8/24/2006 – A*T: The EleMENTAL Disruption :-(

Hello to all,

The weather report as of last night was for rain all day followed by evening
T-showers so when I awoke this morning to a lovely day I thought “well, the
weatherman has been wrong before…” So I packed up my gear, made certain the
Yella Jersey was in the bag, grabbed two umbrellas and Carina (my progeny for
those who don’t remember) and off we went downtown. Traffic from the Bronx was
a nightmare but we lucked out and got a parking space at 5pm sharp. The first
raindrops hit my windshield as I shut off the car but who cared, right?

By the time we actually get to The Meadow it is raining pretty steadily and
everyone there moved under the trees for shelter. Hmmmm, I think…yes I see
Joe Heaver not far away chatting with a longhaired young man who is deomstrating
a backhand form. We go over to say hello and it turns out to Dori, our FLOWing
Friend in from Israel. He is in NYC vacationing after having chaperoned
Israel’s Jr. Ultimate team to an international tourney and wanted to make sure
he made and A*T appearance. So we chat for a few minutes and watch the rain.
As it eased up for a moment I said “ah, it looks like we might get lucky”, DOH!
then it started coming down hard. Discretion being the better part of valor, I
suggested strolling over to the bandshell just in case but to no avail. It
rained harder and harder plus there was some event at the bandshell and at that
point I declared EVERYBODY ELSE YELLA! Frankly I felt a bit like Charlie Brown
standing out on the pitcher’s mound in a
monsoon–all I needed was for Snoopy to come by in a rowboat to point out my

Anyway, the official designee remains Sir Roger of Dodger unless the Board
choose to cut him slack…however unlikely that may be. In the meantime,
Circus, one of the original Central Park Frisbee players just sent me a link to
the video that Dave Lewis and Z put together and posted on youtube: Secrets of
Pro Disc Freestyle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2QH6gQMN38

I watched it back in April but seeing it again is a reminder of why I love this
stuff so much and the level of talent, innovation, and passion that is out
there. No way to single out any one Jammer as all were simply shredful…All
y’all should take a bow. Take 4:07 and immerse yourselves in the Flow and get
psyched for your next Jam wherever it may be.

Let’s hope we don’t get no more rain on Thursday evenings for a while.

Ciao for Niao,


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