8/25/2005 – A*T Chronices: Greetings to my brethren and sistren,

I have been lax in my reportage lately and I wanted to let you know that last night’s gathering of the Frisbee Faithful was both well attended and full of bon-homies. The weather was spectacular as has been the case for the past several days and while there was little breeze, at least it was not swirling.

My daughter (Carina) and I were the first folks out followed by Ted n’ Chrissy who came fully prepared to make Margarita’s (shaken, not stirred). Fearless Lou, Rob, Roger, Doug E. Fresh, Joey, Brad, Kevin, and the Ageless Trevor Brown rounded out the field. Our special guest Jammer was Tom Robideaux who introduced himself to me by saying that he heard about A*T’s via my ramblings here on JOTN–this was both deeply gratifying and humbling.

Tom and Ted, reprising their Rhodie collaboration, began the first Jam of the day with my boy Fearless while Doug and Rob elevated shortly thereafter. For myself, I started our by getting my long-toss groove on with Jamie, one of the major Heavers of the meadow. We got a very nice flow going as the field was wide open with plenty of room to roam. By the time we broke for water, I had a good sweat going. Ted busted Rob and Doug who were very hot indeed. Rob is playing extremely well as his performance at Naragansett will attest though his knee is bit balky and that trio was smokin’ as usual. As for the Jam of the Day honors, something extremely unusal happened…

When I was ready to Jam, I went to bust Joey and Roger who were already cookin’. Roger was nailing spinning seals in both directions and Joey looked better than I have seen for some time. He had that Eye of the Tiger thing going with just tremendous rhythm to his game. Maybe it was because my daughter was with me, but I jumped in with both feet and the it was ON! Roger hit several major combo’s including three Gitis’ one of which he just crushed off of an awesomely high under the leg set. Joey hit “the best Bodonkodonk of my life” along with a counter combo featuring an angled tap over his head to a foot brush behind him to quick guide to a heel kick to a scarecrow catch. I saw it and it just took me 5 minutes to put it into words and I’m still not doing it justice. We also had mulitple O’Malley’s with the disc moving from man to man to man again and again. As for myself–all I can say is I kept up with these guys at their hottest and hit a couple of first time moves though I just missed the Gitis I was going for in the heat of the battle. We went at it long and hard with a very high degree of difficulty until the sun was setting.

When I looked up, even Ted had sat down so it is with a measure of pride and a deep respect for all on the field that I call ours the Jam of the Day.

I should mention that Roger’s family came out, as did Jill E. Fresh (sans progeny), Tom brought his son and we had a bunch of our friends join us as well. It was a truly great evening for all. Until next time…

Tall Paul

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