6/28/2007 – A*T Chronicles: June 28th Abbreviated Ed.

The EZ Funk Quiz: “Once I was a Boogie Singer, playin’ in a Rock ‘n Roll Baaaand…” Title and Artist?

Hey Plastic Peeps,

I hope that the post-AmsterJam/Worlds adrenaline crash hasn’t done any serious damage to our Eurobrethren, one fellow in particular whom I neglected to mention last week: IWAN, YOU RULE BABY!!!!! Good job! Big Ups to everyone who worked, volunteered, lent a hand, participated, competed, Jammed, or just hung out.

This past week’s A*T was odd in that the threat of a thunderstorm nearly dissuaded the Hard Corps of the Big Apple from our appointed rounds. The weather forecast was bleak and the radar images unforgiving, but the thought of the grief I’d take if I was Yella because it MIGHT rain led me to the subway and onward to my Green Beach. The Meadow was almost empty other than our little Band of Gypsies which including Jaime-TJH, Jestin Heaver, Rob, The Oracle, The Ageless Trevor Brown, and wait, do my eyes deceive me? A Guest Jammer from the North in the form of Mr. Alan Caplin. EXCELLENT! If the weather cooperated, this would be a good one. Looking skyward we could see the front moving through at 20+ mph (38kph?) with black clouds right behind so everyone kind of got up and played. I went out and Heaved with Jaime and Rob, The Oracle, Alan went at it.

I was pretty happy to be tossing with some Mighty Heavers and we got it going good. Our Guest Jammer was going at it pretty hard with Rob and Joey when the dark clouds rolled in and thunder rumbled. I busted the Jam wanting to get some before the deluge but when I saw lightning in the distance and Trevor packin’ it in that was it for me. Jam of the Day honors go to Joey and AC because they kept playing while I high-tailed it eastward. Naturally, it didn’t really rain for about 40 minutes so I kicked myself all the way home but wha’cha gonna do?

Oh, an nobody wore the Yella Joisey because all the designees are still outta
town. I’m thinking Quinn-O is gonna look great in that bad boy. 😉

That’s it for this week’s A*T doings. I can tell you we had an beautiful weekend and the Jams were as shredful as they were plentiful with Alan in on Saturday and TO making a rare weekend appearance. Gotta mention Barak who really is a tremendous Heaver to go with having amazing Jam-thletic skills. I got him and TO for an Extended Play session yesterday and that was really awesome.

Peace out, Yo!


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