7/19/2007 – A*T Chronicles: The Empty Nest Edition

Hey Folks,

After last week’s shift to alternative locations due to the laying of pesticides, followed by that big All*Star TUESDAY (Hey Jake–sorry I neglected to mention your victorious turn as well), I was all amped up for some plastic play. The weather forecast reverted to form with afternoon thundershowers expected to begin at 5:37pm. This was a drag but wha’cha gonna do?

I headed to my car (yes, some Noo Yawkuhs are crazy enough to drive in NYC) after work and started making my way downtown when the rain started pouring down. This stunk but looking to the west, there was plenty of sunshine so I kept moving toward our Green Beach. I found parking on my lucky block and headed into the park through the 69th Street entrance. When I got to the Meadow it appeared to be empty at first glance but then I saw three discs in the air above an unfamiliar face Jammin’, and another guy taking pictures. Who is IS that? As I got closer I see former locals Jamie C. and Danzo who interrupted their US Tour for an A*T fill-up. At that same moment Mighty Heaver Dan Weiss

came out so I knew I’d have an ambiDISCerous good time.

While changing into into my gear The Roginator entered from the East followed shortly thereafter by Quinn-O from the Southwest so I took advantage and got me some o’ that distance game I love so well. Dan W. was nominated last year for the Ultimate Players Hall of Fame and has an amazing array of throws including a 70 degree angled backhand that he throws for strikes at distance. It took me 3 years to figure that bad boy out, but I was finally able to return one in kind so I was very geeked up. We had the field to ourselves so I was able to stretch my legs as well as my arm making me a very happy camper.

When it was time to hydrate, I noticed something odd. There were a total of 4 Jammers out and nobody was on the horizon. Roger–looking just swell in the Cowardly Coverlet–boldly stated that HE was going to have a wide variety of choices to bestow the Yella rag upon next week. Since it was just the 4 of us, we just went at it. We actually got hot pretty quick with Jambo adjusting to the NYC passing game without too much of the ‘Bogartistry’ that has manifested itself over the years. His energy was high and tightly focused so we all were inspired to go for the gusto. Quinn-O displayed his normal range of amazing moves including a very sweet blind take of a Spanish Inquisition behind the back Clock UD throw from me. Roger was on fire generally speaking but his best combo was a Spinning Triple Fake bullseye take which he then converted into a double spinning Triple Fake seal. The move of the Day without a doubt belonged to Jamco himself. I can’t recall the sequence which led to this but he did a “BIG AIR–Oh is this gonna hurt when I land…Look Ma’, I’m Flyin’–Gitis” with a full body crash and burn seal. BRAVO!!!!!!!

Jam of the Day Honors go to, well, the ONLY Jam of the Day. Yella Designees for this week? EVERYBODY except me, Quinn-O, and The Reliable One should wear it for a few minutes with the Oracle getting it last so he can put some Joey Juice on it for the return of Fearless Lou (T.U.T.W…)

Lastly, I have a significant announcement from The Board: We are awaiting the confirmation of his dates but let it be know that a certain reigning World Champion Freestyler from Italy whose name starts with a Fabio has been invited to be our All*Star Thursday Guest Jammer initiative Invitee for August 2007.

Congratulations Fabio!!!! We can’t wait to shred with you.

Peace out, Yo!


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