4/26/2007 – The Return of the All*Star Thursday Chronicles

Whassup to all the People of Plastic across our small world!

Really cool to hear all the talk about hard pack vs. carpet in preparation for the Worlds. The sense of anticipation is quite evident in all the postings so I suspect there will be some ground shaking stuff regardless of the conditions.

Which of course we don’t need here. 😉

Last week on April 19th we broke in the 2007 season with a small but intense tribal gathering. The day began as many other had ’round these parts of late–overcast and chilly. But just as I was considering alternative thoughts, the clarion call went out among the Hard Corps of the Big Apple. I was actually first to arrive to and empty meadow which was unusually lush and verdant due to the record 8″ of rain Central Park received while VA’s shredfest was being driven indoors. I was followed in short order by Quinn-O and Fearless Lou. We got moving first to get warmed up and then because it was fun! Fresh, Joey, Ted with the Lovely Chrissy toting a batch of that Nectar, and Mary-Mary rounded out our field. It was really a mix and match type of day with everyone rotating and ending in a nice mob-op. The Oracle himself was Yella from our last gathering of ’06 but he acquitted himself quite nicely resplendent in La Camisa Amarilla and Rob was voted the most Yella of dem all for the next week’s gathering.

Now the April 26th edition was notable because we had our first official Guest Jammers as Bethany and Rodney Sanchez came in from Milwaukee to represent. Bill Doobs (elder child in tow) and Richie Regs (newly returned from Miami for his daughter’s wedding), Roger Ramjet, Joey, Fresh, Rob, Quinn-O, Fearless Lou, Teddy-O with Double Batch Chrissy, and Barak coming in for the late shift. I was too busy Jamming to do much watching but here are the Jams I was in for a taste of what we done did…

I started with Roger to loosen up the limbs. We had a real sweet green Urban Legends disc which lasted about 10 minutes after Fearless joined us causing its untimely demise with an application of his prodigious foot-bone. It was okay though because we at least broke a sweat along with the plastic. My next Jam was with Rodney and Bethany which was smooth as silk. They both understood flow so with the former’s dainty Tea-Bags ‘n brushes and the latter’s tight throws n’ seals, we had a blast. Rob, celebrating his birthday in style, rotated between us and a Jam with Joey, Fresh, and Roger while Ted, Quinn-O and Regs were doing damage elsewhere. It was during his second shift with us that things got special. We all got into a groove where the there was much movement with few drops. At one point Bethany fired a 25 yard low line drive towards me after a nice roaming brush/roll combo. I really only had one play which was to throw a limb at it. I managed to do a kick brush which sent the disc on a 90 degree correction straight for Rob with ZZZZZZ’s to spare which he converted with a crazy combo and spinning behind the head seal. I was stoked!! Always remember: Ya’ Gotta Go For It in order to make the play!

There were many other shredful moments during that Jam and after we broke for some liquids, I joined in with Fresh, Joey, and Roger. This Jam had all the ingredients for supreme hein-iosity and there was no disappointment. Fresh, though hobbled by an ugly ankle, was his normal insane self drawing applause when he did an ‘Around an Extremely Small World’ which covered 8 square feet but was accomplished with such a deft touch as to be amazing. Roger was just terrific, with his reliable self getting in perfect position for seal after monsterous seal. The Oracle was a completely different story. Last season Fresh mentioned that in each Jam they played in together there would always be a “He’s Joey and I’m not” moment. Yesterday HE WENT OFF!!! I won’t even try to describe all of the various combinations because my words (and you know I have plenty of adjectives) just can’t do justice to what I witnessed and participated in. My favorite sequence came when Roger threw a wicked Counter UD which I followed with another miracle kick–this time a right foot inside foot brush which I sent straight over to Joey who played it into a Mon Veneris (UD roll to the delay) combo seal. Right after that Barak, who was a late arrival joined us for our Last Licks and his energy got us revved up to an even higher level. This guy is an amazing athlete with great Disc instincts and he plays with a hunger that will help keep the NYC scene amped up for as long as he’s here. During our last sequence of the day Joey hit a roll up the arm to a behind the head seal, I followed with a lumbering big air under the leg catch and Barak went for and nailed the biggest Gitis of the day to seal the deal. I wish all y’all could’ve been here to share in the fun!!!

Jam of the Day Honors go to…drum roll please…EVERY ^$%% ONE!!!!!!! It was all good in the grand NYC flow-filled tradition. Now while Rob was supposed to wear the Jaundiced Jersey this week and even offered to wear it dirty (Yuck!!!)

Unfortunately, a certain rag-bearer noted for his play earlier neglected to bring the thing out because it was in the laundry basket. This will make next week’s hazing that much more gleeful for us all. Fearless is already sharpening his quips for the occasion so The Oracle better wear kevlar under that thing.

Keep it Heinous everybody!!!

Tall Paul, The Jammin’ Heaver

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