7/6/2006 – A*Thursday Chronicles

Hail and Well Met!

After last week’s deluge and much precipitation in my fair city, we have had several days of nice weather so this edition of A*T looked promising. For the second week in a row I arrived to a virtually empty field so I planted myself at the manhole and was joined shortly thereafter by Joey. The Oracle was AWOL last week and sensed he might well be the Yella designee. He hoped that his going to see Hot *%##^^ Tuna would get him off the hook but I, representing the opinion of the Board, quickly disabused him of that notion. Fearless Lou arrived moments later followed by Jaime, the new Jammin’ Heaver who had with him the dreaded Canary Coverlet. Showing the proper respect for protocol he said to Joey “I’m not sure if I have the right to do this, but I think I have something for you”. Lou and I assured him that he had not only the right but the DUTY to bestow the Yella Jersey upon this week’s designee which he did with a flourish.

The Lovely Chrissy arrived next with her life long friend Pamela who was in from North Cackalackah, toting a cooler and a double batch of Margaritas. Hana (who later hit a sweet Gitis while tossing with Pat) followed next and the field was rounded out by Tedley, Roger, Quinn, Avi, Kevin, the Ageless Trevor Brown, Patrick, and John Burke who is one of the first generation of Central Park plastic devotees.

Folks were moving a little slow so Jaime (who put on nails for the first time!) and I started with a round of Heaving. We were join by Stephanie Heaver, a young former Ultimate player whose first throw went awry…then she nailed everything for the next 15 minutes. She has tremendous form with excellent control so the three of us locked into a series of majestic flights as well as flatball strikes. Ted and Kevin got the Jams going with the Oracle donning the Yella Jersey and doing his best to shred appropriately in penance. When the Heaving contingent stopped to hydrate, Jaime got to Jammin’ with Avi and Trevor while I busted in with Quinn and Roger. Our threesome was paced by Roger who hit several double spinning combos with one very sweet Triple Fake seal and another where he snatched a Gitis that seemed almost magical as it came from outta nowhere. Quinn too, was in rare form spinning, sealing, and throwing his southpaw overhands and mac-throws with great ZZZZ’s and accuracy. I got all hot and bothered when I hit consecutive right then left foot brushes setting up a long arm of the law roll n’ seal. We kept this one going long and hard until the disc gave out… the unmistakeable sound of cracked plastic followed one last kick tap so we had to take a break and refresh ourselves with some of the aforementioned Marggies. Life is Good!

I then join Fearless, Ted, and the Oracle for and extended Jam. The flow was very serious though a few of the best combos ended with “Everything but the Girl” and Lou’s plaintive cry of “she slowly got out of the Limo and he knew that it was over”. This jam expanded with the addition of Trevor, Pat, and later still Kevin joining the fray. Seven on one disc is tough but it is fun because we just kept it moving and made sure it didn’t touch the ground. I bailed so I could watch for a while but after a couple more tastes of that Ambrosia Mexicano, I got back up to properly finish the evening with a heapin’ helpin’ of disc-pitality. I’ll give that last one Jam of the Day honors not due to the extraordinary play (which you best believe was in there!) but because it best represents our Jam Central Station ethos of sharing the wealth.

The next Yella Designee was a hotly contested race with Bradford T edging out Rob and Fresh who is in Montana raisin’ up a crop of Dental Floss. And speaking of Yella…

As we were walking out, I had a chat with Tedley who mentioned that a couple of gentlemen were TALKIN’ ’bout comin’ down but have thus far managed to cat out at the last moment. Now I won’t name any names but one shares a surname with the Head Coach and President of the Miami Heat, and the other shares his monicker with a quickfastinahurry DC superhero. So let it be known that I am calling these two out in front of everyone. Come Down before I must insult you a second time!

Until next week!

Tall Paul, TJH

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