9/28/2006 – A*T Chronicles: Fall 2006 Premiere Edition

Hail and Well Met My Brethren & Sistren,

The first All*Star Thursday of the Autumn was a nice day as crisp as many of the players participating. I was a relatively early arrival with newly purchased shorts, NY Mets T-shirts (Long and short sleeves) , but neither nails nor glue since I had left my gear uptown thinking my errands would allow the time to pick them up. As I approached from the Northwest corner I saw Fearless Lou and the Ageless Trevor Brown already having at it. I got myself changed and then asked the Man w/o Fear if he had nails. Lucky for me he has just completed a run of new Moose Antler nails* which he he allowed me to test-drive. I got up to join that original pairing and soon we were in the bliss filled realm of of the Jam.

Phillip, our resident Guest Jammer from Deutschland arrived shortly thereafter, avoiding any possibility of the Cowardly Coverlet touching his skin in his first week of Yella-gibility. Lou split off with Phillip and Trevor and I continued soldiering on through the swirling and squirrely winds. While we do take a measure of pride in dealing with the elements as they are, I cannot deny that when the gusts hit 20 mph and change direction mid-combo things are a bit more, er, challenging.

* – Moose Antler are fast and may be more sturdy than the rib-eyes I have been using recently.

Doug E. Fresh, Rob, Roger, Quinn-O, Joey, the Lady Tricia (spouse of Sir Roger), Mary, and the Lovely Chrissy all arrived in short order since the sun was to set at about 6:45p. After getting warmed up and wrestling with the winds for a while, Trevor and I broke for liquids. Lou, Quinn-O, and Trevor then went for it while Rob and Fresh got up to play. Roger was kind enough to ask me to join him. This was notable as those three were the Jam of the Day combination last week yet Rog gave me a shot at glory. This is one of the real Blessings of A*T’s here in NYC. So we got to moving’ around and got a nice flow going.

Roger’s unerring ability to seal the deal must have been of some inspiration because The Oracle himself deigned to end his stint on the DL by making our pairing into a trio. He announced “I have limited mobility” and then proceeding to shred in place with his first move being a nice brush/guide combo into an under the leg catch. The neatest thing about the Jam as we progressed was how he was able to continuously make the appropriate play even without moving around much. Phillip broke off from his Jam to watch the Oracle at play and then join in to create a mini Mob Op. Things got heated up quickfastinahurry and we had some really fine sequences. Phillip hit a couple of those microwave turnovers of his to go along with a mess of excellent throws. Roger of course was his normally shredful self and we were able to move the disc around briskly including one ‘everything but the girl’ sequence with 12 touches before the dang wind pushed the disc off course to sabotage the Walrus ending we all foresaw. As the sun set and dusk settled in, Fresh finished up with Rob and joined our conclave for the final burst of the evening. Personally I developed a late case of Roberto Duran syndrome (Hands of Stone) so I focused on playing, passing, and making certain the disc stayed off the ground.

Jam of the Day honors go to the Return of the Oracle combination which I had the honor of playing in. Anytime a cat like Joey come back to the field of play it is worthy of showing respect. In the meantime, the Lovely Chrissy was flying solo representing the firm of O&M since TO was working late at a business meeting for the second consecutive evening. The Board showed no mercy and chose him as our next Yella designee without debate. Speaking of the Canary Clothing, this wee we had no official designee since we had a full house last week with Brad avoiding Yella-gibility by making a late appearance just before darkness reigned. So that is the story for this week. Until our next gathering…

Tall Paul, The Jammin’ Heaver

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