6/1/2006 – The Return of the All*Star Thursday Chronicles…

Hello to all,

The past couple of weeks have been relatively uneventful on the Emerald Expanse. The turnout has been solid and the jams routinely excellent. The stars were in a unique alignment for the Jam of of the Day from May 25th. While there were a couple 3’s & one 4-man, resident shredmeisters Teddy O and Rob Fried paired for a two man. For whatever biorhythmic reasons, these guys have not played together that often this season but when they did it was a sight to behold.

When Doug E. Fresh was invited in to bust he politely declined saying later “When Ted ‘n Rob are going ‘mano a mano’ it’s better to stay outta the way.”

It was a really cool Jam to watch because the skill level and degree of difficulty was so high and they both were having a blast raising the ante.

Yeah, the both hit a variety of gitis’ (gitii – “guy-tie”?) but for me there were many combos even more impressive with Rob’s machine-like precision juxtaposed with Ted’s almost operatic flourishes. And with each Phlaud seal answered by a barrel roll, or some daring spin combination, they kept egging each other to greater heights. Man, I love this stuff!!!

Last week’s edition of All*Star Thursday was held under an overcast sky but the rains held out until the last catch was made. The ageless Trevor Brown, Fearless Lou, Joey, Fresh, Rob, Pat*, Brad, Jan (the Yella Jersey designee who wore it with distinction), along with the Lovely Chrissy all were on hand.

Jestin the Mighty Heaver was also in the house so I have able to get my long toss groove on with great joy. Jam of the Day honors go to the last Jam featuring Joey, Ted, Fresh, Jan, and Pat. There was some very nice team work in this one with a couple of 5-man O’Malley’s and some really fine footwork on the part of our man from Denmark. The end of the day came with thunder and lightning coming in from the West and the call for a final dropless set of seals. Joey through down the gauntlet, followed by Dougie, Ted, Jan, and then the pressure was on Pat who did and nice roll combination into his signature spinning behind the back catch to the cheers of the crowd…okay it was just us shouting encouragement but I have a Poetic License in my wallet. 😉 Until next time…

Tall Paul, The Jammin’ Heaver

* – The Rejector of the Yella Jersey has not had his punishment meted out yet though several fine suggestions have bee broached. No Güb for an hour was however deemed cruel and unusual punishment

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