9/1/2005 – The All*Star Thursday Chronicles

Yo, What Up, Yo?

The days are getting shorter as the summer races to a close but great weather and the promise of a party at Roger & Tricia’s brought out a large contingent of your fellow enthusiasts. Our Special Guest Jammers this week were Tom & Rick, the Flying Aces from the days of yore. With Tom making his 3rd consecutive appearance he now becomes eligible for the dreaded Yella Jersey though he’ll be safe for a week. You see, I neglected to mention that the designee last week was one Robert Fried, who donned ‘la camisa amarilla’ for the first time in history. HOWEVER, in being sick yesterday he committed the unpardonable sin of not making sure the Jersey made it out for the following week. Unless the Board shows a greater measure of mercy than is its habit, it will be his to wear yet again.

Along with our special guests, joining in the fray were most of our regulars and a couple of irregulars: Ted, Dougie, Lou (now known as The Unclean), the Ageless Trevor Brown, Avi, Roger, Joey, Bill Doobs (from the North), Richie (from the wilds of Long Island), Bradford T, Eddie and your intrepid reporter.

The Flying Aces got up with Ted n’ Lou to get things rolling early but then Dougie nailed up and split off with Tedley. Avi & Trevor got going strong and Roger busted in somewhere and continued his summer long shredfest. I got lucky this evening as not one but TWO Mighty Heavers were out there. Dan Weiss, a very serious long time Ultimate player, along with Aldo gave me the chance to stretch out at distance and I can tell you the pleasure was mine. Both of these guys are remarkable in their own flight and got me running and sweating up a storm. I then got in with Doobs and Richie in a mostly Counter Jam and had a blast.

The moves of the day were a big air UD Gitis seal off of foot brush by Dougie and Bill Doobs nailing his own Gitis off a blind, half turn scarecrow brush which ended what I thought was the combo du jour. Jam of the day honors went to Ted, Joey, Doug and the Unclean. The funny thing about that one was Joey came down as said “I’m just gonna be the Central Scrutinizer today–I’m just watchin’!” and then he proceeded to have a couple of Margarita’s provided by the lovely Chrissy. But ya’ know, when Old Demon Alcohol meets up with his pal Goober the best laid plans of mice and men are thrown to the wayside. Joey got up and as usual when he Ted and Doug get going all you can do is watch in wonder. Gonna have to get some video of this stuff as I simply can never remember all of what I have witnessed other than to say WOW!!!!

The party at the Meier’s was great with Tricia outdoing herself with Coconut Shrimp, a great pineapple/apricot dipping sauce, grilled veggies, a flaky crust tomato pizza hybrid, and a grapefruit/rum punch that was simply outstanding.

The Board decided they are welcome to have one of thse events every All*Star Thursday moving forward.


P.S. While I’m heading to the Left Coast on Thursday September 15th, Pipo is coming up from PR so if you’re gonna be in the NYC area that is a good one to make it to. Hope to see all the CA Jammers at Chipper’s Jam.

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