5/24/2007 – A*T Chronicle: No Guest Jammer (?) Edition

Hola mis amigos del plastico,

Even the best of runs comes to an end eventually. For the first time in 2007 there was nary a Guest Jammer in sight carrying that fresh blood to incite our weekly Phlauding frenzy. The day was warm and I arrived partially prepared as I nailed up in my office much to the bemusement of my boss who asked “WHAT are you doing????” The Tribe included The Ageless Trevor Brown, the officially Yella-gible Richie Regs, the consecutively Yella Rob (who acquitted himself admirably), TO and the Lovely Chrissy, Mary-Mary (Happy belated Birthday!!!), Doug E. Stump, our Martial Artist-in-Residence Phil Cruse, Jaime-TJH and Barb, along with the Roginator.

I changed into my gear and got into a quick heave with Jaime to loosen up and that was excellent though it didn’t match the one he and I shared on A*W (more on that later) where I was so locked in it felt like each throw was a mystical journey of flight. After tweaking my dang chronic elbow and breaking for hydration, I got up with Roger and then we were joined by Richie. We really got going after we swapped out a brand new disc for some sweet Urban Legends plastic. This Jam was interesting because Richie and Roger both play with such a high level of Frisbee intelligence that once we got into it there were special moments all over like Richie hitting a scraecrow brush set which I managed to seal with a flying under the leg catch or Roger with an amazing ‘instant’ Gitis off of a self set that at first glance seemed impossible. Next stop for me was a Margarita break where I espied my boy Fearless Lou and Ted Shred having at it.

I was thrilled to be able to bust this Jam because due to some good fortune on the acting biz front, this was to be Fearless’ last A*T for the next couple of month since he’s going outta town to perform. We all went at it hard with an assist from the Ageless Trevor Brown. Honestly this Jam is a complete blur to me. All I know is, it was Hein and I kept going until I literally dropped to the floor exausted and watched an inspired Mr. Lou and TO whacking away at it until the darkness overtook us. Please forgive the lack of details of this or other Jams, but truth be told I was so zoned into what I was doing I have had trouble even pulling this together.

I won’t be offering Jam of the Day honors this week because instead I’d like to bestow the Jammer of the Day moniker on Fearless Lou Sumrall. The Oracle’s return to NYC changed the dynamic in the NYC Jam scene and then TO ‘n Chrissy came marching into the Meadow bearing that big black bag full of All*Star Thursday shirts and discs to start our tradition. But I call Fearless the Soul of the Tribe due to his dedication, attack the disc/fun lovin’ attitude, and of course his endless ability to lead the peanut gallery in their chorus of good natured derision. I will miss him saying “That was great…until that last part” or calling me on spiking the disc in frustration right after I had gently admonished him for the same behavior. “Break a Leg” Fearless!!!!!! See you 6/3-4 for that pitstop.

The passing of the Yella Joisey this week had so many potential designees that coming to a decision was very difficult indeed. It appears that Bradford T. beat out Mark Sebastian and Quinn-O by a nose. Separately – There are some rumblings of a number of Guest Jammers coming to NYC including a certain former Noo Yawkuh with whom I played in my only tournament of this life, and another who has the Wright name to be recalled by anyone who loves flight. This is obviously good news and I hope it inspires thoughts of a NYC migration in all of you. Until next time…


P.S. Much to my chagrin, not only did I go o-fer Gitis Day, but I missed my two best attempts by hitting the disc with my big fat hands…ARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!

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