10/26/2006 – The Final A*T Chronicle of the 2006 Season…

Hello to all,

I’ve been quiet the past few weeks but the doesn’t mean the A*T action here in NYC has been any less heinous. We have had consistantly high turnouts and the level of play has been just as lofty.

The Yella Designees since the last report were the Ageless Trevor Brown, who did his penance with dignity and Joey who protested vehemently at his dishonor. You see, he was sorta on the DL but apparently made some comments which the Board took as a challenge. Ultimately he said “I’ll wear that damn thing next Spring but I ain’t puttin’ it on now” (he might have added a Harumph, but I could hear that over the catcalls led by Fearless Lou). The Final wearer of the Canary Coverlet this past week was the originator, Teddy O himself. He was in attendance last week but I think he wanted the additional inspiration for the last A*T Jam of the season.

One of the toughest things to do when writing up the Chronicles is recall all of the pairings/combinations of players and the manner in which the often disparate elements come together. This week the hard Corps of the Big Apple was put to the test as we had a real Fall afternoon. The high temperature of the day was about 50 dgrees and the sun had already dropped behind the TimeWarner Center on Columbus Circle and that other monstrosity under construction on the site of the old Mayflower Hotel. I was first on hand followed by Bradford Tiberius Keller and then Fearless Lou. Fresh was next to arrive, then TO with the Lovely Chrissy, Quinn-O, Roger, The Ageless Trevor Brown, Joey (serving as the peanut gallery) along with Eddie Elkin, a founding member of the SUNY @ Binghamton Ultimate team and a friend of mine from the old neighborhood. Brad and I got up first–really to stay warm and we got going pretty good, though I gotta admit my hands never really warmed up so I was not able to throw any forehands and those bashes and brushes were rather painful. It was still fun of course. When it was time to hydrate I chose to indulge by visiting the portable Margaritaville provided by the Lovely Chrissy which we all have been extremely grateful for.

Since there was still a chill in the air and the light was rapidly fading everyone got moving quickly. Quinn, Fresh, and Roger got into a very nice flow while Brad and Trevor did some semi-heaving. My next Jam was with TO and Fearless Lou, a combination which always is interesting. The latter has been practicing all types of new stuff and has added a mean Scarecrow seal to go with the rest of his new and improved skills. The former, well, what can I say about TO at this point? Hmmm, how about Joey complaining that the Gitis Mallet was idle for far too long and within a minute there’s Teddy Ballgame nailing a Gitis PULL into an otherworldly combination and a double spinning barrelroll seal? Not quite enough for you? There was a double leg-over followed by a what seemed like a Baker’s Dozen roll combo sealed with a crazy Phlaud. This got me ‘n Lou all het up and the three of us got the fires blazing. We had two O’Malley sequences including one where Lou chomped down on a Scarecrow and I came thisclose to hittin’ that long hoped for Gitis off the set. Fresh and Quinn-O came in for the last of the last Jams and we all turned it up a notch since we knew the coming of Eastern Standard Time meant the end of the 2006 Sheeps Meadow A*T Season.

Jam of the Day Honors go to…EVERY DAMN JAM OF THIS DAY!!!!!!!! There ain’t nothin’ quite like the Hard Corp of the Big Apple getting together to do that Voodoo that WE ALL do so well! The 1st Yella Jersey Designee for Spring ’07 is Joey and TO is gonna keep it nice and warm for him.

I’m going to put together an 2006 All*Star Thursday Year Ender so if anyone out there was a Guest Jammer (Jan, Phillip, Schillz, Gary A. and so many more) or has their own A*T story from their own hometown and would like to share it, drop me a line. In the meantime…KEEP SPREADING THE JAM WHERE EVER U B AT!!!!!!!


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