6/29/2006 – A*Thursday Chronicles

Greetings to…to…ALL Y’ALL!!!

Congrats to all the players at AmsterJAM! It sounds like it was an amazing time and the pix helped share the vibe It is great to hear about the cool stuff happening in Europe. And much respect to our Japanese Jammin’ Brethen–nice video and always good to see the Global Jammin’ Agenda further expressed. As a counter-man myself, I see no problem as long as the throws are accurate.

Anyway, doesn’t the Coriolis Effect cause Discs to spin counter on that side of the Pacific? šŸ˜‰ We hope that A*T becomes a tradition in the Land of the Rising Sun as well.

So this week’s All*Star Thursday got a late start. I brought my daughter for the 2nd consecutive week (she is proud that now she can be considered Yella-gible) and when we arrived there was nary a Jammer in sight. Actually, Bradford T. and Gerry Linas were throwing an Aerobie so we didn’t see them.

Shortly thereafter Jestin Heaver and Jaime Shifrin (the new Jammin’ Heaver) came in so I was able to do my preferred long toss warm-up. I find it both relaxing and helpful to throw long first because my strength and accuracy are increased by the Zen of extended flight. The Ageless Trevor Brown was next and then came Roger in civillian garb followed at 30 paces by Ted, barefoot and ready to play. Fearless Lou of course made his presence known and got up as soon as he put his stuff down. Rob rolled in with a smile, fresh in from AmsterJam with tales of great shred and informed us that the Gitis Mallet (more powerful than the Hammer of Thor) now is in the hands of Iwan. Right On, Iwan!!!

The Yella designee for the week was….JAIME, the Jammin’ Heaver, because the Board had not made an official decision last week and Roger’s on the spot nomination was unamimously seconded. Once he donned the Canary Cloth, he stopped Heaving and commenced to Jamming with great enthusiam. ‘Round this time we had a visit from a long missing member of out intrepid band–Kevin, who we had just about given up on. We were very upset because we had reserved the Yella Jersey for him for weeks to no avail. I was starting to give him major grief when I noticed the doo rag under his bike helmet was Yella. This gave me a good laugh and he said “Do you REALLY wanna mess with me???” tearing off the bandana revealing Neon Yella hair. He then stripped off his shirt an show Neon Yella armpits to match. No, we didn’t ask about, well you know…

So Kevin got up with Lou and Jaime while I started with Ted and was joined shortly thereafter by Roger and we all got our respective Jams on. All the while we watched as thunderheads began coming in from the Southwest. The first line actually passed us by drenching lower Manhattan by the sound of the thunder so we thought we might escape. Mother Nature had other thoughts on the matter.

The rain started and we all kinda laughed it off and kept pressing forward. It then got harder…and harder…and harder still. Soon it was coming dow in buckets with a little hail and drops that splattered off my spectacles in spectacular patterns. Once properly drenched I wanted to keep playing but Daddy Duty, knowing discretion is the better part of valor, and that my car was a long haul away got me packing up my gear. Carina of course was like “C’mon Daddy, let’s stay! This is GREAT!”, making me one proud Papa and we stuck around for a couple more minute and watched the Hard Corps of the Big Apple prove their worth.

The bulk of the boys soldier on through the deluge so Jam of the Day honors go to all the showed up! Kevin gets bonus points for ingenuity and many thanks to Jaime and Jestin for the Mighty Heave to start my day.

Until next week!!!!

Tall Paul, TJH!!!

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