one can’t be Yella and without fear it seems to me.

Personally I started out by returning to my heaving roots stretching the distance a bit and enjoying the flow of extended flight. It always feels good fling that thing and see if the flight path matches the combination of imagination and muscle memory that each individual throw requires. The subtle difference between a ‘Big Hook’ forehand which gets much air and gently floats in flat and the ‘Knife Edge’ a throw that looks errant and slices in to become a strike is one of the great joys of the game for me. That combined with seeing the power and grace with Mike throws that overhand which has enough Z’s for a combo at the end if its flight just made my day.

While Kevin, Trevor, and I started out, Thursday was primarily a day for pairs.

Roger and Brad; Rob n’ Dougie; Lou and Trevor with later Avi subbing in for Lou. It should be noted that Kevin, a relative newcomer really stepped up his game this week, throwing more strikes with greater Z’s along with a higer percentage of seals than our last outing. This is impressive because his play while wearing the Yella Jersey was quite good. Roger hit some sweet stuff and Brad nailed a mighty fine flying gitis which manage to capture with my camera (as soon as I figure out how to down load I can upload the image to y’all) 😉

While it took some time to get proper flow in the rather squirrely (even for NYC) wind, Doug and Rob took Jam of the Day honors. Though Fresh just missed sealing a Double Spinning Gitis in answer to Rob’s gorgeous Gitis off of a wild under the leg brush set, they both then took things to another level with a series of combos and co-ops that were at times remarkable for their dexterity of manipulation as the disc moved from UD to vertical to standard and all matters in between. There were hoops and foot brushed passes and that locked in sense that each knew where the other was going before the throw was out of the hand.

At the end of the day Roger busted and the three of them performed as only the Most Hein would have it. When Rob finally sat, Rog and Fresh finished with a flourish with Dougie’s “BEER!” Gitis seal as dusk settled in.

So that’s the news from NYC. I’m going to try something new over the next couple of weeks and get some thought on the Jam from our brethren. We all are brought together by the love of the game and I’d like to share some new perspectives with you all. Until then…

Tall Paul

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