9/21/2006 – A*Thursday Chronicles Return!

Hail and Whattup to all my Plastic Peeps,

The Summer is now drawing to a close so our weekly after work Shredfest now comes to a close at 7:15pm or so. That means we have to put our Jams in the microwave instead of using conventional heating elements. It has been some time since my last entry in the A*T C’s but the the Hard Corps of the Big Apple continues to bring it with great abandon.

For myself the funniest moment came a few weeks back when your intrepid reporter showed up to the Meadow early with my beloved Carina in tow, met Dori, got drenched and split at 5:40pm…only to discover the skys would clear at 6pm and the crew gathered at the Bandshell and did what we are all meant to do. Due to the grievous transgression of my early exit, I was voted the Yella Designee for the following week. Though I protested mightily on that day, the Board was not moved by the fact there was a Jammer with a Double Yella on his head nor by my plea for mercy. Very upset but resigned to my fate I turn around to find that Carina had donned the Canary Coverlet in my stead. I asked her to take it off so I could do my penance she said “No”. First I laughed and said “Come on Kid, gimme the Jersey” and she said “No!” Then I tried the stern Daddy voice.

“Carina–Give me the jersey right now! The Board has made a decision”. She calmly replied “Daddy, you were NOT Yella!! You were here and I WILL NOT LET YOU WEAR IT!!” Seeing the determined look upon her face and understanding that discretion is the better part of valor, I returned to the Board who grudgingly acquiesced to her wearing it in my stead as she is a blood relation. Gotta tell ya all I was pretty proud of her willingness to take one for the team.

Fearless Lou was the next designee even though he was away on vacation. The Board would not accept being out of town as an excuse. Then came Doug E. Fresh was the Yella Man for the inaugural appearance of Phillip from Berlin. I was the first of us to arrive at our damp weather site and saw this guy with orange plastic and a kind of expectant look on his face. Since I didn’t recognize him I said “whassup” and went over to our normal bench to nail up. He then grabbed his gear, came over and said “Are you Tall Paul? I’ve read your All*Star Thursday Chronicles.” Nothing like the miracle of technology to help break the ice! I got the first International Jam of the day with him while TO, Fresh, Roger, Fearless came to have at it on the hard concrete. We did much shifting of the groupings and wound up with an excellent mob op as darkness fell.

This past week we had a healthy sized gathering of the tribe with TO, the Lovely Chrissy (Marghies in tow), Quinn-O, Fearless Lou, the Ageless Trevor Brown, Avi, Jaime (TJH), Fresh, the now Yella-gible Phillip, Mary, Joey “DL” H. and Yella Designee Rob Fried. Bradford T showed up late thus avoiding his own potential penance for absence. First up was TO and Phillip who were joined by Trevor while Quinn-O and Fearless got moving followed by Roger and Doug E. Fresh.

Personally I started with a Mighty Heave with Jaime and we got into the Zone very quickly. Our flow was natural with high arcing backhands followed by laser straight forehands and all forms flight in between. Unfortunately, Jaime tweaked his shoulder so we had to cut things short. Coincidentally, Trevor took a hydration break at that moment so I subbed in for him. Now everyone has their signature and with Phillip it is an amazing array of throws which all come in as strikes with Z’s. Overhand, Backhand Mac, UD with both spins with uncanny accuracy. His style is so casual that he picked up the nickname of the “Sleepy Jammer” back home in Berlin but his disc-terity and deft touch belied that description. In particular he’s got a turnover that happens so quickly it looks like sleight of hand and caught Teddy and I both by suprise. So Big Ups to Phillip and all of our Euro-Brethren–y’all are shakin’ things up and bringing great joy to our whole community.

I was so busy in our Jam I had no time to observe but I did hear the distinctive wocka-wocka of the Gitis Mallet wielded by Joey almost constantly. This was due to the Jam of the Day honorees Roger, Fresh, and Rob. Doug and Rog estimated that Rob hit 20 (twenty) Gitis’ seals which was independently verified by Quinn who witnessed the barrage of fine play. Rob of course was upset he didn’t nail the double spinning Gitosis he wanted but wha’cha gonna do? Darkness fell entirely too quickly for my taste but we have been Blessed by another season of fine play regardless of the weather and ya gotta like that. Until nest week…

Tall Paul, The Jammin’ Heaver

P.S. Special thanks to Bill Wright for serving as point person with the folks at Discraft as they seek to solve the mystery of the suddenly fragile Skystylers.

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