6/22/2006 – A*Thursday Chronicles

Greetings from the real Green Zone,

Given that many of us have taken refuge from the crazed doings of a world gone mad, the Sheep Meadow and that section of Bagdhad have a little something in common. Thankfully the worst thing we generally have to deal with is the encroachment of soccer players and the occasional errant baseball.

This week I entered from the Northwest corner of the Meadow to that quintessential NYC panoramic view with the green grass in the foreground and the high rises of Central Park South beyond. This is because my daughter Carina was joining me for her first All*Star Thursday appearance. When I picked up the new graduate (Daddy’s Best girl is heading to middle school already??!!) she asked where we were going and I said to The Park because today is A*T. She giggled and said “Oh yeah–You can’t be Yella!” Smart kid, huh?

When we got to the Manhole, there were a few of the Hard Corps of the Big Apple in place. Joey, the newly engaged Avi, Mary, Phil our resident martial artiste, Hana, Slava (our friend from Israel), the Ageless Trevor Brown, and Bradford T. were on hand and having a conversation on the merits of homo sapiens being the best of all species and the apex predator of the current ecosystem. And you thought we only thought about Frisbee. 😉 As I was nailing up, Ted seemed to magically appear already dressed and ready to go and my boy Fearless Lou came striding purposefully in from the Southwest and then Roger sauntered in from the Southeast. Yes, it would be a good day.

Avi, a converted Heaver, was up first and Joey joined him to get things going.

I can’t recall them playing together before on an A*T so this was an auspicious moment. Tedley and Fearless were up next with Roger (who acquiteed himself quite well as the Yella Designee) and I ready at the same moment. He was laser focused on that pair and they immediately began their day of heinous action.

Meanwhile I joined in with Avi and The Oracle to indulge my inner shredful muse in what would become a day of multiple Jam combinations for me. We got a nice rhythm going with Avi playing with a higher level of skill and confidence than maybe I have seen from him. Nifty spins, serious seals followed by accurate throws enhanced our flow naturally causing us all to break a good sweat on this rather muggy day. Shortly thereafter Patrick joined us and his complementary style just made things better. Avi went off to hydrate and while doing some a quick-catches I hit a Gitis for the first time in a Jam. I’ll admit to to a rather vocal response as I spiked the disc in suprise. Indeed, this was going to be a good day.

After happily continuing for a while in the heat of the day, I paused for a minute to fix a nail and Brad hopped in to keep it going. With two 3-man Jams going, proper disc-ettiquette dictated that the late arriving Doug (family in tow) and I get going on our own. This was cool because the two of us hadn’t played together as a pair thus far this year. Jamming with Fresh is cool because he is the epitome of “casual” which belies an incredible level of skill and ambiDISCterity. We started with mostly quick catches then I tried to make sure I included both spins in equal measure mixing in some UD and vertical stuff for him to work with. Joey came in a few minutes later and things began to really heat up. Chrissy had arrived late due to toting special “Bubble Gitis Mallets” and after Doug finished a way ridiculous combo with a mighty spinning Gitis, we heard a chorus of “wocka, wocka, wockas” which Joey answered with a quickfastinahurry Gitis of his own. Oh Baby!!! When we all finished, Chrissy shared some Mexican Ambrosia with us and I decided I just couldn’t stop. I subbed in for Fearless who was up with Trevor and Ted and after a bit it was just TO and I slugging away as dusk settled in. We must have done something right because just as we decided to go for on last catch each, Fresh announced “Now that I’m drunk, I’m Comin’ Down”. This amped us up for one last burst of bad BEEhavior with one insane brush combination where Doug got to prancin’. Oh yeah, it was a really good day.

Jam of the Day honors go to the Avi and the Oracle pairing because the essence of the Global Jam Agenda is best served when we get up an play with new folks and find out how to adapt to a variety of styles and skill levels. All Hail the Oracle who also shared that he prefers to play with fewer Zzzzz’s these days in order to do his thing and maintain flow rather than go on for extended solos.

As they say in Pre-K: It’s NICE to Share.

Good Luck to all the players in AmsterJam but I’m pulling for Rob to REPRESENT NYC properly!

All the Best to all Y’all

Tall Paul, the Jammin’ Heaver

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