6/8/2006 – A*Thursday Chronicles

Yo, What Up ,Yo?

The weather in my home town has been less than hospitable over the past week or so with plenty of precipitation which will eventually make our Jade Garden lush but for now it is simply off limits. So today I’m totin’ my gear and my umbrella all over town while preparing for an event at South Street Seaport for the gig and saying “Man, if this keeps up I’m just gonna go home”. Now of course that would mean I would be Yella-gible so I had to think about this decision carefully. Roundabout 4:30pm the sky lightened from dark gray to silver with a hint of blue even, so my decision was made. The Meadow would certainly be closed so I’m going to the Bandshell and if nobody else is there, well they’ll all be Yella.

Upon my arrival I see Fearless Lou ( who gets my vote as the Most Improved Player of 2006*), Rob, and get this, the one and only Jonathan Williett making his first A*T appearance of the year. Given the reports we got during the winter of diverticulitis and a stay in the ICU, this was just a HUGE BLESSING!!!! Big Ups to the Most High for guiding our friend through the darkness and into the light once again. Teddy O and Brad were also on hand taking some time to chat with three 10-year old boys about what we were doing and then teaching them how to throw and show them a couple of catches etc.

Willett, Rob, and Fearless got up for the first Jam of the Day and got a nice Flow. Willett looked good, making some of his signature double spinning seals and sweet rolls appearing none the worse for the wear. Rob of course was Rob (My condolences once again to my Brother who lost his Mom just a few days ago–I Love You my Friend) making all types of ridiculous to the sublime plays and the aforementioned Fearless Lou raising the level of his play yet again. * – I would posit that he has made the most remarkable strides as a player that I have ever seen in such a short time, especially given he is no longer a puppy.

Once I got myself changed and nailed up, I joined in with Brad and Tedley and we got a nice groove going. Everbody has their thing and with Bradford T. it is an amazing array of throws with either hand that come in from every imaginable angle with mega Z’s. This means ya gotta be ready for anything and that was just fine with me. Around this time Fresh, Roger, and Quinn-O arrived followed by Joey–who I was gettin’ ready to talk bad about. While Roger was the original Yella Jersey designee based on his wriggling outta wearin’ the rag time and again, the Board quickly convened and gave Mr. Q the DIS-honor since he was AWOL last week. Rob, Quinn, and J-Will got a head of steam real quick as did Roger, Fresh and Joey who were all business as they started play. Mr. Fried said he wasn’t feellin’ it but that didn’t stop him from making several double spinning seals including a Carpe Diem Gitis with very serious ground clearance.

Meanwhile, Teddy and Fearless were up so after I paused to hydrate, I hopped in with them and boy was that a blast.

The sequence of the day goes to Teddy O who did something so unique it was immediately given the name: a “Phineas Fogg”. This was no ordinary “Around the World” which is tough enough. In this case, he chased down an errant throw near the benches at the southwest corner the playing area barely eluding damage to life and limb. Now that would be enough for most mortals, even among the most skilled but not our TO. He gained control and started to run, brushing and tipping as he went, going around a huge Oak tree surrounded by an iron fence.

Now to complete this circumnavigation he not only had to cover about 40 yards, but he had to do so following a path between two iron fences while still controlling the disc. Not only did he do this with grace but he managed to make a nifty flying under the leg catch for the finish. It was not the prettiest move of the day, which was this incredible catch and throw all in one motion pulled off by Joey (aka The Oracle), nor the Daintiest which has to go to Fearless for the UD roll seal into a Counter UD overhand throw, but the level of concentration, athleticism, and sheer stick-to-it-tiveness was unparalleled in my view.

Jam of the Day Honors go to…ANY JAM FEATURING JONATHAN WILLETT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until next week!!!

Tall Paul, the Jammin’ Heaver

P.S. How could I leave out the presence of the Lovely Chrissy, Margaritas in tow, Jill toting the twins, and Mighty Mike Heaver passing through on his bike before leaving for Guatemala on Sunday? Much love to them all!


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