7/21/2005 – A*T Chronlicles

Hey Now!

T-minus a few days to the World’s and instead of venturing Westward “I gotta go
grease Wheezer”–Get ‘yer minds outta the gutter–that’s a pop culture reference
which works only for the Elder Statesmen in the crowd. Anyhoo…

There was a light turnout this week as there was a big hootenanny in upstate NY
featuring Hot Tuna which several of our brethren attended (Roger, Brad, Joey,
Rob). They floated an appeal to the Board that since they would be Jammin’ up
yonder, they should be ineligible for the dread Yella Jersey. This request was
summarily DENIED!!!! The designee will be Joey H. (the first man to ever wear
said garment) unless he is still on the Injured Reserve list, in which case
Rob’s will serve as the alternate.

Myself, Kevin, Avi, Fearless Lou, Dougie, and a late arriving ageless Trevor
Brown rounded out the field with Jill, BenJAMin and Claire hanging out in
support of the paternal unit. The main event Jam started with Doug and my boy
Fearless warming up, me bustin’, and then Kevin making it a fearsome foursome.
While Fresh was the only Jedi Master in attendence, the Padwan Learners managed
to use the Force effectively enough to generate some nice flow. Doug had
several combo du jour moves including an extraordinarily tight “around the
world” into a series of front and back rolls which ultimately led to a very
sweet barrel roll seal. Not to mention any number of other outrageously
marvelous moves.

So after the Jam as we were all catching our breath, your intrepid reporter
reminded himself of his promise to share other perspectives which lead to the
following exchange:

Paul: “So Doug…Why do you play–what brings you to out to the game?”

Doug: “Hmmmm…(several seconds go by and Doug goes to the wifey for the
assist) Jill, why do I come out to play.”

Jill: [without missing a beat] “Because when Doug is out here Jamming, he is
his “most authentic self”. I sometimes come to see him play just because of
that fact.”

Now I usually don’t go for the profound when I write for you folks but the
fundamental–no, make that ELEMENTAL truth of that statement made me think long
a hard about a number of things from how that rings true for me whenever I am in
the Meadow to the fact that Jill’s wanting to share in her husband’s joy was
sorely lacking in my own now dissolving marriage. Truly amazing this sport of
ours. One friend described it as Tai Chi with a tool and I could not agree
more. Our Flow certainly appears to be a manifestation of Chi and one could
extend that to the Jedi concept of the Force in certain ways. And yes I do want
a real Light Saber more than any amount of $$/sex/power in the world.

Hey, If I can’t get metaphysical on yo’ collective a***s periodically, what good
is sharing the vibe? What–you think such ideas only occur out on the Left

Good luck to all competing/attending the Worlds. I will be thinking of youse.
I hope everyone goes dropless and makes the judging tough. May the mob-op Jams
before/during/after be filled with the joy and delight of new blood.

Tall Paul

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