5/31/2007 – A*T Chronicles: May 31, 2007


So I sit down at the computer intent on sharing more tales of plastic heroics but find myself reading about the German Championships (Congrats to Bo & Hartmut plus all the participants) and then about a Hammer-Gitosis (If it seems impossible then my vote goes to NYC’s own TO–I’m pretty certain he hit that move in a Jam once early last season, though he’s probably too modest to say so). Now I am really hyped up because this was a very special All*Star Thursday though it started innocently enough.

The day was warm as I entered the Meadow from my traditional Northwest with the familiar Central Park South skyline as a backdrop. A little humid maybe but not too hot for shredding. There were already a few folks out there with Guest Jammer Peter Laubert (he swears its pronounced “LauBEAR”), Richie Regs, and a surprise appearance by Bill Doobs to start us out along with Jamie-TJH, and Jestin Heaver. This was a good omen for me because it meant I could get my Heave on before Jamming which is ‘zackly the way I like it. Filling out the crowd were The Oracle, Quinn-O (poor fella was draped in in Yella this week), The Roginator & Tricia, Brad, Barb Heaver, Mary-Mary, TO and the Lovely Chrissy, Stump E. Fresh with BenJAMin ‘n Claire, Damion (Mighty Heaver and Godfather to my Carina, in from Paris), and finally, Jonathan Willett with his family in tow from Colorado. Another full house ready to REPRESENT!

I need to indulge the my passion for the basic throw and catch for a moment. As you all know I prefer to start play with Heaving because throwing long get the muscles loose and my internal tracking system properly calibrated. Jestin, Jaime-TJH, Damion and I are part of the Hard Corps of the Big Apple’s Original Heaver Division born in the 80’s and have not all been together on the field in close to 10-years. It started with J, J-TJH, and TP and we were locked in instantaneously. Jestin threw 5 straight 60 yard strikes to me and I mean I didn’t have to take a step to make the catch. In turn, I was firing forehands with impunity down to at distance Jaime and he launched high arcing flights of fancy that settled into Jestin’s waiting hands. When Damion joined in, a nice toss was transformed into the highest form of Hein. We paired up with two discs and the four of us went into a zone that was indescribable. Just two pairs of guys standing about 50-70 yards apart and throw everything in our respective arsenals. The best sequence came when several pairs of throws flew as if in formation without a word being spoken to coordinate their launch. It was great! Big hooks, knife edges, and one fine helix flight that just made my day. All of that and as we broke to hydrate, I looked over to see Willett crossing the field to join the fray at the Jam.

With the crowd we had, the Jams were plentiful and fluid with folks mixing and matching at will. My first Jam was a inspired by the sight of The Roginator and Peter L. tearin’ it up. I jumped up requesting permission to bust which was answered by a high-Z overhand counter just right for the TP express elevator set which I was able to work a bit, seal, and move along seamlessly. Peter’s rolls, mac throws and deft touch remain intact and it was a true Blessing to have our buddy back in town. We broke for fluids and next up for me was Rob who was revving his engines in the pits. He and I started hot and just as it was gettin’ good to us, a simple tap ended the life of yet another Urban Legends disc (If anybody at Discraft is listening: these things are expiring pre-prime too dang much!!!). What to do, what to do? My one disc is not broken-in and warped and that was Rob’s only one of the day. Hmmmm…

And who is it that Rob and I see chatting away with Willett while self-setting a chippy fresh A*T green disc? Why that would Ted Shred…”Say Teddy, are you just gonna stand there playing with, er, yourself?” šŸ˜‰ He gladly passed it to Rob and I giggled like a kid eating purloined chocolate because we went huntin’ plastic, bagged that with TO to boot! What’s not to like??? This Jam was notable because any Jam featuring the artistry of TO and the incredibly precise disc knowledge and athleticism of Rob is gonna be quite the ride. There was no time for watching though because I ain’t no passenger in this journey. It was intense to start with and then like a bolt from the blue came Willett and the Heinometer went into the red. Yet another Blessing to have this man back in town (and with his family too!) to share in what is turning into an incredible A*T season.

Later on there were our Counter boys Bill Doobs and Richie Regs just goin’ nuts with TO and then came the seed for what became the Jam of the Day. The Oracle, The Rog-Man, Stump E. Fresh, and Rob got up together and this particular combination never ceases to amaze because everything is in play, no quarter is given, and no prisoners taken. Okay, the manly metaphor might be cliche, but if you saw the Jam you’d know what I mean. Stump’s vertical work, Roger flat out ambushing a Gitis, Rob hitting breathtaking combinations, and as for The Oracle…that &^$^$$# was a study in controlled chaos. Any move could happen at any time and you knew he was orchestrating it in advance so the next play, pass or seal, would push the state of the Jam higher. I dream of this level of understanding and continue to climb that mountain every time out.

Returning to the festivities – a bunch of people rotated in and out of that Jam and it morphed into a racing the dusk mob-op of legendary proportions. No mere listing of moves seems adequate when describing what we do so let me just say that what keeps us going, and people coming on in to my hometown is a never ending river of Flow. That and a peanut gallery ready to keep heads from swelling, LOL! Ah yes, speaking of which, Quinn-O the Yella continued the tradition of outstanding play attached to the Jaundiced Jersey. Next week’s designee is yet to be chosen since even Bradford T. was out so stay tuned for that one next week.

Speaking of next week–We are guaranteed a Guest Jammer as Bill Wright will be gracing us with his presence. This wonderful news for Hard Corps of the Big Apple. Unfortunately for me I will be out of town and The Board has not yet rendered judgement on my plea for leniency regarding my sojourn so I am prepared to feel the wrath if necessary. That is it for this week–I’m OUT!!!


P.S. There’s an All*Star Sunday rain or shine and a even and A*Monday in honor of Fearless Lou who will be hitting the road. Be vewy, vewy quiet…he’s huntin’ Gitis. Hehehehehehehehe…

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