6/16/2006 – A*Thursday Chronicles

Greetings to the Polymer Worshippin Populace,

Before all else: Hey Skippy–I am jealous I shan’t be able to attend the Santa Cruz gathering especially because I won’t be able to listen first hand to the tales of disc derringdo from the crustiest of the Jammers. All Hail the Hein!!!

The specific doings of last weeks gathering may have faded a bit under the weight of real life and ‘sponsibilities but let there be no doubt it was a special indeed. When I walked upon the emerald carpet, enetering from the southwest as is my wont, I saw Fearless Lou and The Ageless Trevor Brown (TATB) up jamming with…with…do my eyes deceive me? Jamie Schiffrin, the Mighty Heaver snapping off Hi-Z airbounces, brushing and delaying??!!! When I asked what he thought he was doing he said “Hey–this is FUN!” Be still my foolish heart, we have another convert.

Joining in the Frisbee frenzy this week were Rob, Fresh, Tedley, Bradford T., Roger (who made a pit-stop), Joey, Upstate Bill Doobs, late arrival Mr. Rabdau, and representing the Bah-ston contingent, the amazing Alan Caplin. The Board decided the HE is not Yella but the rest of the MA crew will have to apply for clemency in person. The lovely Chrissy came with the shaker and salt and Ms. Jill brought out BenJAMin and Claire to watch Daddy do his thing. The day was also notable for the delivery of Rob’s latest entry into the plastic pantheon: the Urban Legends disc which features both our GPS coordinates for those in search of a Jam and a gateway to the hiding place for those infamous NYC Sewer Alligators. Truly inspired work!

Since no one had heard from Sir Patrick, the Board awarded the Jaundiced Jersey to Trevor who commenced to play with delight, grace, and a shredful quality above and beyond the call of duty. TATB is noted in my memory as the first person I ever saw do fancy things with a disc. I remember being a puppy and coming down to Central Park in the late 60’s and seeing some ‘big guys’ throwing the frisbees, skipping them, catching them behind their back and stuff that I never dreamed of. That he later became the first (along with Eddie Bennett) to ask me to Jam is one of those interesting Cosmic Coincidences.

There was much mixing and matching this week with most of the combinations of players being more fluid than usual. Alan properly represented the City of Red (Fishnet) Stockings spinning, rolling, turning over, and sealing with great abandon while moving from Jam to Jam. My boy Fearless continues to elevate his play on an almost daily basis and he has become quite the formidable player.

Meanwhile Rob who said he wasn’t feelin’ it, is clearly at the top of his game as he headed out to AmsterJam. Doug E. was Fresh, Bill Doobs was scarred from working the land like a real He-Man but his fast hands are intact. Teddy O was routinely incredible and it cracks me up that I simply never have enough words to decribe what I see when he gets it going with the Oracle or just about anyone else for that matter.

Wtih all due respect to all my Heinous Homies, Jam of the Day honors go to Fearless, TATB, and Jamie the Jammin’ Heaver!!! Bringing another Heaver into the fold definitely makes them all worthy of praise.

Until the next time…

Tall Paul, The Jammin’ Heaver

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