6/14/2007 – A*T Chronicles: A*TGJI = It just gets betterer and betterer

Hail and Well Met to All Y’all,

Before all else, let me express my extreme gratitude to the Reliable One himself, Mr. Roger Meier, for picking up the slack while I was away. I read the “Faux” Chronicles (nothin’ faux ‘bout ‘em!!!!) Saturday morning in Las Vegas and I was really thrilled to hear about his Jams with Peter Lau-BEAR, the surprise appearance of Gary Auerbach (Hey Man, sorry I missed you!!) and of course the inaugural A*T Guest Jammer, Bill Wright. It was almost as if I were there on the Meadow with The Tribe. How very cool!!!!!!!

This gathering was a little smaller than the previous week. The sky was a tad overcast but there was no rain in the forecast. I arrived from the Northwest spotting Richie Regs in street clothes (“tired” groin) and Jaime-TJH. I had nailed up already so I changed quickly and got into a Heave with Jaime. While this was going on, folks started rolling in including TO & The Lovely Chrissy, Mary-Mary, The Ageless Trevor Brown, Quinn-O, Stump E. Fresh, The Roginator, The Oracle, and Ben Heaver of the Mighty Overhand.

My absence from A*T was quite eventful for me and I came back hungering for some of that which we all adore. My first Heaving session was nothing short of outstanding. I started by testing out my injured thumb and the air was very lively though there was almost no breeze. This may sound like an oxymoron but were you to see the flights (and the Jams later) you’d know this was a lucky day for us to Bee out there. I felt as if every throw of my deep purple UV 175 was on target with touch of telekinetic control. This in turn made me hustle my old carcass after one particular heave of Jaime’s where I was forced to turn on the afterburners. Trust me, engaging the jets these days requires much more thought than it used to, but I had managed to lose some o’ dat winter weight so I survived. I knew right then it was gonna be a good day.

When I broke for water I spotted TO all by his lonesome just waiting for someone to drag him out to our great green Jam-floor. This was to be a fine contrast for me as I was presented with the Cowardly Coverlet for bein’ Yella and bein’ delinquent in my duties as a journalist. 😉 I was pretty geeked up when we got going with some basic throws and catches to assess what throws were in my arsenal. This was cool because it made both of us more conscious of what we were doing which led to a much deeper than usual flow. We went dropless for long stretches and the Hein-eocity meter must have gotten pinned in the red because up jumped The Mighty Quinn to bust us. And justice was well served by this bust because we really got hot together. QO’s nasty lefty overhands, mac-throws, and sick behind the head roll seal (as a bail move??!!) pushed me to go for and hit a Gitis off of TO’s set. We were even joined, albeit briefly by Stump E. Fresh for an awesome foursome but he set off to give The Roginator some. That Jam ended prematurely due to the loss of yet another Styler in the prime of flight (Yoo hoooo, Discraft…er um, whassupwitdat?) but this didn’t slow us down for long. We got us some other plastic and went at it harder.

Now the Jam on the other side o’ town with Fresh, Roger, and The Oracle heckling/assisting was equally shredful as ours. As the evening wore on, Rog sat down for his requisite Marghie and Stump n’ The Oracle jumped in with us folks. The latter announced this was to be his “mannequin” Jam and we had to throw strikes and work around him. Stump liked this a lot. He immediately said “Hey, Spanakin Skywalker..spat this!” setting Joey up perfectly and we were off to the races. Even standing still, that Joey is a baaaad %$^%^* and with Fresh, TO, QO, as my wing men, I knew this was goin’ outta control fast. Fresh’s vertical work, Quinn-O’s dexterity, TO’s artistry, and The Oracle’s sheer presence kept the disc moving in ways subtle, not so subtle, and often surprising. I subbed out when an overzealous guy (me!) took a whack at the disc with said injured thumb but Rog eased in without missing a beat. This wound up being the Jam of the Day because every body got in and the disc just kept going and going and going around to a very Hein consensus “Beer” finish. Having done the right thing by tearing it up this week, I will be presenting the Jaundiced Jersey to Rob who was a shoo in for Yella next time out. This is where I usually say “Peace Out, Yo!” but no, there’s more! Drum roll please…

And now a word from our sponsors:

The Hard Corps of the Big Apple is pleased to announce the 2007 ALL*STAR THURSDAY GUEST JAMMER INITIATIVE. Inaugurated last week when the Board brought in Disc Legend and entrepreneur Bill Wright from Colorado, this program is designed to primarily to inspire fun, creativity, and the Spreading of the Jam. The Board shall be extending special invitations to select Jammers which shall include the following perqs:

Round Trip Flight to NYC; Limousine transportation to and from the airport; room and board (better than any stinkin’ hotel!); a Commemorative Special Edition All*Star Thursday Disc and T-Shirt; a party with The Oracle; and most important–THE JAM OF LIFE!!!!!!!

Now how can we promise the Jam of a lifetime experience? Let me count the ways. Unlike tournaments where even when the best of sportsmanship reigns, there is an element of competition which often prevents one from going absolutely nuts. The best of the best—and you all know what I am talking about—will play with passion to the point of being at the edge of the abyss, but must continue with a controlled fury if they are to succeed. Here, EVERYONE is on YOUR TEAM and has your back. There’s no one looking for execution points…well maybe the peanut gallery is, but only because they want to encourage more shredful behavior. 😉 Oh, BTW-did I mention that we’ve got The Oracle, Ted Oberhaus, Doug E. Fresh, Rob Fried, The Roginator (Hey Rog, REPRESENT!!!!!) and an ever-ready band of merrymakers insuring that your every Jam fantasy is fulfilled.

Can the news get any better? Hell Yeah!!!!!!! I take great pleasure in sharing with the Jammers of the universe as they prepare for the World Championships in AmsterJam (that is the name of the city, right?) that the recipient of the July Guest Jammer invitation will be none other than…

SKIPPY JAMMER!!!!!!! This is a man whose reputation precedes him and the idea that I’ll have my first chance to meet n’ Jam with him really is an honor. The date has yet to be set but I will keep you posted when it is finalized. The Board just came to a decision on the August designee but I have been enjoined from sharing this information at this time. If I were pressed to offer a hint, said person might be traveling to NYC from a few time zone to the east. Hmmmmm…

Peace out, Yo!


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