4/27/2006 – A*Thursday Chronicles 2006 Issue 2

Greetings to all Plastic Peeps,

How does one follow a maginficent inaugural A*T with multiple special guests?

Well, we went back to our roots. All of our participants were of the domestic variety but inspired by last week’s doings and another beautiful day, we carried on in style. When I arrived, the ageless Trevor Brown and my boy Fearless were up doing a light toss, with Lou trying to convince his strained thumb that ‘it’s only a flesh wound’. Mr. E. Fresh, Joey, Quinn-O, Roger, and Yella designee Pat were all getting nailed up and special guests Ms. Spook (consort of the Fearless one) and Phil Cruse, our resident martial arts and fitness expert made their first appearances of the season. Rob, Ted, Avi, Jill toting Claire and BenJAMin, Bradford T. and his new Danish lady friend, Jestin Heaver, and the lovely Chrissy with her trusty (NOT crusty) cooler filled with Margaritas rounded out the field.

During the stretching/prepping dear Patrick was given much grief for, well, being the Yella one by just about everyone (including your humble correspondent) but he took it in the spirit of the day and only cried once. Actually that might have been one of the kids but why ruin a joke with the truth. When my slow behind finally got out of civilian gear Ted, Quinn, and Trevor were up, with Joey & Fresh doing their thing with a 100E mold. Since Brothers don’t mess around with small discs, I let Fearless Lou bust those gents while I created a mini mob-op with the former. We got some nice flow going with Ted being in particularly good form early on. I think he must warm up in his office before coming out to the field. Trevor is rehabbing an injured wrist and Quinn-O’s cranky knee led them to drop out fairly quickly leaving Ted and I alone.

Now for you A-List jammers this is might be just another shredful round of play but for me? I gotta tell ya’ it was flat out inspiring. We already were warm so our flow was good. I always say that throws don’t get enough dap and if you are throwing strikes to a guy like T.O. anything can and will happen. As Joey aptly put it “it’s like feeding quarters into the pinball machine”. For this reason my description of any of the other Jams is extremely limited because I was too busy focusing on keeping up. Ted, as usual was hitting everything he tried. You want multiple roll combinations into a phlaud seal? Coming right up. Double legover to controlled ground work and back up to a nasty scarecrow seal? Okay! How about that crazy slap brush of my counter UD overhand into a variety of moves and a Gitis finish? Hell &%$^$^ Yeah, Baby!!!!!. Shucks, I even did some fancy footwork of my own getting a couple of foot brush sets and my Statue of Liberty drop to a heel kick that I never even tried before.

Now I can say that the 100E Jam grew into a mob-op featuring Joey, Pat, Doug E., Rob, and Roger that must have been wild because I kept hearing Fearless leading the peanut gallery in much hootin’ n’ hollerin’. Playing with the smaller disc mean you have to share more as they have less mass and retain spin for a shorter duration thus requiring a deft touch and a desire to make the pass and seal the deal. This was accomplished with style as dusk settled when Joey, Roger, Pat, and Fresh did a and amazing O’Malachy foot brush, brush, foot brush, brush, set, MIGHTY GITIS (BEER!!!!) SEAL to end the evening. It just doesn’t get any better than this!!!!

Kevin is the Yella designee for next week but I fear I know the identity for the following gathering. He walks in size 14’s and has to work. Dang!!!

Tall Paul, the Jammin’ Heaver

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