10/5/2006 – A*T Chronicles: October 5, 2006

What’s Goin’ On?

This greeting was used by the late great Marvin Gaye for the title of what I believe to be one of the single greatest albums ever created (he said dating himself). If ya ain’t heard to the whole thing in a while, do yourself a favor and put it on from start to finish. Take the time to listen to the lyrics of course, but also to the arrangements, the background vocals, the percussion, and then let me know what you think. Don’t try to do this from memory or by hearing bits of “Mercy, Mercy Me” on the your local Lite music station.

So this week’s weather was cool and the October sky was clear with multiple layers of cloud moving through as I crossed the Meadow seeking out the Manhole (Jam Coordinates = 40° 46′ 18″ North 73° 58′ 31″ West). There I saw Mark (The Hibernatin’ Estivator) Sebastian and Fast Eddie Bennett* as the first tribe members on the scene. As I applied my new Lou Moose Antler nails (very strong, not quite as fast as bone but still better than any plastic I have used–though I haven’t tried the World Famous Yar-nails just yet) the two of them got up for a “light toss” as Eddie is wont to say. * – Eddie is one of the most underrated Jammers around. He has great flow and his foot brushes and kicks are as accurate as most people throws.

My boy Fearless was the next to arrive so the two of us got up to have at it.

From the moment we started this Jam was qualitatively different from others we have had. We play together quite often in some combination with the Grand Masters but today our flow alone together was instantaneous and each of us was more fluid in our individual combinations as well as several co-ops than the norm. The disc wasn’t hittin’ the ground for long stretches and we both went for new moves and seals. This was going to be a good day!

While we were playing, the rest of the crew made there way in with Quinn-O, Joey, Phillip, Fresh, TO, the Lovely Chrissy, and a pitstop by Mary-Mary. Interestingly this was for pairs as Quinn-O and Ted got up together while the Oracle took Phillip out for a solo spin. Shortly thereafter Rob arrived and when TO said “What’s Up, Rob??” with his typically joyful tone, Rob replied “I’ll show you what up!” reaching into his MetroCard style messenager bag to pull out the Yella Jersey for this week’s designee. Having dispatched his responsibilities he stretched out and then got up with Fresh. During this time I got up for a Heave with Eddie Elkin, a friend from my old neighborhood so I was unable to witness most of what was yet another in a series of amazing Jams with those two. They know each other so well and are able to anticipate what is coming in a way that is truly as unique as their individual styles. Rob was once again a Gitis Machine and Dougie served up a heapin’ helpin’ of hein-e-ousity.

After my long tossing foray which was marred a bit by a UV Ultrastar that both a bit soft and a little warped. This caused it defy my specific instructions and fly according to its own wishes so I stopped for a Margarita to sooth my delicate sensibilities (Thanks Chrissy). During this time TO and Quinn-O joined Rob and Dougie for a Mob-op while I then got up with Fearless and Roger. Dusk was setlling in so we all had to step it up. In our Jam, Fearless and I picked up where we had left off earlier with the addition of Roger’s unique ability to serve as the Walrus to our respective Eggmen. We have much heavy flow and more fun than a body oughta have, including one sequence where we all touched the disc at least twice, passing it among each other in a variety of ways with Roger hitting an “All-In, I’m Goin’ for It” Gitis where he hit the turf and rolled into a sweet overhand throw. BRAVO!!!! Jam of the Day honors go to that last Mob Op because the combination of a blazing Fresh and Rob joined by a already hot Quinn and Ted led to an incredible meeting of the minds. The Yella Disgnee for next week will be either Bradford T or the Ageless Trevor Brown depending on who actually shows and the final decision of the Board.

It is now time bid a fond farewell to Phillip (As JFK once said “Icht Ein Berliner!”) our buddy from Germany. He goes down in NYC Freestyle lore as the first Guest Jammer to make it to 4 (four) consecutive All*Star Thursdays. What I will remember most about his play are his awesome variety of throws, those quickfastinahurry turnovers, and his never say die attitude. He may appear very casual but that belies a strong passion for the game. Phillip, you will be missed.

Until next time…


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