4/13/2006 – A*Thursday Chronicles

Whassup my brethren and Sistren,

The report I heard was that VA was a veritable shredfest with a couple of dropless routines and remarkable performances. Cograts to all participants.

A*T 4/13 was indeed notable for the fresh blooded Jammers (Bob & Jan) and the freshly bloodied and maybe DL’d Fearless Lou. Jamming with the mindset of a linebacker will sometimes get one in trouble, especially in new shoes on unforgiving concrete. Lou, Ted, Kevin and myself were in the midst of just getting rolling when my boy Fearless in full out “go for it” mode, found himself on the wrong end of a physics problem involving gravity, mass, motion, friction, rapid deceleration, and (unfortunately) impact. The upside was the raspberry on his dome was on the side with the titanium armor-plating–the downside was his thumb was not protected in the same fashion. Get those positive vibes going for his rapid recovery as we need the Juju he brings to our circle.

With Rob, Lou, Kevin, Tedley, Bob, Roger, Brad, Bob Jan, Pat (who will be Yella eligible this year), we had multiple mob ops. Roger, Rob, Bob, and Jan were up when I arrived and the Ted, Kevin, Lou and myself were in the ill-fated “nook” jam. Geographically speaking we have 4 areas to jam in: The Mainstage (by the Bandshell), the Stairs, the Nook, and the cranny. When Ted, Roger, and I continued we decided that the Cranny was better than the Nook (but Cran is never better than…well, you know) šŸ˜‰ That jam wound up evolving into the Last Jam with Bob and Jan rotating in. Mr. Clutch should off his fast hands and Jan amazing fluidity and touch. Overall awesome. BTW – Joey, Trevor, Round Rich Heaver, Mary, and the Lovely Chrissy were spectators.

With a little luck the Meadow will be open next week and ALL*STAR THURSDAY 2006 will open our 3rd season!!!!

All the Best,

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